What’s This 1969 Camaro Stock Car Worth?

1969 Camaro Stock Car

One of our readers just sent in a link to this 1969 Camaro and asked if we thought it had any value. They mentioned that most old race cars have been cut up and are missing their titles so unless you are going to go racing, there isn’t much value beyond parts. They may have answered their own question there, but we thought we would throw it out there and see what you guys think. Find it here on craigslist where the seller is asking $2,000. Personally, I think any ’69 Camaro costing two grand is worth a look!


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  1. Fred

    Well, the body looks less rusty than any other $2000 early Camaro I’ve seen!

  2. Mark E

    How much is LARGE garage art going for these days? ^_^

  3. Bobsmyuncle

    Maybe it’s worth discussing what you AREN’T getting for $2000.

    A title
    An engine
    Driver side panels
    Wheel wells
    Wiring loom?

  4. Dennis

    Sorry; but no beat up dirt track camaro is worth $2000.

  5. JW454

    Well, let’s see what you do get…

    Roof panel W/window channels = $500
    Clutch/brake peddle set up = $100
    Racing seat = $200
    6 Racing wheels = $600
    Hurst Shifter = $150
    4 speed transmission = $700 (Assuming it’s good and is a Muncie)
    Bell housing, Z bar, and shift fork = $150
    Fuel cell = $250
    Racing steering wheel = $50
    Rear axel w/ springs = $700-900 depending on type, gear size, and condition
    Scrap value for the rest of the metal = & $135/ton

    Just sayin’

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I think your numbers might be off in a few cases LOL. And for 200 you can get a new seat that will pass tech for another 5 years.

      REGARDLESS if you are buying this for parting out, I hope you live next door because any shipping eats your profits.

      Forget the time/money invested in procuring the vehicle, storing, parting, advertising, packaging, shipping, answering calls, entertaining tire kickers, and the loss of interest on your purchase money while this sits waiting to be picked dry.

      There’s more to this game than buying old cars…

      • JW454

        I love people who think like you do… more money for me.

  6. jaygryph

    I ran into the title issue with a 68 Lemans stock car I picked up. It had the body tag which provided a partial vin, and supposedly there was a vin somewhere else on the car, but with the dash cut out and the frame welded to the cage laced throughout the body it was very very hard to track down an actual number to get a title for it.

    Shame, because I’d intended to modify it just enough for street use. It later was traded off for a couple of winged sprint car projects that got me my money back on the deal. Still, wish I’d have done more with that cool old Pontiac. It had miles of patina.

  7. Thayer

    Interestingly, if it had ANY Trans-Am series history from 1969 that could be proven, it would be worth about 100 times that amount.

  8. Doug Towsley

    TOTALLY worth it! Im getting lots of inquiries from bars, restaurants and even a truck stop who are looking for vintage bikes and cars to display. Very popular, Our local museum also loans out vehicles to promote our museum and charities. These cars had multiple VIN locations, not hard to document and get a title in my state. YRMV (Your Results May Vary) or even go with an Assigned VIN number. Notarized Bill of Sale is a legal instrument. (I have shipped vehicles over seas with the Not. Bill of Sale and a DMV VIN inspection form) But personally,, id build this car into a restomod street racer. Preserve the racing patina to some degree but mod it for ProStreet. Id paint it up the iconic Blue and White as the period TransAm cars, Hello? mark Donohoe? Brock Yates? Penske racing?? How cool can you get??? As to rumpled body panels,,, who cares? there is not one single part on these camaros you cant order out of a catalog for relatively little money. As to motors,,, sheesh,,,any hot rodder worth his salt has a few small blocks stashed away, or search CL for a early 70s truck, 4 bolt main, high nickel block, HD rods,, rebuild kits are cheap, Summit racings got some awesome bolt on alloy heads, piece of cake, and cheap,. Or find some hot rodded camaro that can no longer pass smog and those are cheap on CL, instant donor car,, all kinds of good parts, harness, stock fuel tank, lines, windshield wipers,, lights, part out the rest. An enterprising lad can build this car with your own labor under $5k all in if you dont go for totally high end parts. My only gripe is the front cage in the engine compartment looks pretty badly done,,, no worrys, Alston, or Chassis engineering can you sell you a new front loop and braces cheap.
    This would be a fun project for the right person. And best news is you are not ruining a restoration candidate.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      You are a dreamer my friend. But the world needs dreamers.

      As I said earlier it can be done of course it can but why start with this?

  9. Jeff Myers

    Almost positive I saw that car run dirt track in eastern Oregon. Think it was for sale for about $600…about 25 years ago.

    • Doug Towsley

      $600 25 years ago would be about right, and $2000-2500 in todays dollars and increasing rarity. I often fantasize if i only had a time machine,,,, the vehicles i would buy and stash away, so many deals 30-40 years back I think what they are worth today.
      I attended a funeral service today for Cliff Mahjor, the “Sandy Bandit”
      Back in the day he bought up all the triumph-BSA-Norton parts when they went out of business, multiple buys in the 1970s and 1980s. Semi trucks, freight cars and shipping containers packed to the gills with NOS factory parts. Everyone thought he was crazy,,,(Well he actually was!) But he ended up a multi-millionaire over it.
      So whos really crazy? Google the cycle world article on him back a few years ago, its still online.

  10. RatRodBuffy

    Mama, I’m comin’ home…….

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Awesome! Keep us updated.

    • Doug Towsley

      gonna race it or go with a streetrod race car? Good to see it found a home. updates when you can

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