Wood You? 1949 Ford Woody Wagon Project

Montana DanfordBy Montana Danford

Here’s a chance for a brave person to take on a big project with a big pay off.  A lot of the major work is done, but there is still a lot to do.  For an unknown reason, the seller indicates he hasn’t worked on it for sometime.  Found here on craigslist in Santa Clarita, California for $27,500.  A competent person could finish this car and have a really nice ride or probably turn a good profit.  There is certainly a lot more value than $27,500 here.

As a Ford purist, my right eye twitches a little when I see a 350 Chevrolet motor and 700r4 transmission in a classic Ford.  That being said, I understand why people use them when building a project.  They are relatively inexpensive, reliable and serviceable.  As you can see, this one has been detailed and cleaned up with the body off the frame.  Looks like a good base for a fun project.

The seller indicates that there are all new wood panels with maple frames and African mahogany inserts.  The car also includes the following:  Fatman front end with Mustang components, lowered 5″ all around, Painless wiring harness, Billet Specialties wheels, Camaro steering column, re-chromed bumpers and grille, fully powder coated frame, rear end housing and suspension components, Lokar shifter and HP racing mufflers.

Look at all those new and refurbished parts!  This appears to be a pretty honest car.  I’m sure it is a difficult decision for the seller to abandon the project, but a lot of projects find similar fates.  If you’ve got the knowledge, passion and patience to rescue this project, it will pay you back eventually.  With some dedication over the next ten months, you could be cruising this one to the beach next summer.

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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Could be an interesting project though not a simple one. Big item would be whether repo wood parts are available or not. I’ve made a few pieces for those odd-ball autos and it can be a real challenge to accomplish. Happens that I have a small shop doing furniture restoration and repair on the side so I have most of the tools already and it was still a challenge for me.

    Hope someone saves it and gets it back on the road some day.

    • grant

      Ad and write up pretty clearly stated seller is including all new replacement wood. Too bad about the bastardized motor though.

  2. Ralph Terhune

    Get rid of the chebbie drivetrain and install all Ford and then you’ll have something.



    • Vince H

      Not a Ford guy but I agree Ford drivetrain.

  3. Darrun

    I agree, that wood, would be a “treemendous” undertaking but,If I read it right the wood is included: “The seller indicates that there are all new wood panels with maple frames and African mahogany inserts.” That woud certainly make it much more enticing.

  4. sir mike

    Wonder how much w/o the Chevy mtr?? Should be a law against putting a Chevy into a Ford product…

  5. Barney

    Take the Chevy junk out of it and install a Ford motor and the car has real potential

  6. geomechs

    Looks like it’s coming along fine. I’ve always liked the shoebox woodies and would be tempted. But since this is already out of my budget, it will have to go to someone else. I’ll keep my comments about the SBC to myself except to say that IF this project came my way there would be something in the Ford family under the hood. I know a guy who’s doing up a ’49 club coupe with an Ardun flathead. That’s something I’d love to do….

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    Want to see an amazing woody build ? Look here :
    It’s a 35 page build thread.

  8. George Member

    $12,000.00 tops

  9. jw454

    If the Chevrolet engine is such a poor choice, why does just about everyone use them? People put them in everything. You should be asking “Why it doesn’t have a Ford motor in it”? That’s the real question.

    BTW… I have one Chevrolet with a Chevy drive train and one Ford with a Ford drive train… Love’m both.

  10. Mlaw

    Should be a crime ta put a drof motor in anything ya intend ta drive.

  11. TBall

    I think the readily available, reasonably priced and reliable arguments were sold for a SBC a few decades ago. Today Windsor block Blue Ovals are all over the place, reliable and competitively priced. It comes down to preference. My preference is to keep drive train in concert with body. Love this car, no room in my garage right now though.

  12. Bob

    Having done a 49 woody, I think the asking price is a little bit high, your not going to recoup the money you have invested in a unfinished project. At 27,500 you less than half way to the finished car. You can buy finished wooden for that amount. My opinion the seller really hurt the value of this project by using “old way of thinking” Chevy parts, engine, trans, steering column.I wish the seller well, but I will be surprised to see someone pony up the asking price.

  13. Rolf Poncho 455

    I say ford must have a ford motor chevy a chevy motor but a 350 chevy
    is the most common motor out there thousends of them lying around!


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