World Traveler: Overland Build 1970 VW Bus

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While we respect the right for everyone to sell a car or truck of their choosing for any reason and at any time, I don’t think I could ever part with a vehicle with a history like this 1970 Volkswagen Bus has. Affectionately known as “RR2” – short for Roadranger 2 – it has traveled to 17o countries and accumulated over 1 million kilometers in the process, and looks like it has been the conduit to multiple adventures. Find it here on eBay in Canada with a Buy-It-Now of approximately $22,000.

The photos are outstanding, and you can read the couple’s bio on their personal page documenting their travels with the Bus on As seen here, they showed no hesitation to get the Bus from country to country, even if a crane and a ship was involved. The seller claims it has been shipped more than 60 times, and mileage is reportedly north of 385,000.

The photos underscore just how incredible the history of this Bus is. The next owner will be inheriting a photo album, time capsule, and encyclopedia all in one. There’s few vehicles that truly live the adventures they have the potential to inspire, but this 1970 Type 2 is certainly one of them. It has gone through five engines in its time on the road, and if the next owner doesn’t continue her travels, shame on them.

How you could ever let go of a Bus like this? The seller says he has been caretaker for the last ten years, but I can’t quite tell from the listing if he has been on all of these adventures, or if the Bus has somehow miraculously found consecutive owners that have continued her globetrotting ways. Whatever the case, I’m sure there are more obscure islands and domiciles she hasn’t visited, so on with the journey.

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  1. Dean

    Wow..that’s really all I can say!

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  2. john willis

    Well,at least no mention of the junk 190…..

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  3. Steve

    It’s listed as a 1970 but it says clearly on the quarter panel dec68-feb68 Sydney-London

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    • don

      Reading the list it says “sold RR1 in May 1970 ” , this is RR2

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  4. Howard A. Rube GoldbergMember

    Seeing the world,,very slowly,,,

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    • Tom Justice

      That is the best way, you don’t miss much.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I followed an old microbus down a winding Alpine road in Switzerland last summer. At first I was convinced I’d have to pass him at the next straightaway, but he kept pulling further and further away until he was out of sight in no time. Maybe I have no guts.

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  6. Brakeservo

    Five engines in that time doesn’t speak very well of something, either the care or use it was given, or the poor quality of the parts used. I’ve got a Toyota Tacoma 18 years newer with far more miles and is only on it’s second engine & transmission and it’s never been babied – I have towed cars and trailers all over the country with it’s little 4-banger motor. It just looks ugly now

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    • Wade

      The engines were changed out every 60 to 70 thousand miles whether needed or not. As their lives depended on this machine.
      Also it’s transmission is the original, being taken apart and checked over and reassembled in South Africa . The bus was there only home for some 17years straight. Try that in your Tacoma!

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  7. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Incredible, that’s living life and enjoying driving!

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  8. Vudutu

    What an amazing story of travel and a testimate to a vehicle that enabled that travel. How the hell has this basic frame endured this and how many parts have been replaced? Crazy, cool this is an epic post and why I love this site.

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  9. Vudutu

    Wow, I just read the owners site and was totally blown away by this couples tenacity and love for travel. I was also floored by the fact that he mentioned a quote I happened to run across today and saved. ” Saint Augustine put it better than us when he said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”
    Awesome. I’m just gobsmacked as a car nut and lover of travel.

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  10. local_sheriff

    I cannot comprehend how this fellow manages to part with this bus after all their adventures, but I respect there’s a time for everything. This is such a cool ride and a great presentation of its whereabouts.
    Such a testimony on the VW bus versatility and enjoyment, I honestly wish the seller a memorable trip to next owner!

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  11. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    I think the previous owner was the traveller if I read it right.

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  12. Chris

    Read the owner bio 10 years ago. So glad the bus is still going.

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  13. KurtMember

    How many times did they rebuild that engine?

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  14. Wayne Maddox

    Many years ago I shipped a 67 Chrysler Newport convertible to Scandinavia to attend one of the international Chrysler Club meets. I traveled throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and had a ball. I had planned to drive it from Helsinki to the USSR but determined the 383 would not run on Russian fuel. My only regret is I didn’t bring it back home. I sold it to a guy in outside of Stockholm.

