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Wood Panel Delight: 1968 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

What can be said about applique wood paneling other than it either makes you sick, or in some strange way you actually find it to be really cool. I am one of the latter, and absolutely love the appearance of this Mercury Colony Park wagon. Featuring a lovely original appearance, with a recently rebuilt 390 V8, this wagon just needs a set of “Torque Thrusts” to really set off its appearance. Offered for the opening bid of $4,000, no one has yet bid on this cool looking wagon. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Effingham, Illinois.

The 390 V8 is extremely clean, and appears like new. Described as recently rebuilt, it would seem this wagon needs little in the mechanical department.  The engine bay is fairly clean, and besides, we all want our engines to appear like a fine work of art much like this 390 does.

Just as clean inside as it is outside, this wagon looks to need little to be enjoyed. The interior has aged gracefully, with only minor sun fade present and a small split on the driver side of the bench seat. The back seat, and cargo area seats are in very nice shape with no evident damage.

There is no evident rust in the photos, and there appears to be no missing paint either. The only thing that stands out is that the wood applique is beginning to fail on the tailgate taking away from the weathered look of this wagon. Appearing straight as an arrow, the body is remarkably solid, with little to point out as far as condition issues.  There is a trailer hitch fitted making for a great track car tow vehicle depending on what you may have. Add a set of Torque Thrust style wheels and this beauty would be perfect in my eyes, although it would be wonderful if it was a factory air conditioning car. Oh well, can’t always get everything you wish for. Would you spend $4,000 on this wood applique classic?


  1. Miguel

    No air in a family wagon?

    That would not win you father of the year.

    • Sam

      I remember “family” trips in our 69 Delta 88 sedan during my dads cigar phase….no air and crank windows.

      This wagon is cool and is an Effing deal if you can get it for $4,000 to $6,000. You could always put Z-brick on if you don’t like fake wood.

      Like 1
  2. Dovi65

    It’s beautiful! I love it! I want it!
    With the seats folded, it’s roomy enough for the mattress I’ll have to put in it so I have a place to sleep if I bring it home!

  3. MathieuB

    Just the name, Colony Park… it’s sounds like a highway cruiser for visiting state parks.

  4. Madmatt

    Aaaahh…the 1960’s — the decade of MEGA wood paneling,
    every house was covered in some paneling inside somewhere,
    at least that’s how it seemed as a kid in the early 70’s.I think that has given me a “fondness” for these wagons.As a kid my family,
    had 3-4 wagons similar to this[my dad owned a auto repair shop]
    and it was the funnest times with the seats all down in the back,
    sliding all around in the back every corner with my sister,
    and my dad didn’t care cause at least we weren’t fighting!The tailgates are also really cool, folding and swinging out–with power window too!
    Very nice example here,they are hard to find any better than this now.

  5. Warren

    I am in with the 1st bid. I expect to be outbid though. :)

    • mike D

      it is a neat car! hope u get it! keep us informed if you do !

    • PaulG

      Good luck Warren!
      BTW, look at “other items for sale”
      This seller has a lot going on…

      • Warren

        That VW utility truck is interesting…..

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Good luck Warren! If you win, you need to share pictures of that beautiful thing once you make a wheel choice for it. Or if you decide to run the stock ‘caps, that wouldn’t hurt my feeling either!

      • Warren

        Thanks Brian! That woodgrain looks like it has been replaced as it has none of the planking that the originals did, probably explains the tailgate.

  6. SamM

    Hey! The sticker on the front bumper is for Skyline Caverns in Front Royal Va. Just up the road from me. Small world, eh?

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Good catch! I have been to Skyline Caverns myself!

  7. Nrg8

    Hmmm looks solid enough. Set of duals, maybe vintage air, tint the rear and buff the oxidized paint and mactac or better yet do a carbon fiber insert j/k. Only concern would be suspension, I hate seeing draggin’ wagons. And some obligatory tasteful rims and tires. Oh yeah, gas axe that hitch, car deserves to enjoy its golden years.

    • Dovi65

      I completely agree .. ditch the hitch; she’s worked hard long enough .. hauling unruly brats around all over [heck] and half of creation, towing the family boat/camper. Time for her to enjoy life in the slow lane; go to local shows shmooze with other cars, reminiscing of the old days [back in ’71 my owner went to Skyline Caverns, and in ’73 we went to a wedding in Baltimore …]
      My mom had a 69 C.P .. 10 passenger, Gold/brownish interior, that as HUUUUUGE! Loaded up her brood of 6, and drove from NY to FL for a family vacay. DEFINITELY want to find one like that

  8. TR

    Wonder why they think it looks better with the hubcaps in the back seat? Awesome car, fighting desire to bid

  9. Jay M

    Glad to see some survived.
    In the 80’s the wrecking yards were filled with 60’s wagons.
    I too, bought and parted out several big block wagons in my teens, to help finance my projects. You could buy them for between $200-$400 all the time.
    I once had someone actually give me a non running 69 Caprice with a 427. Pulled it home with my Blazer and a long rope.
    A good used cap & rotor was all it needed. Then I parted it out.
    Kind of regret it now…

  10. Tony Lawler

    This car is only 32 miles from me and I’ve been watching it all week. The no a/c thing does bother me. I mean come on, it even has cruise! I have the wiring and switches to put an original power window system in it including power vent windows. All I would need to get is the four door regulators. I have several parts since I have a 68 Marquis and a 68 Park Lane convertible. I will have to pass on it though. I would buy it if I thought I could do a little bit to it and make some money on it.

  11. Tony Lawler

    Oh yeah, the turn signal stock is missing with the cruise button on it. It was very common for them to brake off.

  12. Wrong Way

    I am love the wagon write ups! In fact I have been looking for one myself! I have my mental picture of what I want, but haven’t come across it yet! Anyone that may have one I would love to hear about it, maybe even purchase it?

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Thanks Wrong Way, I am a wagon fan myself. Keep an eye here on Barn Finds as we typically share wagons fairly regularly!

  13. Bob L

    I grew up with a 67 Colony Park wagon with a 402 4 barrell. That thing wouldn’t die. It did have a/c. I crashed it, it was sold and driven for 5 yrs or so more.

    This thing needs a 4 barrell. The best was cruising down the highway and stomping on the gas pedal, the slight delay of the 4 barrells kicking in and wham! the car lurches to the side and takes off!

    The 390 i’m sure will go like hell too.

  14. James Casey

    As a very young kid, my Dad had a 1968 Colonly Park wagon with a 390 althogh I recall him saying it was a 4bbl. His was black and he liked it much better than the Red 1971 Colonly Park with a 400 2bbl. That was the last wagon we had as kids growing up.

  15. Warren

    Thanks for the encouragement! Still high bidder, we will see what happens. I miss my 63 Country Sedan and hey, if I get this one great, if not, that is OK too! I just have a set amount in my mind that still allows some blue sky to do repairs, updates etc. Easy to do the upside down thing….

  16. comatoes


  17. Mark P

    Had a Matchbox of this car in the 60’s. It was gold and had the dog in the back seat looking out the window. If I remember the doors opened and it had steerable front wheels. Had the little plastic tow hook in back to tow the Matchbox boat.

  18. Bill

    If McGarrett had a family….

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