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Turned The Other Cheek: 1968 Firebird Convertible


Viewed from this side, this 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible looks like a nice find! It’s located in Haslett, Michigan and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the auction ends in a little over two days, so you’d better hurry if you want to bid! As I write, bidding has been very heavy with over 40 bids, but the price is still low at $3,200 and there is no reserve. So, you may be asking yourself–what’s wrong?


And here’s the answer. The car has some fairly significant damage on the left side, and will probably require not just a quarter panel but a door or door skin. Something is going on with the top as well. I can see why the seller chose the first picture as the headline picture for the advertisement! That being said, by their own admission, the seller doesn’t know a lot about cars.


Here’s a better shot of the damage. It looks like the car has been stored outside with no window covering as well, exposing the interior to the elements. You might be surprised how much corrosion in dash connections, switches and gauges can result from storage like that.


The paint is certainly pretty oxidized as well, and considering the damage you’re going to be fixing on the driver’s side, I think any hope of saving paintwork is gone. The chrome, on the other hand, doesn’t look as bad as I would expect.


I’ll bet the interior looked pretty good before it was left in the open. The seller has been told that the floor will need work as well. As it turns out, the passenger side window is missing as well.


While there are some closeups of some engine components, there’s not really a good underhood shot. The ad states that the engine was running about a year ago–I was surprised to read that given the condition of the car. Now the fuel tank has been removed (it’s included in the sale). The seller had a mechanic come out and felt that it was the original 350 engine. Although the odometer has less than 25,000 miles, despite the mechanic’s opinion that it’s original mileage, I’d be betting on 125,000. There’s a video about the car here. You can also see some rust towards the rear of the fender in this picture. You can see it better in the video. What do you think? I’m sure it’s worth repairing at some price, but I’m not sure what that price is. What do you think?



  1. Don

    Looks like a 1969.

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  2. dirtyharry

    This is likely a 50k car, all restored and ready. If it was a performance model, it would likely be 70k-100k. It looks relatively complete and if you planned on doing a “frame off” this may be a candidate. However, I always wonder what the bottom looks like (being from Michigan). I assume when the mechanic said the floors need work, that means they need a LOT of work. A project worth having if sold for less than 5K. I love Firebirds myself.

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    • richard

      this is a 69 firebirdū

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    • Tom Member

      Sorry but you are waaayyyy off on the numbers on this car. 69 Firebird Convertible in #1 or 2 condition MIGHT bring 35-40K MAX. if it were a 400/4 speed car and a convertible -unmolested, not a restored rust bucket like this one, $50K if you find the right buyer.

      You can buy these cars restored all day long for under 30K CASH in excellent show ready condition.

      I have built many 67-69 Birds during the past 33 years and know them well. the market should be stronger on them but they still take a distant 2nd to the Camaro which I have had those too.

      I had to sell my 67 400 Convertible during the recession, 50K mile car, almost every option available, about a 1.2 condition, very close to #1, could not even get 40K for it. Very sad. My Firebird, the way it was optioned was 1 of less than 4% of production. Conv with Factory AC, Power everything including windows, Hood Tachometer, on and on. Red, Black Deluxe Interior, White Top.

      Even in a good market, in all honesty, it was a $50K car max. I got 38K.

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  3. Joe Nose

    looks like forklift damage from the salvage yard it was thrown into. no glass left on pass side.

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  4. Jeff

    Richard is correct. It’s a ’69 Firebird. I saw that immediately.
    This would be a frame off, completely gutted rebuild restoration.
    I’m finishing a frame off on my ’67 Firebird 400. Numbers matching.

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  5. Rando

    Looks like a reasonable starting point if the price stays near where it is now ($3300). Heck, I’d drive it as is for a little bit if the structure isn’t completely rotted. Drive it some while twaiting for the parts to come in or be found. At the end of the day, it is a 69 Firebird Convertible. We’ve seen way worse on here for a LOT more.

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  6. Jeff K.

    I don’t understand why these cars aren’t more popular. The guy I bought my ’68 Camaro from, many years ago, had restored one of these cars and painted it Hugger Orange with a white top and a white interior. That was one of the nicest color combinations I have ever seen. It was quite stunning!! I really like the idea of the 400 in a car like this or like Jeff’s ’68 mentioned above. Really strong motor.

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  7. 68 custom

    shame that the bird incurred all this damage, worth restoring since it is a drop top. buyer better plan on doing extensive metal work. love to have one, just not that one!

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  8. Steve

    It’s a 69

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  9. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck F

    My wife fell in love with a 69 Firebird Trans Am convertible clone, it was nice, dealer was asking $50k around 10 years ago, they make fiberglass spoilers, hood and fender vents to make your own white with blue stripes clone, I don’t think I want to get rid of my 61 Catalina conv though to get one.

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  10. Tom Member

    The later pictures showing this car having “sunk into the ground” probably tells a terrible tale of what the undercarriage looks like and I will assume a LOT of moisture thus a lot of rust and worse yet, rot. by the looks of the body…..gooooood luck. The resto on this wreck will far exceed what you can get out of it. I guaranty the amount of rust and rot you find on this will far exceed what you think it has and will make your head spin!!!! Guaranteed. I am a big fan of “don’t crush em, restore em” and I am a HUGE Firebird guy but this car is F’d!. Too bad some idiot left it outside (with the windows down (really?) for the elements to destroy it. This car might have some parts to donate but even that is a stretch in my professional opinion.

    Just have to shake your head…..never going to understand why people leave cars out to rot like this. It is the same concept of trying to get a republican and a democrat to agree on something….just not going to happen and you just CAN NOT understand how some people think…….think about it….to someone it MADE SENSE to leave this once awesome car outside, with the windows down to sink into the mud??!! Why not just leave the top down too !!! Uggghh !!!!

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    • G.P. Member

      Tom, If we did not have stupid people, we would not have Barn Finds.( I do agree with you).

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  11. Roselandpete


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