Wife Says Go, Kitty Says No: 1951 MGTD

OK.  Sit down and take a look at this scary scenario.  A guy buys a classic car without first running it by the significant other, then he gets the cold shoulder for a while.  Usually it will blow over, sometimes the couch ends up being evening headquarters for a while.  All worth it in the end, but still a pain in the rear.  However, imagine the wrath of “the one who is not to be disobeyed” if he brought home two cars.  Even worse, if they were two of the same make and model.  Add to that a cat that just doesn’t want to lose its resting space, and you kinda get the idea of what the seller of this car is facing.  Currently sitting in Ellenboro, North Carolina, and for sale on Craigslist for $14,000, is this 1951 MGTD.  This beautiful red sports car’s days with its feline friend are numbered, as the order has been given from the boss that this beautiful British home wrecker has got to go.

I’ll admit it.  There was a bit of embellishment to the story above, but the basic outline is true.  The seller bought this MGTD from a guy who only drove it around the neighborhood for about 30 years, never tagging it.  The seller bought the car in May of 2017, but soon thereafter found another one that he liked better.  He doesn’t disclose that his master plan all along may have been to have two of them, but it may have been a possibility.  Unfortunately, that dream was smashed upon the rocks and broken into kindling by his wife.  She says that at least one has to go.  At least one kind of gives us an idea as to how far in the doghouse this guy is.  To make matters worse, take a look at the two pictures above.  It seems that their cat, who appears to be of the outside variety, has taken a liking to the sacrificial MGTD.  Maybe it curls up on the leather seat for its afternoon nap.  Perhaps it sharpens its claws on the tires.  We do know that it is obvious the cat has developed some sort of relationship with the car.

No matter what, this is bad juju.  Cats can do a lot of evil things, and now this guy will have to deal with the cat when the car is gone.  Or, the cat will pack up its toys and catnip and leave with the car, further enraging this guy’s wife.  Sometimes you just can’t win.  Sometimes you get hit by a truck on the way to the game.  The whole deal stinks, because it looks to be a nice, fairly original car.  The seller is not very good at giving us details in the ad, but my guess is that this car is either a great original, or a very good older restoration.  Sometimes these older restorations end up looking like original cars, and nobody knows the difference after the owner dies.  Who knows here?  The cat?

At any rate, everything appears to be in order with the car, and the story that it was garaged and neighborhood driven bears out in the condition.  The convertible top looks to be rip free, and the yellowing in the plastic rear window hasn’t become opaque yet.  I have seen someone advertise a polish that clears this plastic up somewhat, but it would have to be used carefully.  When they get to this condition, they usually are a bit fragile as well.  Moving on to other areas, the chrome on the bumper and on the trim pieces looks to be in good shape, and the paint shows no major defects that we can see in the pictures.

Inside, the charmingly British gauges look to be in good shape as well.  What we can see of the seat looks to be useable and still in respectable condition.  The only negative is that the steering wheel appears to need to be re-oiled or re-varnished.  Perhaps a reader can tell us the proper procedure needed to bring it up to factory specs.  Overall, the cockpit reminds one of what might have been in front of a pilot in a World War I biplane.  One of the charms of early MGs is how primitive they were in comparison to other cars of the era.  While simpler is not always better, it does make us feel better most of the time.

I kind of get the impression that the seller really doesn’t want the car to find a new home.  The ad is 21 days old, and the price hasn’t come down at all.  Perhaps he is selling it for what he paid for it in an attempt to recoup his money.  Or, maybe the seller and the cat are in cahoots to keep this expensive kitty condo right where it is.  Everyone needs an ally in times like this, and sneaky cats bring a lot to the table in times of war.


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sounds like a deal to me. Rather have the cat in the garage than the mice!

  2. MacM

    OK, I’d be curious to know how many of your subscribers have the same story of buying a car without first discussing it with their significant other. I for one did that with a car that I first saw on THIS website! Grandma’s Vette…

    Anyway, you know what they say…”It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission!”

  3. Mitch Ross Member

    Seems to me it’s the wife that needs to go

  4. alphil

    Does Craigslist limit the number of words you can use in an ad,I think not.Cute story but this is the lesser car of the two(understandable)he’s letting go,doesn’t say anything about mechanical condition,engine froze,brakes,body/frame rust or repairs,restoration project or what,?etc., Maybe that explains 21 days on CL? Buyers ask questions,get answers,walk away? All assumptions,but really,save everyone some time and describe “the car” too.

  5. Wagon master Member

    Mitch: I second that motion. All those in favor? Opposed? The resolution is passed!

  6. TriPowerVette

    +Mitch Ross – Barn Finds won’t let me give you more than 1 Thumbs Up. My wife gave me a 1965 396 Corvette convertible for our wedding 29 years ago. That’s the right kind of woman.

