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What’s In Dolphin’s Barn?


We have all enjoyed Dolphin’s insightful comments and now we get to see what is parked in his garage! He has managed to cram four cars in there and this photo makes it somewhat difficult to see each one, but it also makes this more of a challenge. Can you identify them all? Year, make, and model! We will let Dolphin chime in later to tell us who won and to share a little more about each of his vehicles. It’s always good to put a car to the name. Thanks for sharing!


  1. Malaga

    I think:
    Datsun 240z
    Alfa GTV6
    BMW M3
    Mystery white car

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  2. Rob K

    Not sure that it’s an M3, Malaga. I think the E36 M3’s all had clear turn signal lenses. Unless the US spec cars were different (I’m in the UK). As for the white car in the foreground – looks like a SUV. Possibly a Volvo XC90 from the shape of the hood and fenders???

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  3. CT

    I’d bet that the mystery white car is in fact a Dodge 1500/2500 truck….

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  4. Polarisky

    Hard to tell what the white mystery vehicle is, probably SUV/Pickup based on hood/bug deflector and wide cowl vent.

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  5. Horse Radish

    Malaga, you’re no fun !
    I knew the Datsun 240Z and the Alfa GTV6 and the other two don’t count.
    If this thread is about the white thing in front I’m outta here.
    Only proves one point,

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    • Don Andreina

      Coming from a one-car guy, may I pay my compliments to Dolphin. Sitting astride the Euro/Jap nexus in style. How bout one of those fancy nose cones for the 240?

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  6. Jeff

    Rob, US spec E36 M3s came with orange signals stock. :-)

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  7. paul

    The Datsun 240z with the dent in the left front fender & the black painted bumpers & the plastic covers over the lights I’m gonna say 72, the Alfa GTV V6 mid 90’s, the M3 also mid 90’s the mystery white car/ truck – drum roll- is………….!

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  8. kevin

    Actually, the GTV6 was discontinued before the ’90s, so I’m throwing my hat into the ring….gonna say:

    1. ’72 Datson 240z
    2. ’83 Alfa GTV6
    3. ’92 BMW M3 E36
    4. ’04 Ford F150…need a truck to hall around all those Alfa and Datson parts ;)

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    • paul

      kevin, right you are about the GTV V6, it all becomes a blur.

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  9. Malaga

    Point taken! Yes, I missed the request for year with car ID. Paul seems to be spot on with the Z car. Kevin is also all over the Alfa. However, the BMW E36 M3 wasn’t available until ’95 and continued until about 1999. I figured the GTV6 would trip some so that’s why I jumped in. The white blob is still a mystery though. Truck, maybe, SUV, maybe, too little to tell. I would feel lucky to be like Dolphin and be able to get four of my cars in the same building at the same time.

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  10. jim s

    very nice garage/cars/truck. thanks for sharing.

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  11. Dolphin Member

    Thanks for your interest, Barn Finders. If Malaga and CT were working together I guess they would win. I thought CT was especially clever to figure out that the ‘white thing in front’ wasn’t a car. All of these are US-market vehicles but are no longer in the US.

    1970 Datsun 240Z, January ’70 build, S/N 00957. Bought literally on a mountain top out of 20 years of storage in an outbuilding. Rust free. Light suspension mods and chrome deletes being reversed to put it back to stock. Nothing hacked except door panels cut for speakers. Anyone have a pair of original early uncut black door panels for sale? Bought to replace the early ’70 240Z I owned for 27 years and mistakenly sold.

    1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6, low-mile blue plate car bought out of L.A. from storage since 1990s due to a bad clutch, but I’m assuming it will also need driveshaft work. Totally rust-free, bought for a song on eBay.

    1997 M3 4-door, 5-speed. Owned 11 years, most reliable car I have ever had, but if it needs fixing it can be done without a direct computer linkup to Munich.

    2003 Ram 2500 long box with H.O. Cummins diesel and 6-speed tow vehicle. Moved me across the continent, and then fetched 3 cars. As reliable as the M3, but with more than twice the torque. Will pull 6000 pounds up an 8 percent grade in 6th gear. Anyone who doesn’t think these beasts are just plain awesome vehicles deserves to drive a Lada. Horse, this applies to you. However, out of respect for a great Barn Finder I will say that Horse will be glad to know that since the photo was taken the Ram has been sold to make way for another car, I hope a 2002 M Coupe with S54 engine.

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    • GSXR Monkey

      Wow, how did the Lada ever get to this point? It seems it’s been relegated to the duty of the last millennium’s Yugos. Drive one that moves under its own power and you shall experience Eastern European four-cylindered fury at a level that only a true Comrade can appreciate!

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    • Dolphin Member

      Yes, I guess the Lada represents a low point. It did put lots of people on wheels and brought Russia lots of foreign currency, but it holds the record as the highest-selling automobile to be produced without major design change–a mixed distinction at best.

      It sold so cheaply ($3,900 brand new) that it was mostly bought by people who couldn’t afford to have maintenance done, or as a throw-away vehicle. Nearly all the ones I saw looked like rust-covered junk. They all disappeared off the road once they stopped being imported because nobody thought they were worth bothering with.

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    • Paul


      What year door panels fit on the 70 240z? I have a set of nice black door panels from a thin bumper 260z if that would work for ya…

      Let me know


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      • Dolphin Member

        Paul, sorry for the delayed reply…just saw your message.

        Unfortunately the panels and arm rests are different in the 260Z compared to the 240Z, so I can’t use them, but thanks very much anyway.

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  12. paul

    Nice Alfa & for me I like them in silver instead of the usual red. Wow you have a very early Z not too much earlier & it would be a Fairlady, & good to know your reversing the mods since it is such an early one.

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