Whoa! 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi Four-Speed

Go ahead; toss and turn tonight after deciding to “sleep on it” before clicking But It Now on this Dodge. Sure; the original 426 Street Hemi is long gone, but imagine you’ve just released the clutch; your foot is pedaling that Elephant torque, and the front is about to overcome gravity – much like the photograph above. That’s worth some internal strife. Plus, if everything checks out, this is a factory Hemi car. Even as-is, this rusty Chicago Illinois 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 (500 referring to the highest trim level) may well be worth the $10,000 “Buy It Now” price here on eBay.

Did I mention this is an original Hemi car? The seller mentions it about every third word in the listing, and why not? Chrysler popularized the Hemispherical combustion chamber in the 1950s, but this 1966 model represents the dawning of the second generation Street Hemi, an engine option available on just about every Coronet (and others) in every trim level and body style (though a documented Hemi station wagon has never surfaced). Thanks to hotrod.com for some details.

The top-level 500 trim would have graced this muscle car with style to match its thrust including extra brightwork and a handsome console. Before making its way to Chicago this car lived in coastal Texas where salty air took a heavy toll. The listing documents many of the car’s Hemi-specific parts, but potential buyers should do their homework before plunking down Hemi dollars for a non-Hemi car. The Body Tag would give more information about original options. This Coronet coupe appears to have began life wearing white or Daffodil Yellow paint.

I owned a ’66 Coronet and I used to flip through the original owner’s manual smiling at the tables of capacities, etc. in which “426” always occupied far right column. As I recall the word “Hemi” or “hemispherical” never appeared, but there were some asterisks relating special instructions for owners of 426-equipped vehicles. You know, things like “Owners of vehicles equipped with the 426 cid V8 may experience injury and/or extended periods of incarceration.” I don’t shop for rusty Hemi cars every day, but I can see myself looking back at this car some day and saying “Can you believe I passed on a rusted-out Hemi Coronet 500 for $10,000?”


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  1. RoKo

    What we have here is about $1000 worth of car and (supposedly) $9000 worth of VIN tag.

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    • Wrong Way

      LMAO, no doubt!

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  2. Blueprint

    A friend of mine has a ‘66 Belvedere 426 Hemi 4-speed, except unlike this Dodge cousin his Plymouth looks dealership-fresh.

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  3. Billy 007

    I see a slant six (maybe a 2bbl!) and keep the 4 speed. Such a nice road car, the kind you go for ice cream in and check out the fall leaves. Hmmm, what color?

  4. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    Owned a Coronet 440 wagon. Love to have that car back again.

  5. Jared

    $10,000 and rust free wow!! You even get to chose your own drive train.

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  6. David C

    The fifth digit should be an “H” for 1966 if its a hemi car.

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    • Bill McCoskey

      The serial number is listed on the ebay page: WP23H6731XXXX If that matches the actual VIN plate and the body data tag, then it’s a Hemi car. Mark Worman will likely end up buying it.

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      • Billy 007

        Will he put a slant six in it? I know a real nice SS 2bbl for sale, 150 bucks. Is this Mr. Worman a slant six kind’a guy?

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  7. 2cool2say

    After having owned identical cars to this, I can say it is far smarter to just go buy a nicer example than to try and salvage these remains of a car. Unless you are a body repairman, AND have a garage full of all the missing parts already, AND are young enough to sacrifice countless hours on this project AND willing to eventually sell the car someday for a lesser amount because of it having had rust and now the wrong motor…. the list goes on for the case to forget this and let nature finish it off.

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    • jdjonesdr

      Yep. Lots of car here on BF for nothing but the bravest and most talented of body shops.

      Way out of our league.

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  8. Nrg8

    Um no. May as well get started and withdraw another 20k to start wiping your butt with while you are waiting for it to show up. No tags, no sheet. No way.

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  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    Yep, I took one look at it and said: “motor’s gone!” That makes it worth little more than what you’d melt down to make a new washing machine. I get so sick of seeing cars for sale, minus the engine. This might be worth the asking price—WITH THE ENGINE! But it’s rusty confetti without it….

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    • glen

      So many cars are either missing the engine, or don’t have the original engine. The original engine may still be out there somewhere, but good luck finding it.

  10. Matt Member

    Ive seen worse, and less valuable (318 auto car), made into far nicer.

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  11. JW

    Mopar or no car, I would say no car on this one.

