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Who’s The Boss? 1970 BOSS 302 Project!


As a long-time Boss 302 fan, this one calls to me in many ways. It’s largely original, and although it needs a lot, it comes with a huge list of NOS and restored components. The 1970 Boss 302 is for sale here on eBay, where heavy bidding has already driven the price to $30,000. It’s located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks to our own Josh for uncovering this find!


Being largely original, you won’t have to find things like the iconic rear spoiler and slats for the rear window. The seller has a copy of the Marti Report listing all the options this car came with, and most are still there, including the numbers matching engine, transmission and rear end. And yes, that is the original dealer’s badge on the rear of the car. It’s obvious from looking at the other cars in the pictures that the seller must know something about early Mustangs, as there are plenty of them around.


You can see where the original stripes are reflecting the camera’s flash. Ford was careful to reproduce that on the 2012-13 Boss 302’s, and you can see the same thing if you take a flash picture of my 2013. And no, I’m not ignoring the shaker scoop that’s missing. There’s some work to do here for sure, however the under car pictures basically show a relatively solid car compared to most Mustangs of this era.


You can see in this undercar shot that I rotated for clarity that there’s a lot of solid metal under there.


Here’s the heart of a Boss 302, the Trans-Am derived engine. The blue showing on the far side made me wonder for a moment, but the seller assures us that both inner fenders are stamped properly, and they do seem to know what they are talking about. Although the car was originally delivered in the USA, it’s now across the border. However, because it was originally a US car and there is proof of that, it should be relatively easy to re-import should you choose to do so. Anyone else out there want to be the boss with a Boss?



  1. PaulG

    All time favorite Mustang. Amazing that this one hasn’t been restored yet.
    W/ the 4.30 gears, this would be a lot of fun!

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  2. John H. in CT

    Well any car is relatively easy to bring across the border if you pay an import agent, pay import duties and transport cost ( if you can’t get it yourself). I’m not aware that having been in the US before makes a difference with duties, but perhaps I am mistaken If it doesn’t, having done this myself with another car, budget $2,000 and likely more from BC. I transferred my Mark IX Jaguar from Montreal only as far as to New England and spent at least that much.

    While most of the parts are there, I question the work necessary to straighten out and save those rear slats.

    Likely the price of this will rise to an upside down number. Concours quality and you could have a $90K car, but that’s a load of work from where this one sits today. I’d really want to be sure of the integrity of that drive train before I bid. No carb and a bright blue oil pan raise questions.

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  3. rdc

    Love the 70 Mustang. I custom ordered a fastback/sportsroof with the 351c with performance and luxury options I would have bought a Boss 302 if It could have been purchased with AC :) BTW, never liked the slats or rear spoiler.

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  4. Rocco

    This is a great car, wish I had the funds and time to do it.
    I had a two year old BOSS in ’72(when I was young). The best car (Shelby’s included) I ever had, until I picked up a 1 of 250 ’95 Cobra “R” with the 351W eng. (2 years old also). I had to sell the BOSS when I got my second ’65-’66 Shelby. I sure miss the BOSS. I won’t make the same mistake of selling the “R”, until I’m too old to push the clutch in. That shouldn’t be for a while. I just drove it 10 minutes ago. Oh well, time flies when you’re having fun. I’ll just keep my old toy’s, and have fun with them.

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    • Andrew

      Porter Ford in Newark, DE has a 95 R with under 200 miles. 39,xxx for it. it appreciated under 500 bucks from window sticker price in 22 years.

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  5. RoughDiamond

    I would venture to say that what is driving the price of this is the factory Drag Pack option with the oil cooler, 4:30 gears and it being a factory shaker hood (which seller does state he has) Boss 302. It certainly does not hurt that it is a factory Calypso Coral paint code either.

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  6. Joe Muzy

    Is the asking price in US or Canadian dollars

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  7. AMX Brian

    I had a picture of a restored car, just like this one, red even, in the title block of my imaginary design company I created for CAD class in High School. I even created a drawing in CAD of it based on the picture

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