Wonderful Winter Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

While it has been off the road for many years, this really solid 1969 Camaro has been coaxed back to life, and now needs someone to return it to its glorious best. It would appear that the majority of the work required is going to be purely cosmetic, and that the car could be driven and enjoyed almost immediately. If this sounds like a strong prospect to you, then you will find the Camaro located in Sanford, Maine, and listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN for this classic has been set at $14,900, but the option is available to make an offer.

Finished in Frost Green Metallic, the Camaro appears to be a very straight car. The owner states that the floors and frame as free of rust, and even though the photos aren’t the greatest, it does appear to be clean. it looks like there might be a spot of rust in the bottom of the driver’s door, but the photo isn’t clear enough to be completely sure. The quarter panels, rockers, and lower fenders, all appear to be rust-free. The most obvious issue to be addressed will be replacing the rear window, but otherwise, the rest of the glass looks like it is in quite reasonable order. The exterior trim and chrome also appear good, so it really looks like replacing the rear glass will have the car looking very presentable.

The Camaro’s Midnight Green interior is nowhere near as healthy as its exterior. Apart from a few healthy rear trim pieces, the next owner is going to be faced with a complete restoration project. The dash pad looks like it might be okay, while the console might be able to be revived with the replacement of a couple of trim pieces. The door trims, seat covers, and the carpet will all require replacement, while the painted surfaces on the dash will also require refinishing. Once this work has been completed, it will present really nicely. The positive to be gained from this is that all of those trim pieces are readily available, and they aren’t particularly expensive. If you combine that with how clean the exterior is, then getting the car to an acceptable level for a daily driver doesn’t look like it is going to be an expensive process. The only other issue to address is the fact that while the Camaro is equipped with factory air conditioning, this is currently inoperative.

The Camaro comes equipped with a numbers-matching 350ci V8, Powerglide transmission, and power steering. The presentation of the engine bay is nothing to write home about, but didn’t someone once say that looks aren’t everything? The owner dragged the car out of hiding, and the first thing that he did was to treat it to a new fuel tank, a full fluid change, some brake and suspension work, new tailpipes, and the 350 happily roared back into life. It is now said to run and drive, although I would probably be inclined to treat the car to a thorough inspection before I undertook any extended journeys. You might think that this is a touch on the conservative side, but it beats being parked ion the side of the road because something that should have been checked wasn’t.

This 1969 Camaro looks like a really great project vehicle, and it would seem that the majority of the tasks required to return it to a state where it could be considered to be a clean daily driver will not be expensive. It also looks like the majority of these could be tackled in a home workshop, so it could potentially be a pretty rewarding Winter project. It’s certainly one that’s worth considering.


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  1. Steve R

    Lots of rust under previous shoddy body work, good luck to whoever buys this car. It won’t stay on the market for long, the low BIN is too enticing for someone that really wants a 69 Camaro.

    Steve R

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    • Nate

      See lots of trouble inside that passenger side door.

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  2. Tony Primo

    Seems like $15,000 is the new $5,000 For 1969 Camaros. Looks pretty complete compared to most of the junk that people are asking this kind of money for.

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  3. Camaro Joe

    Steve, I expect you’re right on this one. It has a decent looking paint job with a trashed interior and signs of rust that would have been taken care of if whoever did the body work did a decent job. My eyes aren’t that good, but I can see what looks like a couple bondo lumps in the body work. A Camaro that’s been in the northeast would worry me.

    It looks like somebody put a cowl induction hood and stripes on it to spruce it up for a quick flip. The back window always leaks at that age unless it’s been fixed. Likely that channel needs fixed and new glass for a rear window can be a problem because most aren’t reproduced and shipping is difficult. Being a Camaro, the glass is easy to get for $150, not sure about shipping.

  4. matt steele

    Had a 68.paid $3000 for it. Always wanted a 69.$15000…I’m past my prime or my bank account is anyway

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  5. TimM

    The pictures stink! I’d really like to look under this car a little more especially since it’s a northern car in the rust belt!!

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  6. Troy s

    Looks like a good driver/beater if it had a rear window. The engine bay really shows this cars age, surprised it hasn’t been at least dressed up over the years and years of existence. What, no headers?

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  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I’d certainly want to check out the quality of the bodywork done to this car. A close inspection of the underside is a must, too. The interior is shot for the most part and looks like you’d have to restore/replace everything. It’s running which is a plus and should be a decent performer with the 350. It’s also an A/C car which is a desired option. The price seems pretty fair but a thorough inspection, especially of the underside, is definitely in order.

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  8. Paul Z

    This car came out of Spring Grove, PA and boy was it rough, do a search for the VIN. You can put lipstick on a pig but she’s still a pig.

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  9. Comet

    That right door jamb pic….OY VEY!

  10. Jamie

    Good lord that’s a crusty Camaro. I was thinking it wasn’t too bad up until the pic of the door jamb on the passenger side. Just gonna throw this out there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rocker panels are of the ‘spray foam special’ variety. Most pics are taken at angles to try and hide the bulk of the rust, but show a little bit to say ‘minor rust’. Not even worth 5k. Stay away if you value your pocketbook.

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  11. John

    I hope that the windshield wiper mechanism is still there. Looks pretty vacant where it should be. I suspect the “minor” rust applies to every iron or steel surface on the entire car. Lotsa work to do but someone will love doing it.

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    • Steve

      John, the wiper motor is right there on the firewall. Look closely.

      • John

        You have an excellent eye, I missed it. Sorry.

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    A/C car up in the north east….kinda rare…….

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  13. Paul

    Trunk floor is original and if you know early camaro’s The trunk floor is a good way to decipher the half way good ones from the total rust buckets…so the car can’t be all that bad…at least the price seems fair for a running driving 69 with AC!

    • Paul

      I take that back….I went and looked up the vin like Paul Z suggested and he was correct…the trunk floor has been patched along with the rest of the car…it had more rust then I originally thought from eBay add.

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  14. Gaspumpchas

    Good comments guys and I can’t overemphasize the need for good inspection. Cheap paintjob covers a multitude of sins. So much fraud in ebay. But–this would look stunning back in its original paint scheme. Looker over good!!

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