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Why? 1993 Plymouth Acclaim Plow

1993 Plymouth Acclaim 4x4

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sort of thing, but every time we see one of these strange creations two things come to mind. First, why? What possible reason can someone have for putting a car body on a jacked up truck chassis. Second, how do you get into something like this? Climbing up into a lifted truck is tough, but at least the door opening is tall. Getting into a car that is this high off the ground has to be a hilarious scene to watch! I bet it is even funnier when you see this Plymouth pushing a mountain of snow down the road! We wouldn’t ever buy something like this, but not only do we get a kick out of them, the work that went into is actually impressive. Find this monstrous Acclaim here on eBay in New Paris, Indiana with a BIN of just $2,500!

1993 Plymouth Acclaim 4x4 Interior

You know, if you have a snow removal business or have been thinking about starting one, this seems like a great deal for a plow. No, it isn’t the most practical work rig, but throw some bright paint and your signage on it and you’d have the catchiest rolling billboard ever! Just think, if you had a small fleet of these, people would call you to come clear their snow just to see you pull up and jump out of this thing. And if there are any cars parked in your way, you can just lift the plow and drive right over them in monster truck fashion!

1993 Plymouth Acclaim Plow

I’m not sure who thought putting a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim on a 1977 Chevy Blazer chassis was a good idea, but whoever did the work did a good job! It isn’t elegant by any means, but it works and looks tough. I’m still left wondering why though! I guess they gave a rather bland car some flavor. So what would you do with this Acclaim 4×4?


  1. Dairymen

    This falls in the category “retards with credit cards “

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  2. Birdman

    I’d drive it!

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  3. MH

    Looks to be well done. $2500 is probably a good deal. Would be fun to have up at the cabin but not for everyday use.

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  4. JW

    I’m a hard core 4×4 guy when it comes to trucks and even a modifier and while some of these creations have merit BUT this thing just says a big NO to me. I used to see a late 70’s Thunderbird running around my home town on a 4×4 chassis and it just didn’t click but I’ve seen Mustangs mainly Fox Bodies on Ranger 4×4 chassis that actually looked good. Family mom & pop cars just don’t make the grade in these projects IMHO !!!

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  5. Frankie

    Somebody needs to go to rehab

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  6. grant

    OH MY GOD. Long ago, in another life, I was a young MP on Fort Gordon, Georgia. We used these things for patrol cars, believe it or not. When I got there I was like WTF, but I was informed that they were an improvement over the last cars, which were apparently Citation X11’s. Yup. Anyhow, these were terrible police cars, I don’t imagine they’re any better as a 4×4.

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  7. Charles

    Maybe they had a Chevy 4×4 that ran with a rotted out body and an Acclaim with a failed engine? It does not make a lot of sense to me either…

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  9. Joe

    Here is a photo of the seller’s feet.

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  10. Woodie Man

    I sure hope the builders arent registered to vote!

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  11. Clay Bryant

    Rusted all to hell Blazer body. Clapped out Plymouth. Very little cash outlay. Comforts of car. Time on your hands. Two pieces of toast makin’ a good sandwich………

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  12. Matt Tritt

    Too much beer, pot and time on their hands. Back in the early 70’s a girl I knew was the main squeeze of one of the guys in the Doors band. Band members drove around Santa Barbara in a WW II Dodge ammunition carrier with a 47 Dodge sedan body. It was high enough to have ladders for all 4 doors (the kind on a car) and sported oversized tires. It was so well executed that it looked like it could have come that way from the factory. How I wish I could have bought it from them when they lost interest!

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  13. Tom Hall

    Although I would question how anyone could possibly have ‘too much beer, pot, and time’, or too much of any single one of those, let alone all three, “why” seems to be all that needs to be said

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  14. Matt Tritt

    Considering the contributing factors, Why Not would be the obvious question. ;-)

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  15. Duff6

    As a 4×4, this really doesn’t make much sense. But if you owned a snow plowing business… it would be a great business advertising piece. Also, when it’s 2AM, 20 degrees below zero and you are out pushing snow, it would be a whole lot more comfortable than a pick-up!

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