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  12. Mark

    I’d say get a tetanus shot before trying to step on the clutch ! We dont have much rust here in NC thankfully…

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  13. exartist

    Why did the seller blot-out part of the VIN?

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  14. BOP Guy Member

    Oh, HELL NO !!

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  15. Steve Woods

    This is made for someone who has more money and time than common sense. Why hid the good part of the vin? Something smells.

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  16. Mike

    If any nut wants to buy this I’ll sell you a 66 hemi and 4 speed to start you on the road to rebuild

  17. JunkFixer

    If it’s authentic (and I’m in no way convinced that it is – much more authentication is needed), it’s worth resurrecting. New replacement sheet metal isn’t a problem and one would reasonably expect a rotisserie restoration on an entry-level Hemi car like this one. It’s a six figure car when completed but it’s also a labor of love, as you’ll spend at least that restoring it correctly. Again, if it’s real, it’s a very rare Coronet – one of 204 produced – but it’s not the rarest. For 1966, that title belongs to the Hemi Coronet 4dr: Only 4 were built.

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  18. Nova Scotian

    I think I’d upgrade the breaks. Even without the motor. Lol.

  19. Joe T

    Go ahead but it now.

  20. Josh_T

    Whoa… I picked up my numbers matching 67 R/T 440 4 speed from the original owner for 15K… It’s the kind of car that you really have to drive. No taking it easy unless you’re on a straight road in fourth gear.

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  21. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Only thing of value is the 426 hemi. A certain female drag racer from the day bought everyone she could get her hands on. I owned a white with red 67 coronet 500 with 318 and 727. Looked nice but at a distance. I sold it to someone in Seattle back in the mid 80’s.

    • Loco Mikado

      Was that Cha Cha?

  22. KKW

    Wow, the asking price on certain cars these days is really getting out of hand. Even IF it’s a hemi car, and the hemi was still under the hood, I’d be hard pressed to dish 10grand given the condition of the car. The center consul with tachometer alone would be next to impossible to find, besides whatever else.

    Years ago I had a nice 65 Coronet 500, 361, 4spd, think I sold it for 500bucks. Times have changed, unfortunately.

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  23. Mattyou63


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  24. GearHead Engineering

    Seriously guys? Yes, it’s rough. But it’s fixable, and if it’s an original hemi car somebody will take on the project. Hell, I’ve restored an MGB that was in worse shape than this.

    Is this worth $10k as it is? Not to me, but that’s because I don’t buy my projects based on market value and possible profit/loss. I buy what interests me at the time – something I will enjoy working on and eventually driving. I’m out of my muscle car phase right now or else I might be considering an offer.

    I wouldn’t do a stock restoration. I’d go for something that looks the high school cars the cool guys had in the late seventies. Air shocks, Cragars, and looking a little rough around the edges. I’d put a hemi back in it, but not necessarily a year-correct one. Maybe a modern crate interpretation of the original 426 style engine.

    – John

  25. Troy s

    Rough exterior with matching interior, oddly enough the passengers seat is in worse condition than the driver’s seat. Really, the whole car is just a complete mess, yet if there was such a thing as a hemi between the fenders now I speculate more favorable comments and much more interest. Without the 426 mill it is just a worn out wasted old Dodge regardless of rarity, which is really what you’d find in a barn anyways. A project.😎

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  26. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Buy it now is down to 8K. woo-who.

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  27. David

    Hmm, price is now $8,000 or best offer. Perhaps reality is beginning to set in for Mr. Mopar who was going to make a fortune as a flipper.

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  28. Jeff

    Specialty car shop near me had a MINT original 66 hemi. 4 speed was askin 79500. Not sure what it finaly sold for??? But it was badass but had a descripency or 2. It only had a 120 mph speedo lm pret sure HEMIs had a 150 spedo. That 120 would get burried comin out 3rd. If drivin it properly Amazing what MOPOWERS are fetchin now days. After being out of hot rods for almost 30 years rasing 5 great kids and other dad things. Recently got back into MOPOWERS and was impressed what a stripped builder shell is going for 10 grand be about average 383 4 speed roadrunners are gettin that now needing EVERY THING. NICE CAR TO DO UP. DON’T FRET ABOUT COST OF RESTORING IT 5 YEARS FROM NOW YOULL PROB DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT. BUT ID DO IT AND KEEP IT AND DRIVE IT LIKE A DODGE. PUT ER TO THE FLOOR AND MAKE ER SCREAM FOR MERCY

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