Wheels Not Included: 1968 Dodge Charger


Fire up the welder and the air compressor, this 1968 Dodge Charger needs a lot of work. But, this is the most coveted body style for the Charger and this one will be a jewel when you’re done with it. This car is in beautiful Florissant, Missouri and is on eBay with a.. are you sitting down?.. current bid price of $10,100 and the reserve isn’t met!!


In my day (boy, that really made me sound old!) a car like this in this condition would have been $1,500 if the seller was lucky. Now, the reserve isn’t met at over 10-grand! The times, they are a’changin’..  This is a New Mexico car but even with that there’s a lot of rust, a lot. I mean, a lot. It was in storage for 20 years so expect a lot of rodent damage, too. But, we all know that just as long as the bones are good, and it does look like a pretty straight and solid car, other than just having a lot of surface rust everywhere, and other than a small, smooth dent in the roof, that this car should be able to be brought back to life without breaking the bank. A person will need a media-blaster and a welder, not to mention some experience to restore a car like this.


Yep, it only has two pedals, bummer. And, as you can tell, the interior is pretty much shot other than to use it as something to go by during the restoration. Some parts and pieces can be saved for sure, but it’s pretty depressing in there compared to what it may have looked like at one time. Such is the case with any full restoration project, though. The front seats aren’t original so you’ll have to source a couple of those, and there’s something going on with the rear being both black and blue. Hmm..


This is a 6.3L 383 V8 and it’ll take some work to get 300 hp out of it again. There’s no word on if it even turns over but you can expect a full rebuild here. Or, would you do something else with this car? Oh yeah, the wheels shown in the photos aren’t included but some sort of roundish things resembling rims and tires will be included with the sale. Obviously some bidders think this is a fantastic deal with the bids being over $10,000 and the seller does, too, with the reserve not being met! What do you think about this car? What is this one worth, and what would you do with it?


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  1. Pete

    Mopar or NO CAR. Has reached new heights here

  2. Mike H. Mike H

    Um, the seller wants somewhere north of $10k and he can’t bear to part with the $99 J.C. Whitney slots? What is this world coming to?

    The Tic-Toc-Tach is cool, though. . .

  3. JohnD

    6.3L???? That is just WRONG!!! Liters are for furrin’ cars and new cars . . .

    • Glen

      I’m a furrin’er, ( Canadian) and I was surprised to see 6.3L ! Ford had their 7L back in the sixties, that confuses me too. We didn’t start using metric until, well sometime in the 70’s, I don’t know exactly when. I still use inches or feet when talking about snow depth, or the length of a 2×6, etc.

      • Puhnto

        I remember those 7-Liter Fords! Wasn’t that when they were advertised as being quieter than a Rolls Royce?

  4. 8banger Dave Member

    And that’s a 1970 console setup and not even sure where the seats came from but not a 68-70 Charger….

  5. Jeffro

    Heck, he ought to go ahead and roll that Charger thru Barrett-Jackson. Those slotted mags will easily add another 2k to the price. What a sad sad car world we live in.

    • jaygryph

      A lot of people that sell cars haven’t figured out that if you want to keep something, you pull it off before you ever list it. Listing something with ‘such and such not included’ is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot and knock your sale price down as you just gave possible buyers a bargaining chip against you.

      Keep the slots, sure, but put the other wheels on it and never show them in the first place.

  6. Chris

    I love these old Chargers, but much like the tri-five Chevys, I will never own one due to the astronomical prices they command. That’s ok, I’ll continue to appreciate them, so keep ’em coming, Barn Finds!

  7. Billy

    When I was in college and these were just ten years old, they could be had for song. I drove one from a dealer lot that was shiny, rust free, had 80K miles, the asking price was $800. Okay, triple that for inflation, and its still only $2400. This price blows me away. Of course, that same year I saw a 71 Challenger convert, 318 3 speed car. Red, no rust, less then 80000 miles. That asking price was also $800, but negotiable. (Should’a bought that one, but alas, my college education had left me poor) My, have times changed. Gott’a perfect the time machine, just for stuff like this. Of course, if one had that time machine, you would order a new one from the factory, set her up just as you liked. Or would you only order the body and put a modern drive train it it?