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    • local_sheriff

      You can be sure your Newport is still alive somewhere in Sweden! Bet you’d be able to spot it at Power Big Meet if you have the patience to look for it amongst the some 7.000 American vehicles going there every year

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  15. Louis Q Chen

    This Bus should be kept in the VW museum in Wolfsburg if all of it’s adventures and travels can be authenticated! If this was Japanese brand, I’m sure the manufacturer would gladly buy it!

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  16. TimM

    I have 350,000 on my daily driver a 1999 Ford F-350 with a 7.3 diesel in it!! I’ve only had one VW bug and I can’t for the life of me imagine putting that many miles on that car!! Cudos to the owner for driving and maintaining this vehicle with that mileage!! What a feat!!!

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  17. Vudutu

    Cudos to you Tim for keeping yours on the road!
    I worked as a mechanic for Ford trucks and the 350 chassis was/is a great truck.

    Amazing story, either someone needs to continue this saga or it and the story needs to find a home in a museum.

    My mantra, in kind of guessing yours is too, is buy good stuff, well engineered, maintainable, long lasting.
    I’m a BMW, Bosch, Milwaukee, Apple kind of guy.

    To me if you are going to use the resources of this planet and make something to sell me it better be good.

    Using Lyft in the last few years has been an interesting education and exposure to vehicles new to me. Noisy, bad ride, poorly maintained, cheap, destined for a short life, IKEA cars headed for a landfill.

    That said I believe the best car deal going is for me a used, BMW but this logic works with whatever your choice of lux cars is.

    What happens is with these cars is the majority of the value goes down a lot in the first few years of ownership or lease. These owners pay a premium for new.

    You are looking for probably a five to eight year old car. Not the top of the line, mid range or below. Maintenance gets crazy on the high end. And every model has its issues, use Mr google, do your research.

    You are looking for a low mileage, garaged, good carfax, maintenance up to date (this is where BMW shines) car. Yes this requires some work to research, and you have to realize you need some cash reserve for maintenance and unexpected repairs. Look up the vin number when you zero in.

    BUT, you get to drive a driving machine, quiet, comfortable, well appointed, heated seats, steering wheel, walnut dash, leather, 4wheel drive, you name it. For less than a new POS.

    My daily is a 2011 328xi white, buckskin leather, all the options. It had 60k on it and I paid 16k for it. Why would you pay 30k day for a new whatever when you can spend half that and ride in style. I will probably get another 100k out of this one, my 2001 540mg sport six speed went 160 and was bought by a BMW fan who said he regretted the day he sold his first one.

    Buy good stuff and maintain it, Tim thanks for prompting me to write this rant, I have been wanting to document this thought for a while. And thanks again to barn finds for providing this forum.

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  18. TimM

    Vudutu great rant!! There are some good people on this site!! Some really knowledgeable people along with the people that need to correct spelling or jump down your throats for expressing your opinion!! In the end it’s about a bunch of people that all have the same interest and the love of the automobile!! Hearing the stories along with the technical experience of the people here makes this one of my favorite sites!! The fact that some traveled that many miles see Europe is not just astonishing but an awesome feat!! I’ve replaced the box the doors and welded new rockers ( inner and outer ) on my 99 Ford!! It’s another one of the stories that I will tell when she finally gets to the point where she’s unfixable!! I paint in my make shift garage with hepa filters to catch the fumes!! It’s what I believe most of us do!! It’s just so cool to me to see what everyone say and their stories!! Feel free to rant whenever you want!! I’ll read it!!

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  19. Wayne Maddox

    Local, I went back the following year and did indeed, see it at the power meet. It was in the parking area and sadly, the guy had wrecked it and the new interior I put in looked like it had been attacked by bears. So sad. I hope someone now has the car and will take better car of it. The Power Meet is awesome! So many rare cars. I had never seen a 57 fuelie Bonneville but there was one there along with several Mercury Sun Valleys along numerous 58 Buick Limiteds! I was talking to one of the Buick owners and he said there more of them registered in Sweden than the US!

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  20. don

    What a history this bus has ! That picture of the bus being loaded up on the ship brought back memories for me – in the summer of 1967 we went to England on the Queen Elizabeth .I remember looking out over the docks and saw a red and white VW bus being loaded onto another liner .For a little kid ,seeing that bus hoisted up in the air and loaded into a ship was the coolest thing ,and unfortunately, its one of the few things I remember of that trip !

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