What’s in Sean L’s Barn?

Seans Barn

We love seeing what you guys have parked in your barns and garages, but we have to admit that sometimes it makes us a bit jealous. When we saw what reader Sean L has parked in his garage, we were more than a little envious. Identifying most of his cars shouldn’t be too challenging, but there are a few that are hard to spot. We don’t know much about motorcycles, but we are sure there are more than a few of you who can identify Sean’s bikes. We love the looks of this garage and we want to thank Sean for sharing it with us! Hopefully he will be able to get on and give us some clues. Good luck everyone and let the game begin!


  1. Jeff Spencer

    Well, the obvious are a Porche 911 Carrera, a Shelby 350 Mustang, a Ford Bronco, and what looks to be a Cobra under the Bronco. The bikes look to be a BMW R60 and a Yamaha 650 Special.

    • Sean L

      Jeff: Close on the BMW – it’s an R50 with a Duna sidecar. The Yamaha is a 1973 DT250 and under the Bronco is a 1974 Triumph TR6. The white Porsche is 1988 3.2 Carrera.

      • Panda

        I’ve driven a modern Bronco II and my first truck was an F200, I wanna say a 72? What does that bronco drive more like? I’ve always liked those.

        I didn’t even see the Triumph under the Bronco until Jeff pointed it out lol.

  2. andrew

    I spy a 1966 GT 350.

    • Sean L

      A pseudo Shelby unfortunately. A fun car nonetheless!

  3. Chris A.

    Is the Porsche a Carrera RSR? I don’t want the cars, I want the garage, look at that floor!

    • Jeff V.

      RSR? Yep!

    • Chris in WNC

      the garage looks GREAT except for that floor, it’s TOO CLEAN…….
      where’s the oil, grease and Ospho stains? the paint overspray? the spilled beer?
      I prefer mine to have that “worked in” look…….

  4. paul

    Nice Porsche, nice garage!

  5. paul

    Nice Porsche, nice garage! Always liked them with the euro headlight unit’s.

  6. Wiley Robinson

    I think that photo makes me want violate some of the 10 commandments. I’d eat off that floor probably but the only quetion is, “What’s the blue car under the Bronco?”

  7. Todd Z.

    And not just any Bronco but a Stroppe Baja Bronco!

    • Sean L

      Todd, you know your Broncos! Nice job!

  8. Koolpenguin

    Unbelievably spotless…the cars and the floor! Also wondering what the car is down in the bottom right hand corner–can just see a little head light.

    • Sean L

      Koolpenguin : It’s a 2013 Carerra S cabriolet.

    • Ryan

      I second that. :p

  9. AndrewN

    The blue one is hard. The Bronco is a “Baja Bronco” by Stroppe, and seeing the Shelby and R60 I see I have more in common with Sean L than I thought!…wait a sec. That looks like a 73 DT or RT Yamaha Enduro to me….

    • Sean L

      Andrew – good eyes on the Yamaha. It’s a DT250.

  10. Brian

    Looks like a cobra under the bronco to me.

    • John M

      Not Cobra under Bronco. Maybe a Triumph TR6.

  11. Jimbosidecar

    Concur with all the comments, and the cars. The BMW R60/2 has a Steib sidecar attached to it.

  12. Sir Robo

    I’m not picky.. I just want his ‘Lift’, ‘n the heater in the upper corner.

  13. Dolphin Member

    I’m guessing the vehicle under the Bronco is a Cobra.

    I mean no offense by this question, Sean, but with kids currently in med/dental school the only kind of GT350 I can even think about is the “tribute” kind on eBay. So I’m curious….would I be correct in thinking that the GT350 in your garage is real?

    Real GT350 or tribute, that’s a VERY nice garage and collection.

    • Sean L

      Dolphin: It’s a tribute. I have kids in college too.

      • Dolphin Member

        Well, it looks like we both have excellent taste in automotive ‘tributes’.

  14. JWW3130

    Hard to tell, but I don’t think the blue car is a Cobra. I’m taking a wild guess that it’s a Triumph.

