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World’s Fair Special: 1965 Mustang GT

1965 Mustang GT

This ’65 Mustang is claimed to be one of the first GTs built. Apparently there were 60 built for the World’s Fair which was held in New York between April of 1964 and October of 1965. Each of the cars was done up in the same Wimbledon White paint and two-tone interior color scheme. I knew that Ford had debuted the Mustang at the World’s Fair, but I’d never heard about these cars. The GT package added front disc brakes, quick ratio steering, and heavy duty suspension. So, it was nice to have, but having one of the first Mustangs so equipped would be even better! Some documentation is in order here, but it’s located in Vacaville, California and is listed here on eBay where bidding is currently right over $10k.


  1. Frankie

    Cool, I think if it were possible to get some paperwork the seller should put it in the ad, makes him/her look like they are not crazy. Most people who don’t know a lot about Mustangs may just scoff and move on, having proof will generate interest, real potential buyers. For any claims like being special I’d do my homework and or get in touch with a ford guru and verify what it truly is.

  2. jon

    There is no way to have matching numbers on 65/66 mustangs. They were building so fast, they did not even keep consistent on the builds from plant to plant. It is possible to have dates stamped on the engine, autolite carb, etc, but they do not have the same numbers just date ranges. It does look original and clean but without the documentation it is just another fixed up ‘stang coupe.

    • Rocco Member

      The K-code (271HP) Mustangs had the complete VIN # stamped on the pass side of the block near the front oil pan rail.
      This being an A-code (225HP) car would not have such a #. This car has the HiPo badges added to the 289 emblems on the fenders, probably just for looks.
      You are right, about documentation. It always helps, as long as it isn’t manufactured by an individual.

  3. JW

    Yes Documentation would be a big plus !!!

  4. SoCal Car Guy

    No documentation, no VIN, no Marti report. “A” code car with HiPo 289 badges on the front fenders. Driver’s seat upholstery looks like there’s an additional 100,000 miles. If the car was built for debut at the World’s Fair it would’ve been assembled in early 1964 (March?) and would not be an “A” code 289, as the seller claims, but a “D” code if equipped with a 289. Photo quality is too poor to tell for certain but the headlight doors and front corners of the hood look like regular 1965-66 production and not early 1965 (the so-called 1964 1/2). A lot of stuff just doesn’t add up on this…

    • Al8apex

      A Marti report means nothing to anyone that knows anything about these cars

      • A.J.

        So what does that mean? Original invoice is better, build sheet would be best, but why is a Marti useless?

      • Charles

        Marti reports are not available for the 1964 1/2, 1965 or the 1966 Mustangs as Ford did not keep records. Marti reports are available from the 1967 Mustang on…….

    • z28th1s

      A Marti Report isn’t available for this year Mustang. They are available starting with the ’67 model.

  5. Stuart

    No generator

    • Rocco Member

      It say’s the date of the 2nd introduction of the Worlds Fair was on March 26, 1965.
      This date would indicate to me these cars were NOT ’64 1/2 generator equipped cars.
      The Fair lasted a year and a half. The Mustang was introduced April 14, 1964. The Mustang GT introduced March 26, 1965, well after the alternator was introduced in August 1964 for the 1965 model year. Does any of this make sense to anybody.
      I wasn’t there, but this is what I get out of the article.

      Like 1
  6. A.J.

    I love big claims with no paperwork.

  7. joeinthousandoaks

    Pretty cool car either way.

  8. Mike Williams

    If this car was at the 1964 world’s fair, it’s not a GT. They weren’t offered untill a year later. More likely it just has some dealer options, like the grill lights. Ford lost the records for the ’65 and ’66 years, so no numbers for Marti reports, they start with the ’67’s.

    • Rocco Member

      The fair lasted a year and a half. April 1964- Oct. 1965.

      Read the complete article. It say’s it was March 26, 1965.

    • Mike Williams

      I too thought the World’s Fair was a 2 week event, but it actually ran all year and into ’65. Accordingly Ford changed their display as needed to display their new products.

  9. cyclemikey

    It would indeed be nice to have some documentation. But geez, from the tone of some of the comments here, the guy could have a sworn statement from Henry Ford II, and it wouldn’t make any difference. Lacking understanding of the entire premise they still jump to the conclusion that it’s all fishy. Heck, I don’t know if it’s real or not, but based on the configuration and data plate, it looks more likely than not.