    As a note: this is a fairly standard negotiation technique. If you really want something, but know there will be resistance, buy 2. Then, when you ‘give in’ and ‘reluctantly’ offer to sell one or the other, the person with whom you are negotiating thinks they have gotten a win.

    • Mountainwoodie


  7. sluggo

    +1 Tripowervette,
    This is true, Its also in the rules for collecting Triumphs (Applys to any vehicle). A few others…. Buy one you dont care about, sell it again and then claim a net profit. Have a good friend call when you are out and explain “Wow, I was at the swap meet today and Bob really missed out on that xxxxx for $10,000 but he is far more sensible with money than I am and passed it up!” Then later when you spend $5000 on the next project you appear frugal.
    Nver number your acquisitions, Nothing enrages a difficult spouse by assigning numbers. Instead “Scarlet Spit” “Shin kicker” “Old Blue” “Demons swan” etc etc..
    For the same reason NEVER EVER line up all your vehicles or have them in the same line of sight. Nothing looks like a pile of burning $100 bills than a big display. Stash a few at sympathetic friends or relatives places or have some off site sanctuary. Theres more……….

    • Jim Z Member

      I didn’t get the memo on lining up my cars…Oops!

  8. Joss

    While she was sleeping, and I was finishing a nice bottle of wine, I bought a 36 foot RV and a one-way ticket to Florida online, on a whim, since I thought it would be ‘pretty cool’ to drive cross country. After weathering a storm of scepticism and ridicule the next morning (sight unseen, you know nothing about RVs, never driven cross country, what were you thinking), I bought her a ticket as well, and she bought me a Citroen 2CV to pick up in Atlanta and tow home behind the ‘turd on wheels ‘. Life may be a box of chocolates, but sometimes you get the one with the liqueur and cherry inside.

  9. Coventrycat

    No wonder so many guys are driving solo at cruise night.

  10. Charles Gould

    How about asking and marrying a woman who let’s you do what you want, within reason, or grow a set and stand up to her.
    If the bills are paid and there is food on the table and she is allowed to buy some stuff for herself, why should she mine if you buy another car, so long as you have a decent sense of value and attention throwing money away in crap.
    I am blessed with a wife who participated in the hobby and actually drives and works on the cases and motorcycles. She often persuaded me to buy cars that I am thinking of paint on. But it track record is pretty good on buying good investment cars.

    • MikeH

      Sometimes I wish my wife would say “no”. When I am waivering, she will chime in with something like “it’s beautiful, why don’t you get it?”.

    • ccrvtt

      Anyone needing to “grow a set and stand up to her” made the wrong choice in the beginning.

      Marriage is a convenant, not a contract. It’s not, “You get this so I get this.” It’s based on giving with no thought of recompense.

      I’m so lucky that my wife tolerates to my car addictions, but I would never spend that much money without prior discussion and mutual consent.

  11. Mark S

    I think it un wise of a spouse to demand a man to part with his toy’s. All that comes of it is is resentment on the part of the man towards his wife, of course this goes both ways if a guy is out spending every spare dime he’s got on more and more personal stuff he will also get some resentment from his wife. So maybe a guy should be thinking first about his wife and remembering to buy her something that she likes or encourage her to spend on herself once in a while then your wife is more likely to be open to A guy buying some big boy toys. Men need their toy as they never really grow up.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Well said , Mark!

  12. RD Stigenbauer

    THE proven formula to keep a car yet have your significant other thinking it’s actually for sale…

    Only post a few photos in a dark garage, price it high and don’t come down and keep the description to a minimum.

    Follow this formula and you can keep the car while telling her, “Honey, I tried to sell it but it was listed for a month with no buyer”.

    And you definitely have to show her the photo of the cat and it’s obvious love affair with the car.

  13. john

    Many years ago, with our first child in attendance, at a small town tractor pull, I bought two raffle tickets for a well maintained mid American car to be given away. We’re city fried folks, so this was ‘fun’ and my wife was tired of the fun
    (noise and smoke) and thinking of the baby, so she was packing up to leave when I said we had to stay for they were calling the winner.. US (-; so I held the baby and gave her the ticket to go collect the prize. Point is, we traded that for a running 1966 Austin Healey, and THAT became her car, so I get away with a lot automotively speaking, and admittedly, some were mistakes. The AH is going in a great shop in Danville Va. in a couple weeks, (a ‘ran when parked’ after last car show) to be looked at. Now the wife is too big to get down in the seat, however I am my same slender, six foot self !! Can’t wait !! Love this site daily

    • Jim Z Member

      Hope she don’t read your post, John…or you’ll be living in the garage!

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