Why Rough It? 1976 Scamp 13’ Camper

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Scamp Trailers has been building campers and trailers for the past 50 years, offering pull-behind models from 13 to 19 feet in length. This is the second of these vintage beauties we’ve seen recently, though it’s a little older and wears a color combination that was all the rage in the ‘70s. Offered by the same seller in Polk City, Florida, this great two-tone weekender is available here on Barn Find Classifieds and here on eBay for $12,500.

From its current home in Backus, Minnesota, Scamp has been cranking out recreational vehicles like these from an era when disco was king! Using his experience in remodeling damaged mobile homes, Duane Eveland launched Scamp Trailers after briefly helping a Canadian company get a foothold in the U.S. market (which came and went quickly). 13-foot campers like this one were the company’s first offerings back in 1975, but the model line-up expanded as did sales from one year to the next. For those interested in the complete Scamp story, this should prove interesting reading, especially about the series of calamities they had to overcome.

As was the case with the ‘87 Scamp we recently reviewed, this ’76 edition looks nice and tidy. And, other than the color schemes, it doesn’t look like their design and execution changed much over the years. When not in use, this camper has been kept indoors which would explain its remarkable condition after 47 years. We’re told it needs nothing and is road ready, so once you got the title transferred and a new tag on it, your weekend adventures would be ready to begin.

Whereas the earlier camper focused on orange as the contrasting color, this one relies on blue. And it appears to contain all the comforts of home – and they work – like air conditioning and heat, a sink, stove, and a refrigerator. And sleeping for at least two people. It comes with the various tools you’ll need to set up camp, like leveling jacks, a propane tank, a porta potty, and a battery. We’re told these campers are so light that virtually any vehicle with a hitch can tow this little gem.

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  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    Perfect to tow behind the Miata, even if to use as a trunk…

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  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz

    At that price, more information needed. Seems converted to electricity no propane tanks, Air-con? Pretty doubtful. Interior walls replaced? Hopefully.

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  3. Stan

    Like the shell type construction for weathering the elements 🌧
    Looks like a sensible floor plan. Which is the hallmark of a good RV/Camper

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  4. Joey MecMember

    I purchased a 1981 used Burro (carbon copy of the Scamp, I don’t know which one was first) in 1988 for $1400. I never had so much fun with a trailer. Easy to pull, much more room inside than you think and very comfortable to sleep in. Simply loved owning it. Also used it as a job site trailer when I was building a house. I brought it up to Canada at a friend’s camp in 2001, left it there for them to use and life changed. I never went back to get it. We used to call it “The Egg!” Wish I did go back and get it. Oh well……….

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  5. Tbone

    They still make them in northern Minnesota. Toured the factory a couple of years ago. Good people and a nice product. My wife loved it but I am several inches too tall, to my disappointment

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    • John

      I have been shopping online for one of these, but never been in one. at 6’2″ i wonder if I am also too tall.

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      • Tbone

        You will probably bump your head. I banged my head in all 3 I checked out

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  6. Rw

    If it doesn’t have A/C it would be rough sleeping in summer in Ky

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  7. Howie

    I am a guy, i don’t think we are allowed to say cute.

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  8. Big C

    All the comforts of home. If you shower outside with a hose and have an outhouse.

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  9. sterling

    they do make a 5th wheel one for a bigger bed.

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    • T. MannMember

      Yes, the 5th wheel Scamp is 19 feet long

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  10. ron wrob

    originally built in winnipeg manioba

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  11. Mark RuggieroMember

    I think I’m questioning the air conditioning and propane too, unless there’s a propane grill and a fan? Regardless, for the right conditions, a nice little rig. Agree with the Miata trunk, room for 2 sets of clubs!

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  12. TS


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  13. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    I’ve owned a Scamp and worked on several more over the years. All of the ones I know had a rooftop A/C unit. In the 1970s they weren’t equipped with a built-in A/C unit. This appears to have a built-in HVAC unit that probably requires 110v power to run the A/C, and possibly the heating system too as there is no propane tank visible [by law 20# portable propane tanks cannot be hidden or permanently mounted inside a trailer] and it appears the stove is a 110v electric version too.

    2 of my customers towed small Scamps behind their cars; a VW beetle and a Volvo 240 wagon. Both said their cars had no problems. And as I recall, both Scamps were sold once my customers had children.

    I had wiring issues with my Scamp, as did the ones owned by customers. On each one I ended up running all new wiring including a return ground wire for each wired item [lights, switches, etc]. On my Scamp, a very early version, the wires were 20 to 22 gauge [probably to save weight] and would overheat if the brake lights were on a lot, so I wired it all with 14 gauge marine low voltage wires. Did the same to the other Scamps I worked on.

    And for what it’s worth, The U-Haul small CT-13 & CT-16 campers are NOT re-badged Scamp or Burro campers, U-Haul built their own versions in Ohio for only 2 years, 1984-85. FYI — Beware of U-Haul versions, they are well-known for a mild steel tubular chassis that can rust badly in rust-prone regions.

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  14. T. MannMember

    John, newer is better…

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