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Where to Start: 1947 Hudson Truck Project


The prospects of this project on eBay being completed look better than most. The chassis is complete and powder-coated. The rest is, well, all in pieces. Perhaps one could start with the engine. It appears they might have started with 2 trucks, so there will be choices to be made hoping at least one is usable. If you could complete the puzzle, you’d end up with something that looks like this.


It appears there’s a bit of work to be done before assembly. Some parts are new, but most still need cleaning and many will need to be measured and inspected to see which need machine work or replacement. Do you think there’s enough here to build an engine? Perhaps this would be the time to substitute a crate motor of your choosing.


The cabs are different. Would you choose the flat or bubble top? It looks from here like there might only be surface rust.


Here’s inside the bubble top, complete with bullet holes. At least they’re in the door and you’d have a replacement.


There’s a hood and fenders that look like they might be in decent shape.


The bed also looks pretty good. It’s going to need work, but it looks solid.


Where would you start? The parts look well organized in tubs. It will take some work to sort it and see what needs replacing and what is missing. Perhaps send the sheet metal off to blasting to see what you might have left and how much body work there will be. Would you build the engine or buy something in a crate?  How much do you think this should sell for? How would you build it.


  1. socaljoe

    I always liked these. It would be a lot of work but worth the effort to have a rare pick up. They have been on craigslist for some time as well although no price listed. Here is another without engine for $9500:

  2. DENIS

    If it was closer , it would be mine. I would pass the engines n parts to a restoration guy and put one of my spare Olds engines in. These are very cool built into a rod…

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    Good project vehicle. Well worth the money (so far). One serious drawback to the hobby is projects like this. I took an auto restoration course at a museum some years ago and they insisted that you do your rough-out body work BEFORE you do anything else. They said that you should remove the interior then go crazy getting the bodywork under control before you dismantle anything more. They added that if you fix your fenders while they’re still attached, you have a much better chance of re-attaching them when you get the fine bodywork done. Too many projects get this far then the owner loses interest. I’ve followed the course instructors and I actually continue with the body components after removal and have them finished and ready to reinstall BEFORE attempting anything on the frame or driveline unless the frame has some serious damage.

  4. David Montanbeau

    I bet he has about 10k in rebuilds, new parts and powder coat. This truck is about 3 hours from me if interested.

  5. PaulG

    This would be a dream come true for the guy or gal that wants to take their time and methodically restore this to as original as possible. Then sell any excess.

  6. Howard A Member

    These were called the Hudson “Big Boy” pickups. This would be the last year for these, as Hudson went to a uni-body construction in ’48, and these were out. Not many were sold, so this truck is incredibly rare. Not sure about the “bubble top” cab, I believe the far one was stock. While trucks with car front ends were noting new ( Studebaker had them in the ’30’s) nothing was offered like this again until 1957 with the Ranchero. At the time, it was the answer to the question nobody asked, today these are HOT. Try and find one. IDK, some of these could be fitted with the twin-H power engine, but probably just as well to go with a modern setup, and use it. Lot of work here, but the result would be well worth it.

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    • 68 custom

      I was also thinking it would be cool to go with a 308 twin H!

  7. duff6

    My daydream leans to a Hudson straight eight. That would get some attention at car shows.

  8. Terry

    My Dad bought one when I was in grade school. These things are huge!

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