    Maybe read the article? These cars were shown at the second summer of the NYWF (yes, I was there) to introduce the new GT model. They would certainly not have been 64 1/2 models.

  10. Mike Williams

    It was the “2nd” worlds fair in 1965, so could be.

  11. alabee

    I was there in 64 and got to ride through the diorama in a 64 1/2 Mustang. All the diorama cars were convertibles.

  12. D.C.R

    Didn’t they have frame anchors welded on to the frame to be towed around the diarama? Maybe pics of the frame are needed…

  13. GoodoleMike

    alabee, I too was there in June of 1964. What a trip.

  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    aftermarket wheels – should be the narrow styled steel wheels with red center – pretty sure and the x brace under the hood….maybe removed but most hi-po’s had them…radiator upgrade which should be okay… sheet ? been into many a 64 1/2 up stang and never saw one….found one in my t-bird though….

    • z28th1s

      This is not a Hi-po car, it is an ‘A’ code car. Someone added the badges to the fender and the open element air cleaner and decal.

    • Rocco Member

      HiPo’s didn’t have “X” bracing. Convert’s had extra bracing, but not “X”s.
      Shelby’s had a strut tower brace(used for exports) with a Monte Carlo brace across the shock towers.

  15. Mike L.

    According to a article in Mustang 360 written by Donald Farr Oct 1 2009 edition, “12 1965 Mustang convertibles (with 6 cylinders) replaced the 1964 1/2 convertibles (with 8 cylinders) cars during the 1965 portion of the fair. The World’s Fair Magic Skyway 1964 1/2 cars had VIN’s 5F08F100003 – 5F08F100014”!

    • Mike L.

      The 1965 Magic Skyway Ride replacements where VIN’s 5F08T383375 – 5F08T38385!

  16. Dave b

    In 87 I found a 1963 Mustang. This car had no VIN, just a tag attached put there by the DOT. It did have two letters from Ford explaining why it had a DOT id. The car had about 10 inches added to the hood and fenders had glass covering the lights, the tail lights were three long diamond shaped tail lights. The top was a hard top but was able to be taken off. The seats were different but was still a 4 place car. The hood was a full 10 in longer and instead of going all the way to the fenders, it had a filler panel that ran from fender to fender.A 260 V8 powered the car.
    The letter stated this was a proto type and never went into production. There were two old Hot Rod mags with complete write ups and pictures. It sold to a collector back then for 7,500 and resides in Newnan Ga now. I have seen it in various shows around and is kept in the owners air craft hanger where the temp and humidity are regulated. He doesn’t want his P-51 damaged so the car, along with several others in his collection, lives very well.

  17. Jim Marshall

    I attended the 1964 Worlds Fair and I don’t recall seeing any Mustang GT’s. I did take a picture of a red convertible outside the Ford Pavilion. The Ford and Mercury convertibles used in the Magic Skyway ride have a interesting history I discovered last year. All of them after the Fair ended were sent to dealers and the track brackets removed, made road worthy again and sold as used cars.

    • Mike Williams

      What date did you go? The GT’s were on display about the time they came out later in the year.

      • jim

        June of 1964.

  18. Skid Mark

    I ordered my ’65 A code in march of ’65 just when the GT option was released. I still hammer this car after 51 years. It was assembled on April 1 (April Fool’s Day).
    There were NO GTs at the Word’s Fair….gimmee a break!!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Why not? The fair ran for six months.

      • Mike Williams

        it was 12 months before the GT’s came out.

      • Rocco Member

        I just found this.

        So the fair lasted 6 months in ’64, and lasted 6 months in ’65, with a brake between Oct. ’64 until April ’65. So I was wrong about it lasting a year and a half. I assumed it ran continuously. My bad.
        But it does show two showings of the Mustang during the period’s in question. Heck, it even shows a ’65 Mustang Fastback in the ’65 Pavilion(when the Fastback was introduced). I tried to post the pic as saved but can’t. Look near the bottom of the Wiki page, where the galleries are.

  19. Special K

    I did see the ad on my local craigslist site and a first thought the price sounds cheap if this car really is what it is claimed. Clearly the owner has been mislead regarding the history of the car. With documentation this car would easily fetch a higher price. The car should be considered what it is. A nice 65 convertible that needs some work.

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