World’s Nicest Bronco? 1996 Ford Bronco XLT

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It’s not unusual for vehicles from the 1990s to be starting to show their age as time and mileage begin to take their toll. However, there are exceptions to this general rule, and this 1996 Ford Bronco XLT is just such a vehicle. For an original and unrestored 23-year-old vehicle with 76,000 miles under its belt, it does seem to present quite well. If it is a car that grabs your interest, then you will find it located in Orlando, Florida, and listed for sale here on eBay. It is another one of those vehicles that appears to have generated some considerable interest since it was listed for sale. Maybe this is because of its condition, or maybe it’s because it is being offered in a No Reserve auction. Regardless of whether it is either factor or a combination of both, this has seen bidding reach $16,600.

I have to say that a color like Crimson Red suits the Bronco quite well. It gives the vehicle a really classy look, and this is helped by the fact that it does appear to be in rather nice condition. The paint has a nice shine to it, and the panels appear to be as straight as an arrow. There are a few very minor stone chips on the Bronco, but you get the impression that not only has it rarely seen a rough dirt track but that its condition is the result of careful ownership.

Life inside the Bronco is not what I would be inclined to label as unpleasant. The leather upholstery has a few wrinkles in it, but otherwise, it does look pretty good. The Bronco is also original and unmodified inside, which is also relatively unusual. There is some minor marking on the carpet, but there is nothing that really stands out as being particularly bad. For someone looking at getting out into the wilds in a degree of comfort, then this might just be the ticket. As well as the leather seats, you also get a leather-bound wheel, a driver’s airbag, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, cruise control, a cassette player, and a CD player. Life certainly isn’t going to be tough in this car.

Hiding under all of that plumbing is a fuel-injected 5,766cc V8 engine, which sends its power to the road via a 4-speed automatic transmission. With 205hp and 4-wheel drive capabilities, this is a vehicle that should allow you to find your way into some pretty inaccessible locations. While the owner doesn’t provide much information about the mechanical state or the service history of the Bronco, the fact that he refers to it as being pampered does suggest that it has been well cared for. The Bronco also comes with all of its original books, along with the original window sticker.

The owner of this Bronco refers to it as being museum grade, and this probably isn’t far off the mark. The very nature of the Bronco means that they have a tendency to accumulate a fair collection of scrapes and scratches during their lifetime, as owners venture further and further into the great outdoors. This one has survived without any of these issues and would make a great family car. However, I’m not sure that I would be willing to use it for its intended purpose for fear of damaging it. How about you?

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  1. Stevieg

    Full size truck with a full frame, 5.8 liter V-8, short wheelbase for tight corners…great plow truck.
    Actually, a very nice truck but if I had it there would be a big red Western Unimount shovel hanging off the front of it next winter. Good thing I can’t afford it right now lol.

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  2. Will Irby

    My ’93 was connected to my ski boat trailer for 15 years. The short wheelbase made it perfect for tight boat ramps, but the Tundra that replaced it pulls the boat like it’s not even there.

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  3. Alex

    Got to hand it to them it’s a beautiful Bronco. I wish my 87 looks this nice. But it’s been though alot. And I was very grateful to have all the original books that came with it. They dont make trucks like these anymore and that is quite sad to me. We need them back especially here in Florida we got some bad drivers here

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  4. TimM

    Sweet ride!!

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  5. Max

    about 2 years ago a 1994 Bronco in white ” nicknamed O.J. Bronco ” had I think less than 50k sold for $28K!!

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  6. dan

    a no reserve auction that you can ‘buy it now for $26,500’ so they want $26 grand. Nobody gonna win it for less.
    we will watch and see what happens before the auction end..
    10 bucks says it will end early because he had a deposit.. only to be relisted due to deadbeat buyer.
    So in other words, it’s not really a no reserve auction.

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    • William

      Seems you were off a bit on this one, sold for 18,200.00 Donate the 10 bucks. 😂

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    I had a full size Bronco, a bit older, a 1980, it was the nicest 4×4 I ever had. It also got the worst gas mileage of any vehicle I owned( except my semi’s, and not much better than those) It was everything the 1st gen was not. Rode nice, not much could stop it, comfy interior with lots of room for a family, dynamite heater, only once did it let me down, the roll pin on the dist. gear broke ( 300-6), common with the 6, but I’d have to say, it was the nicest truck I had. This one is unbelieveable, like it was never used. Somebody sure loved their Bronco as well. And to think someone would pay 5 figures for that, rough riding, lane wandering, noisy, cold/hot rattletrap 1st gen Bronco,instead of this,,now that’s crazy.

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  8. Bakyrdhero

    My friend had one in high school. An 88 Eddie Bauer. It was ten years old then and beat. A nice truck still, but old, noisy, clunky, smelly and beat. That’s just how I remember these. This one looks unreal. I’d be proud to have that in my driveway, but I have to agree with @Will Irby, my current Tundra pulls like nothing is attached to it. This 96 looks like it was well taken care of. I believe 96 was the last year.

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  9. It’s Got Juice

    Kato you painted my truck….

    Oh well let’s rein-act the freeway chase drive 🤔🤔😀

    These were beast trucks and very heavy units.
    I like them even on 420 dude day 😮

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  10. Miguel

    I am glad to see the prices going up on these.

    Good ones are easy to find and if you can get it at a good price, there is money to be made.

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  11. Miguel

    Would a stick shift be preferable over the automatic in this truck, do you think?

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  12. Jack

    The eBay listing is great example of how not to write an ad.


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  13. William

    I won the auction. Hope it’s as nice as it looks in the listing

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  14. Bakyrdhero

    Good luck William.

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  15. William

    Well, we got fooled. Let this serve as a reminder to never buy anything based on pictures. Long story short, this wasn’t as advertised. Nice and perfect are not the same.

    : buyer of bronco

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    • Will Irby

      Oh, no! That’s a shame! Do you mind sharing the deficiencies?

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  16. Bakyrdhero

    Sorry to hear that William. It sure looked nice. What is the disappointment?

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    • William

      “THIS CAR IS 100% ALL ORIGINAL AND ORIGINAL PAINT”. That’s not true, both quarters were painted and the cowl.

      “CAR IS MECHANICALLY 100% PERFECT. DRIVES PERFECT” that wasn’t correct, you have the list.

      “ZERO LEAKS OR RATTLES, A+ MECHANICALLY” pictures prove that wrong as well

      “NEVER SMOKED IN”. Ashes in ash tray.

      “100% RUST FREE CONDITION” pretty accurate with the exception of the lift gate. ( see pic).

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  17. TimM

    I’m sorry to hear all this!!!!
    Buyer Beware!!!!

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