    • Glen

      Don’t forget a car trailer for your time machine.

  8. MH


  9. JW

    Friend has his 68 in for restoration right now and he said it’s not going to be cheap, he was smart and bought his Mopars back in the early 80’s when they were just used cars. He has the 68 Charger / 70 Challenger 440 / 72 Challenger 318 car for a daily driver. This one is way over priced IMHO even with the wheels.

    • Tim

      It’s a diamond in the rough…I think it’s a beautiful car , and maybe the wheels have sentimental value …who knows . Those old slot wheels aren’t getting any easier to find. He’ll get his price out of it

      • Don

        Like what you said abought the wheels .I steel have my old keystones from the 80s .Ben on abought 7 different cars . yes sentmental

  10. ccrvtt

    Still one of the 2 or 3 best-looking American cars ever built, but this one’s about $100,000 away from being a $35,000 car.

    I was always a big fan of slotted dish mags, but not on this car. The seller is wise to keep them out of the deal… Bwahahaha!!!

  11. Richard Prokopchuk

    I have to say, this body style was and is my favorite of the Chargers. The two year 66 and 67 was pretty nice, especially the front and rear. The fastback wasn’t so good, but it still had better looks than the ones they sell now and call Chargers. They are so ugly (come on now “how ugly are they”.) That a Charger has 4 doors and NO two doors even available is just blasphemy. They have updated the front a tad this year but still all 4 door and ugly as a box of rocks.

  12. Rustytech Member

    Remember when a few years back, Hemi Charger, Changlers etc were bringing a million dollars or more? This is just a 383 car. Over 10k for this, are we heading for another bubble?

  13. redwagon

    current bid at 11k and it looks like it has met reserve.
    should sell it the bidder doesnt get wet feet.
    i know i would.

  14. Chris

    So obvious, spend 25-30k on a good one and you will be miles ahead. Just crazy.

    You will spend 4K on just the interior on this one.

  15. blasphemy

    holy smokes; call the crusher and put the seller in with it.

  16. the gezzer

    Being an old car guy I can’t help feeling these prices today for old cars are ridiculous. I have had about a hundred old cars and trucks in my day .including some very desirable models. The later sixties and seventies vehicles weren’t really built that well in the first place. But I must confess I still love them all.

  17. Darren

    Is it me or is that A LOT of money for a car that isn’t even a 440 4 speed car. 383 /727 is still a nice combo but by the time your done spending money to make this nice you’ll have spent enough to afford 440 /4speed car. I’m no Mopar expert but I don’t see how you might come out ahead on this one.
    These cars look cool even in this condition!

  18. PAR

    We call those wheels “Tridents” here in NZ and really that old Mopar would look heaps better without them. Clean out that rat droppings, give it abit of a spruce up, drop in a big block Hemi and lets get this party started!


    Step back and look at your repo parts and check the prices! Yes they are available , but at a cost! Car should be saved but starting price too high!

  20. Chebby

    I would coat it with black Rhino liner, outside and inside. Even the seats…..

  21. moosie Craig

    Somethings wrong, it still has the fender tag attached. Car has possibilities but priced a bit too high. From New Mexico,,,,,,,, ? via the northeast maybe.

  22. David king

    I’m one of those that has to settle with a shell of a car .with no drive train .this car has complete big block in it and drive shaft.that’s a plus.how’s the floor boards .and trunk.have to consider all those things.but looks like it would be a excellent project.I had a super straight black one .383 magnum .I sold it 10 years ago the other guy restored the interior .and he sold it for 20.000.car is in Tennessee some weres .I miss it very much.

    • the gezzer

      Sorry hit the wrong thumb. Thumbs up!

  23. John

    The price of some of these cars amaze me in 1974 I picked up a 67 GTO with the interior intact, running 400 engine and less rust other wise the body was about the same for $100.00

  24. Pete

    A fool and his money soon parted.I got a deal when I bought mine.

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