Worth Fixing? 1966 Ford Bronco For $1,900

I, as much as the next guy, like to see vehicles rescued. I also think the finder of elusive projects should get to command a fair price for their efforts to drag long-forgotten hulks out of their resting place. This 1966 Ford Bronco may challenge that notion, as I’m not sure what’s a remotely fair proposition on the buyer side for picking up the severely rusted remains of a first-year Bronco. The asking price is $1,900 or best offer, and if you’re local to Annapolis, the seller may even be willing to deliver it. It does have some good parts left, but the engine is “…badly seized.” Find it here on craigslist and thanks to Barn Finds reader Ian C. for the find. 

This is the money shot, if you will, that paints a full picture of the hell this Bronco has been through. I’m not sure if it was rolled or the rust was simply so catastrophic that the passenger side literally collapsed in on itself when moved. To be completely fair, I’ve seen vehicles with less rust dragged off the bottom of lake beds, and I’m genuinely curious to see pictures of this Bronco before it was extracted from what ever damp, dark lagoon it was hiding in. The driver’s door and fender looks savable, and possibly the taillights – oh, and half of the hardtop.

The seller indicates the original six-cylinder mill is beyond salvation, and certainly sitting for years with the valve cover removed does little to help its chances at survival. Regardless, I doubt anyone seriously considering this rig is counting on having an engine that still turns. The seller does note the Bronco will come with its 3-speed transmission, transfer case, 9-inch rear differential, and Dana 30 front. Other parts of note mentioned by the seller as being salvageable include the dash and some glass, but no specific pictures are offered of these parts.

The frame and suspension are listed as being present, but not necessarily confirmed at having any chance at revival. The market for early Broncos has certainly heated up in recent years, and some specialist shops are offering big-dollar restomods that usually clock in at the high five-figure or low six-figure range. Gateway Bronco is one such company, and almost all of its delivered trucks are listed at a hair under $200,000. Could the VIN plate on this one enable such a build to commence, thus justifying the seller’s efforts to drag this one out of the muck? Let us know your thoughts below if early Broncos are hot enough to make saving this carcass a smart move by the seller.

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    The “you’ve got to be kidding” award of the week!

  2. Scott


  3. Vance

    I am getting lock jaw just looking at it, looks like a bunch of nails in a Maxwell House can full of water.

    • Jon Patrick Leary

      ha ha h great description. I can see it now.

  4. Ian C

    At least they have dropped the price $600 already. For some reason, I am expecting the title to have rust holes in it as well!

    • MST


    • rdxblast

      I saw this was listed for $3500. The seller dropped the price lookin at stock market dip. If the stocks were doing good, it might be listed for 6000! :)

  5. Todd Zuercher

    Well, at least he lowered the price – it was $2500 last week! We’ve been discussing it on FB and came up with just a few hundred dollars worth of stuff on it depending on what’s left in the interior, which we can’t see or are very hopeful about.

  6. SDJames

    This is sort of like digging up Elvis and selling tickets to his new live show…

  7. markp

    I can’t believe that someone hasn’t mentioned that the fender openings are uncut/unmolested!!!


  8. sir mike

    April Fools Day right??? It’s not even worth scrap value.


    Even Richard Rawlings wouldn’t buy that

  10. NovaTom

    Looks like a $1900 outside door handle to me.

  11. MST


  12. DayDreamBeliever Member

    I came here for the comments… (heh)

    I’ll be back for more later, as soon as additional entertaining lines are posted.

    Bring it on, Barn Finders!


  13. Steve

    The engine is badly seized… is that like being a little pregnant?

  14. Gaspumpchas

    if the rear end housing isn’t rotten, its a 9 incher, narrow one. Other than that Bobhess said it right- yu gotta be kidding me”

  15. Mike

    Could there ever be a car that BHCC would pass on? Are you kidding? Trailer has been dispatched!

  16. Gary S.

    Ummmm maybe $19.00….on second thought…..no. Sad thing is there might be someone that would pay that or close to that for this pile of scrap..

  17. Wayne Thomas

    The textbook definition of Bronco “Busted”!

  18. Howard A Member

    Got to be the worst yet. That trailer gets lighter as it goes down the road.

    • Ibby

      I think it gets lighter the harder the winds blow!

  19. Barry Traylor

    I have a hunch this poor thing was found in the Chesapeake Bay where it has been for the last 40+ years.

  20. CJinSD

    You could become one of Ford’s biggest stock holders for what he was asking! I’m not sure which course of action would make you broke quicker.

  21. Karl

    RIP please!

  22. Major Thom

    “Delivery available”?
    Yes. Send seller $1900 and he will mail you the title and the vin plate.

  23. Lance

    Ha, new engines and BODIES are available. What about FRAMES?

  24. Lance

    PT Barnum was right.

  25. pacekid

    A bit pricey for a piece of glass and a tail light lens.
    Gotta go now, I need a tetanus shot after seeing this pic. Yikes!

  26. Walter

    Can’t believe that we wasted space on this pile of tin.

  27. charles Flowers


    Huge reader response to this one too, cool.

  28. ekim1981

    Soup cans

  29. Piros1

    I really don’t know what to think or say other than this has to be one of if not the worst Early Bronco’s I have ever seen up for sale. There may be a few good parts but you best have your tetanus shot before going after them.
    I know every part including frames are available but not sure a title and a VIN tag is worth $1900.00.

  30. 433jeff

    Guys dont you think this will buff out? Ots just Patina

  31. Bigbird

    Oh my. I maybe able to take this to my local dump….but only on free dump day. Not a part to be saved….its history.

  32. Midnightdriver2

    Uhhhh…Take it back where you found it!

  33. Chitty Perkins

    yall are harsh, that door could easily sell in an antique store, as a wall hanging for $28.

    Aaaaand who wouldn’t love that engine as a base for a nice new glass-top coffee table.

  34. pacekid

    A little spritz or two of Maguires final inspection should make it concourse show ready.

  35. William Bussler

    It’s worth about $.02/pound. If it was a Porsche it might bring a little bit more.

  36. CJC

    crush it!!!

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Looks a bit like that has already been attempted once….

  37. dogwater

    NO comment

  38. MARK

    Make an offer to the seller of how much they will pay you to haul it off their property.

  39. Tort Member

    If it was free and you had to drive over ten miles to the scrap yard you would lose money.

  40. half cab

    Almost like grave robbing….shouldn’t have never robbed the ground where it was dead at.

  41. glash 62 Member

    it’s about 45 years to late for anything lol

  42. AMXBrian

    Give it to an autobody tech school for a project, they need practice making panels, here’s 10 year’s worth. Then some day, it will be a nice project.

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