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What’s This 1967 Chevy Impala SS 327 Worth?

1967 Chevy Impala SS

When shopping for a project car, it can be difficult to determine what the value of a car in parts might be worth. Well reader Georg sent us an email asking for our advice on what this 1967 Chevy Impala SS he is looking at might be worth. As you can see, it’s in pieces and is going to need a complete restoration. We don’t know what all might be missing, but here is what the seller lists as having for it, “comes with a 1967 327 motor that needs rebuilt, also includes a hood and fenders, and a set of fender flares”. There appear to be lots of extra parts in the photos, but the seller didn’t offer up much information. George isn’t sure what this Impala is really worth and is hoping we can give him some advice!

What's this Impala SS Worth

We know how hard it can be to value a project car, it’s especially hard when you have almost no information. George provided us with all the photos of it that he has, which offers a bit clearer view of its condition, but there are still lots of questions left unanswered. Obviously any estimation of value is just that, a best guess, but hopefully we can give him some much needed advice! So what do you guys think it is worth in its current condition?


  1. Mark E

    Okay, I’ll admit I’m out of touch for parts/extreme project cars values but personally I’d first try to convince the owner that I’d do them a BIG favor and haul it all off for free. If that didn’t work I’d go no higher than scrap value; $250-350. SS prices used to be on the crazy side but I beleve the market has finally realized that it’s just a trim grade. Heck, I think you could even get a 283 SS…

    BTW, I took my drivers license test in my grandpa’s ’67 Impala fastback. Only 23k miles back in 1972. It was a beautiful car and it’s like twisting a knife in my heart to see one like this…

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  2. Jim

    Take a bunch of pics and put it up on eBay with a starting bid of $500. Make sure you run the auction as long as possible and you’ll get a real answer to what’s it’s worth. I personally would put it up for about $5k with a buy it now or best offer and see what happens. That year has cool body lines and someone is sure to make a cool project out of it, especially the low rider crowd which would be my prime market.

    I am concerned that the pics are from 2012, does he have anything more recent ? Also, I think the flares he is referring to are actually skirts which have value to the low rider market all on their own. All the owner needs to do is a little research on the web and use the noggin a bit and he could have a good profit.

    It’s insulting to suggest any SS car is worth nothing more than scrap, people that think so have been living in their own minds for a long time and are out of touch.

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  3. Chebby

    The real question is not what’s it worth, but what will it cost to complete the project, in time as well as money. Even if you got the shell for free, you are looking at hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. It might be “worth” paying me $100 to convince you to run away.

    This car needs absolutely everything redone. In the end it will never bring a fraction of what you’ve put into it, so get real clear about what your endgame is, and why you want to take it on.

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  4. SoCal Car Guy

    I agree with Mark E, no more than scrap value. As it appears now, it’s barely more than junk and of dubious worth for parts. It would cost a lot more to salvage this mess than to buy a good solid car in the first place.

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  5. FordGT

    My personal take is that it is only worth $75-100 I have spent my share of time trying to scrap and part out cars and it does take a long time. If you get lucky and find someone who has lots of money and lots of time who REALLY wants to invest in the whole car you get lucky jmo.

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  6. Booya

    I suppose it’s possible someone really wants a 67 SS with a 327 in that specific original color. Maybe someone had their first date in it and will want that specific car back. Maybe it’s got a stash of plutonium under the rear seat.

    Weird things have happened, you know.

    Right now, I’d say for the payment of only $500 I would remove it from the property. I’d even clean up the ground where it used to sit. I mean, make a reasonable effort.

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  7. Jim

    Plenty of guys want to “take it off the owner’s hands as a favor” for little to nothing. That should tell you plenty about the interest in this vehicle. They wouldn’t want it at all if it were really junk. This is not the right forum if you’re looking for people that would pay a decent price. Stick it on eBay, that’s where your seller will find real buyers.

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  8. randy

    We had a 67 Impala fastback and a ’68 Impala SS when I was in high school, I loved those cars, but this one is almost worthless.

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  9. Doug M. (West) Member

    I say it’s in the $300-900 range… and agree with Chebby that you must know your end game before you move on it. Also, the Ebay advice is good, in my opinion. I, too, recently stood in an old wrecking yard nearby staring at a 67 SS in similar condition, but with bucket seats and console still in place. Missing motor, tranny, windows, as I recall. I stared and imagined for quite a while, but then finally tore myself away and went on to something else. I think it has value, but probably limited if you want to keep from being upside down in it. As others stated, if you just want to save it, then the ebay move should work.

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  10. JW

    Unless you have lots of skills wiring / welding / bodywork / painter / mechanic and a fat wallet this is a parts car only because it will never be worth your effort. Their are plenty of nice drivers around if you look hard enough that will cost a lot less time and money to make a decent cruiser or even show quality car.

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  11. Karl

    Actually I believe it was possible to order a straight-six/3-speed with the SS package. It’s a nice interior and fender badges. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I doubt that the unique pieces that made this car an SS are even there or are any good.
    Once again we are confronted by a car that’s been so disassembled that it’s no longer a car but a rusty 3-D puzzle. A complete car, however sad, would be much easier to make an value estimate that you could be comfortable with. So, yes, scrap price, just in case you do a thorough analysis and realize that’s all you got.

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  12. Ernie the Dancing Weasel

    Geez, guys, that Jaguar wheel on the left front’s gotta make it worth something…

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  13. Jim

    one looking like this and save time, grief and money.

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    • SoCal Car Guy

      …and be driving it now, not in 5 to 10 years, if you’re lucky. The car in your attached photo is a beauty. Is it yours?

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      • Jim

        No, sorry to say,but this has always been one of me favorite Impalas.

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    • Joe

      I had a red one on black w/ 396 4sp. & could beat any other hot car in the area !

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  14. franck

    it look like one hell of a job it you really to take that big of a bite go for it $250 at $400 you pushing it with love and if all of what the owner said is that 3 to 4 hard year of work & you can have a beauty

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