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Won’t Last Long! 1957 Cadillac Sedan DeVille


Thanks to Barn Finds reader Tristan C. for sending in this great find! This huge (4,830 pounds!) hardtop sedan is available here on eBay with a buy it now of only $4,000, but lower bids are being considered. I watched a GTO I was writing up yesterday go from $2,500 to the buy it now of $7,000 during the time it took me to write it up (that’s why you didn’t see the post), so don’t delay if you are interested! It’s located in Platte City, Missouri.


Love those fins! The 1957 Cadillac is often overshadowed by the popular Chevy and Ford offerings of that year, but it had some pretty distinctive styling as well. This one seems awfully solid, although the seller does mention some floor pan patching that will need to be done. I’m astounded at the original paint and lack of rust though on the majority of the body!


Unlike the Pontiac Firebird I wrote up the other day, the opposite side of the car looks just as nice. It appears that all the hard to find trim is in place as well, and that even the chrome, while not show quality, is perfectly adequate for a driver. Understand, this car is SO big that the seller says it will seat eight people. Eight! Okay, I’ll bet there aren’t seat belts for that many, but still!


Looking at the width of those seats, I’m thinking they are correct; I’m not sure our living room couch is that wide! This DeVille came fully loaded as well, with power windows, power seats, power brakes, power steering, automatic headlights and both front and rear air conditioning! Holy cow!


Looking a little closer inside, I think a carpet kit would go a long way, and maybe, just maybe, the seats will clean up enough to use with some careful re-stitching, patching or replacement of what I think are leather panels at the top of the seat.


Assuming this is the original engine, I think we are looking at a 364.4 cubic inch V8, originally producing 275 horsepower and 380 ft-lbs of torque. Pretty powerful, even for a car this size. The seller states that the car was running when it was parked there with only 94,000 miles on the clock. I doubt that it’s 194,000, but even if it is, this huge car shouldn’t be that hard to resurrect. Anyone up for the challenge?



  1. KO

    That’s beautiful. Wish I could take another project.

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  2. GOPAR

    That light pink and charcoal interior, highlighted with silver strands, is the pinnacle of mid-fifties styling. I remember when I was a kid, my mom bought me an Easter sport coat and trousers in that same color combo. With my charcoal bow-tie and fedora with a feather in it, I was stylin’ and profilin’. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the black leather shoes that rubbed blisters on my heals. I couldn’t wait to get home from church and put on my guns and holsters and chase down some bad guys!

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  3. RoughDiamond

    That was a very expensive car in 1957 with all of those creature comfort options. Beautiful body lines and oh my gosh the automotive designers during that era. The current feline occupants are not happy though about the prospect of their hotel on wheels leaving the premises.

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  4. alabee

    Wasn’t the ’58 just the same with quads?

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  5. packrat

    Quite a magnificent sight. The U.S. Navy towed most of their fleet of this vintage and tonnage to Mare Island for breaking years ago. May she find a good home, and may God bless her and all who sail in her.

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  6. TexasTea

    someone please give those two sweet kitty cats a snack.

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  7. SamM

    I do like the ’57s,, but a ’56 would be my first pick. Alas, only rear A/C in these, the suitcase was in the trunk with 2 blowers. Not very efficient, but I guess it was better than the 4-60 air of lesser cars.

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  8. Alan Brase

    SamM: 4-60 air? Power steering by Armstrong? haha, took me a minute. The 1957 Cad has quite enough torque to spin the rubber off those tires in short order. Would be great for pulling an Apache or Teardrop camping trailer in comfort. As long as you could find tunes on AM radio, the speaker in the front floor would boom out the bass quite well. I had one of these in blue. the white seems a little boring. The car looks to have spent at least some years under cover. Around here, a few hundred miles to the north, the bumpers would rust out from salt exposure. It looks like a good one. Having cats around stored cars is a good thing. they will keep the mice at bay and maybe even the raccoons. Raccoons can find a hole in the floor of a car and move in. Lovely project.

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  9. Jeff

    I think it had a 365 cubic inch engine rated at 300 hp, you could get a 325 hp version of the same engine with two four barrel carbs in the Eldorado and Seville. Cool project, are the cats included?

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  10. Ben T. Spanner

    My friend’s mother had a 1957 Coupe in very light blue. She worked 1/2 mile from home. Each spring the dual exhaust pipes would all be rusted out along the bottom. She bought parts from NAPA (I think) with free replacements. We borrowed a BIG floor jack and jackstands and could do the annual job quickly, once we learned to use anti-seize on the hardware.

    We also would wax it by hand every spring with Blue Coral. My arms ache just thinking about it. The hood and the roof were huge.

    My Aunt married a guy who annually got the first Coupe Deville sold in his small city. It was ordered weeks before the were to go on sale, and came in the first delivery. Always off white with alternating brown or green interiors. Ordered with no air conditioning. He passed away, at 86 or so, just before the 1959’s came out. I suspect the pictures in the newspaper of the 1959’s gave him a heart attack.

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