Worth The Price? 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Sometimes, when a car is desirable and valuable a seller doesn’t have to worry about providing good photos and a long description – the car can and will sell itself. This 1954 Chevrolet Corvette may be one of those cases. It can be found here on eBay in Toms River, New Jersey with an unmet opening bid price of $40,000 and no reserve after that.

As I mentioned, the photos aren’t the best here, in fact, they’re really terrible. It could be due to the age of the seller or maybe not having a good camera or any number of reasons but it sure would have been nice to see halfway decent photos of this car. It’s really hard to assess the condition of a vehicle like this, but unless a person is an absolute fanatic with an unlimited budget, they’ll most likely want to see a car in person before shelling out $40,000 on one.

Speaking of the price, Hagerty is at $38,900 for a #4 fair condition car which I’m guessing is a bit above what this particular car may be in, condition-wise? Can any of you tell from seeing the photos? I know that some of you may have owned a 1954 Corvette at some point or maybe you still do. The seller says that there were only 300 of them made in Pennant Blue in 1954, which is strange since this is clearly a white car. Hagerty lists a #2 excellent condition car as being valued at $85,100 and with the seller’s opening bid price, is it possible to bring this one around to that condition for another $45,000?

This is it for interior photos and as you can see, it’ll need everything here, too. The Pennant Blue cars had a tan or beige interior and top compared to a red interior for the white, black, and red cars in 1954. All of the 1953 cars were Polo White with a red interior and there were only 300 of those so if you can find one of those, grab it. The ’53 and ’54 Corvettes all came with GM’s 2-speed slip-and-slide (as we called them) transmission, the PowerGlide.

Yep, sadly, this is it for engine photos. I know. It’s Chevy’s 235 Blue Flame inline-six with 150 hp. They say that the drivetrain is complete but that’s about it as far as information on this particular car goes. Is there enough info here for anyone to jump on this car for at least $40,000?


  1. doug

    Dream on, buddy.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Is this guy related to the seller of the busted up C1 a page or two back?

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  3. Bob

    Almost seems like it’s gotta be a joke, the photos are so poor. And the little we’re able to see looks really bad. No matter how badly I might want a ’54 Vette, there’s no way I’d do business on this one, at least not without lots more information and photos.

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    • Bing

      WOW, add 25K to his price and get a driver and fix it up as you go. He will get it figured out when no one bids. Some folks just fail to do their homework.

  4. Fred H

    Another “No Bid ” on E-Bay. Do they pull these prices out of a hat ?

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  5. TimM

    $40,000 for that?????
    No thanks!!!!

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    • Steve

      They watch too many auctions and think their cars deserve the prices they see on the tv!

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      • moosie moosie

        AMEN on that, too much Barrett-Jacksonitis.

  6. Chris

    No way
    And it is not a Pennant blue car

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  7. grant

    In the lead picture, you can see blue paint behind and between where the seats should be. It’s faded, but there.

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  8. Ronald Ford

    Seller also has 0 history on Ebay RUN

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  9. mikestuff

    I’m an old guy with a nice cell phone. I can take pretty decent pictures of almost anything, mostly my grandkids, that are better than any this Corvette owner shared. That’s the least he could offer is decent photos.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    That $40,000, must be in pesos! Rednecks stumble on these cars and get carried away.

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  11. Derek Nathan Daniel

    There were 315 53 and 3,640 54 corvettes made in Flint michigan.

    • moosie moosie

      Only 14 or 15 1954 Corvettes were built in Flint, the remainder were built in St. Louis. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

  12. Sheriff John

    40 thousand large. You could buy a sail boat and spend even more. This poor example of a Corvette is too far gone for anything but parts. Better to spend another 40 and get a decent runner. Plus, if you are married and bring this thing home I hope you like sleeping in the garage. Ask me how i know. Try and find a door or NOS headlights for this woebegone creature. They are a very simple car and the engines are easy enough to rebuild. The carburetors and manifold will be impossible to find if not included. Keep lookin’.

    • ShaneH Shane Michael Hiers

      I think someone is attempting to make you come with cash to rob you… if you go bring your desert eagle!


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