  15. Beach Roo

    Got all of them… Can go with a Cobra under the Bronco… There is a Yamaha 360 in the back…

  16. Chris A.

    You won’t see a Brit bike in that garage. If it leaks oil either Sean doesn’t own it or its outside. As for the GT350, I don’t care if it the real thing or a tribute, that’s my favorite muscle car. I still have the 1966 Shelby parts catalog, sure wish I could pay those prices now.

  17. MikeW

    Your living the dream! My 66 wants to be a clone too!

  18. jim s

    yes a very nice well stocked garage. has to be a great place to spend time. a different vehicle for each day of the week? i love it. thanks for sharing

  19. Manta73wi

    I’ll go along with JWW3130 for the blue car under the Bronco. Looks like a Triumph TR4 to me. Nice garage!!

    • Manta73wi

      Oh- just saw Sean’s ID of the car as a TR6. Didn’t notice that post earlier!

  20. Bob B

    That Yamaha back there is a 73 DT-3 250. I’d love to have it since I’m collecting 72-73 Yamaha street and trail bikes and don’t have a nice one of those yet.

    • DT

      I have a TY-250,with a factory rack

  21. FRED

    beautiful garage and collection of cars and bikes sean. can i borrow one bike and one car for a couple years ? i will even let you pay for the fuel. stay safe and may you always be blessed my new best friend…………lol

    • Sean L

      Fred – With friends like you, who needs………..lol

  22. Cal44

    I commend you on your taste.
    Lovely array of rolling tool chests and monster heater in the upper corner…..so, I reckon cold country.

    • Sean L

      Cal44: Yep, New England, but that heater keeps it nice and toasty even when the snow falls!

      • Colnago

        What is the volume of the garage interior and top-level spec for the heater (e.g., BTU, gas/electric, make/model, etc)? I’m in the process of doing the same for my garage and trying to avoid some scar tissue…

  23. Stuart

    Hehehe, I don’t think many Triumph GT-6’s have been mistaken for cobras, they would really appreciate it if they could!!!

  24. JWW3130

    Do you ever sell anything and change your garage inventory?

    • Sean L

      Except for the TR6 and Bronco, all the time. The ’88 Porsche is fairly recent. It replaced a ’96 Caterham. The Mustang will be going in the fall. The BMW as well.

  25. Slim Chance

    Hopefully the heater has some distance between it and the Bronco. I use these and they really make heat. Beautiful floor. Would like to know how it stands up to leaks; gas, oil etc.

    • Sean L

      Slim Chance,
      The garage floor is almost 10 years old. It can be scratched if you try hard enough but chemicals don’t seem to affect it. I just mop it occasionally.

  26. will b

    yamah enduro and a bmw 60

  27. Rancho Bella


    Gawd, you sound like me. My buddies say I change cars more than my underwear…………

    I find that although not a barn burner in bottom end power, the 3.2 P car ticks quite a few boxes. And, I think the 3.2 Carreras may be one of the finest cars ever built. Running with the speedo in three numbers is never a problem, like it was born to do it and with total control. I did indeed fail to think when I sold my ’86 coupe in order to fund a ’70 Boss 302. Now the B2 is gone and I pine for my 3.2 ………..I am an idiot

  28. geomechs geomechs

    Well, I have to say that I like everything there, especially the Beemer w/ sidehack. The Bronco is very appealing too. But what I’m really in love with is the shop itself. I’ve got a decent shop of my own but this one really sets the standard. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Slim Chance


    Do you know what was used on the floor?

    • geomechs geomechs

      I don’t know if this is the same stuff but I saw a pretty good floor coating advertised in Hemmings. It was kind of a do-it-yourself acrylic. I was considering it when I built my shop but I ended up with too many things moved in that were all too anxious to ‘mark’ their spot.

    • Saen Lindsay

      The product is manufactured in East Hartford, CT by a company call Duracoat. Primer/tie coat, base coat with colored chips and a clear coat. The stuff is indestructible.

      • geomechs geomechs

        That’s what it was called. Thanks.

  30. Slim Chance

    FWIW: These coatings should have some sort of abrasive is blended in. You can bust your buns if you unknowingly step on a wet surface. Ask me how I know.
    All top notch private aircraft hangers I’ve been in (the ones with Gulfstreams, Lears, Falcons etc) employ this for safety. Sure, it’s hard on your knees if you are crawling around but that’s what knee pads are for.

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