Needs Rescuing: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

When I look at this 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix, the first words that pop into my head to describe it are dusty and crusty. However, that crustiness doesn’t seem to translate into major issues with rust, so it is a project car that is worth taking a look at. Barn Finder local_sheriff has really had the radar working overtime lately, and I really appreciate the effort involved in referring cars like this through to us. Thank you so much for that, local_sheriff. Located in Pipe Creek, Texas, the Grand Prix is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $3,800 for the Pontiac, but the option is available to make an offer.

If you look past the heavily baked Saddle Tan paint, the Pontiac looks to be quite solid. If it has spent the majority of its life in Texas, then that shouldn’t be a big surprise. I am not for one minute saying that it’s rust-free, but it looks to be essentially solid. The owner says that it is very solid, and while I can see some rust visible in the lower quarter panel and bottom corners of the door on the driver’s side, the rest of it appears to be free of issues. There is Bondo in evidence around the car, so I would like to know what’s happening under that. But if the car is going to have to be stripped of the old paint anyway, grinding out the Bondo wouldn’t represent a lot of extra work. The factory tinted glass all looks like it is in good condition, and while the Pontiac wears the fantastic 8-lug wheels, they will require some restoration work.

When you look inside the Grand Prix, you really gain an insight into just how much damage the Texas sun can inflict upon vinyl. The interior is complete and original, and while some items look like they could be restored, the next owner is going to face the task of replacing every upholstered item inside the car. The good news is that items such as the center console look like they will restore okay, and as I said, at least it’s complete. Even amongst all of the devastation and destruction, it appears that the Pontiac comes with factory air conditioning, power windows, a power driver’s seat, and a tilt wheel.

A further piece of positive news with the Grand Prix is that not only is it mechanically complete, but it does run. The owner does say that the fuel system will need repairs before the car can be driven, but it isn’t clear just what this will involve. Powering the Pontiac is the 389ci V8, producing 303hp. The transmission is the 3-speed Roto Hydramatic, while the Pontiac is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. Being a relatively heavy car at 3,925lbs, instant acceleration was not the forte of the Grand Prix. However, the car possesses a surprisingly aerodynamic body, and the standard 389 was well and truly capable of pushing the car along to an official top speed of 127mph. If you scored a tri-power version, this increased to 137mph. Neither figure would be classed as shabby.

If this Pontiac Grand Prix is as solid as it would appear to be, then the owner’s claim that it could be driven essentially as it is would seem to be conceivable. If the next owner chooses to restore it, then the end result should be a vehicle that would not only attract plenty of attention, but that owner would potentially be the envy of their neighbors. As I said at the start of this article, this Pontiac Grand Prix appears to be dusty and crusty, but it appears to be a solid car that would be worthy of a restoration. Even at the BIN price, it would represent a fairly affordable entry-level restoration project. If the new owner was willing to undertake a reasonable amount of the manual work themselves, it is entirely possible that it could be restored and returned to the road at a very reasonable price. That makes it a project that is well worth considering.


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  1. Bob Member

    I would like to buy this just for the factory AC vents for my 63.

  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    If the wheels are restorable you’d get a free car with this BIN. Big project but at least you’d be starting with a complete car in relatively good condition.

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    • Ralph

      You wouldn’t believe it, but I snagged a full set of those out a U-pikc U-pull junkyard about 10 years ago for $100 bucks, they had no idea what they were……..

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      • Del

        But they still charged 100 bucks? Saw you coming….

      • Ralph

        How so? Unless your ignorant or trolling, you have no idea what a set of 8 lug wheels is worth…..more than $100, trust me.

        Now don’t bother the adults anymore and go play somewhere else.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Bob and bob quite correct. I say, get out the DA sander, sand her down and mop some epoxy primer on it. Might look good to ya until you could take it to whatever level you choose, or cruse in suede! And the guy says it runs! Good luck to the new owner. These ponchos were way ahead of their time!!

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  4. Dan

    The air-conditioner compressor pulley is certainly rusty! I’d suspect it might be locked up. I don’t recall when GM made the switch to alternators, but I don’t believe this car would have been built with one. These are great-looking cars, and this one seems well worth restoring.

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    • John

      Car did come with alternator from Pontiac.

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  5. Arthell64 Member

    I always liked this body style. Car has some good options

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  6. Steve R

    That’s a really loaded car, that hasn’t been stripped of its various parts. That’s hard to find nowadays, this makes it a excellent candidate for restoration. It has just the right mix of performance and luxury.

    Steve R

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    • TimM

      Good job Local Sheriff on such a cool car!! This could definitely be a gem for someone without a ton of work!! Bring it runs after changing points plugs condenser and cleaning the fuel system get your upholstery to your local guy and get her ready to cruise!! The paint job could come later after checking brakes and the necessaries!!!

      Like 5
      • Martin

        Tim… You are so correct . That’s exactly what I did . After installing new points . Engine starts and runs perfect .

  7. local_sheriff

    For those who have yet to drive a 60s fullsize Pontiac, a 303hp 389 is shockingly responsive even in such a barge. Personally I like the roofline of the Bonnie and Cat better, however the GP is a personal car! Comparable to a ‘pala SS, how much wouldn’t one in similar condition be advertized for these days…?

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  8. Del

    Nice 600 dollar parts car.

    Fully baked in the Texas sun

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    • Ralph

      You should try writing comedy…..your posts a hilarious……

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