Would You Put This Baby In Your Corner?

Dirty Dancing Oldsmobile

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One of the most iconic movies of the late 1980’s is Dirty Dancing. In the opening scene, the family is seen driving a 1963 Oldsmobile 88 towards their eventual vacation destination, with “Baby” and her sister in the back seat. We don’t see the car for the rest of the movie, but you now have an opportunity to own that very car. It’s for sale in Surprise, Arizona for $2,150 and is listed for sale here on craigslist.


While the car does look complete in the pictures, it may have led a rough life since filming. The only documentation the seller shows in the ad is a Virginia 1986 inspection sticker, although there may be much more. The seller does say there isn’t much rust damage and that the body is “straight.”


In the trunk, there are some door panels and trim, and what looks like a relatively solid trunk. I’m hoping the primer painted seam isn’t hiding rust!


The claimed original interior features a very linear dash with a pretty cool two-spoke steering wheel. The inspection sticker that is on the windshield now implies that the car has been off the road since 1997.


The 394 cubic inch big block V-8 may be the most interesting part of this car, although the Dynamic 88 only offered 250 horsepower versus the 325 from the same basic engine in the Super 88. Ultimately, we’re looking at a relatively standard GM sedan from the early 60’s, with a big-block and one piece of trivia attached, but at what seems to be a really low price. So I ask you, would you put this Baby in your corner?

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  1. erikj

    Man I would love to have that car. The movie part is what gets me and it just a cool 60s plain 4 doorIlike it a lot

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Seems to be a slight resurgence in movie cars, with the Pacer in Wayne’s World being sold in Florida to Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars), also in pretty poor shape. IDK about this one. Even if it was used in the movie, as stated, it’s really just a tired ’63 Olds. Not a bad car, but no Starfire. My old man had a car like this (only a 98). It was the 1st car I remember that had a “cold temp. light”, instead of a gauge. BTW, never saw the movie.

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    • Steve hagebusch

      Funny you mentioned the cold light on the dash…my 64 bonnie has it as well…..every one else thinks its so neat watching it flassh when its close to warm ……i just think to my self you people are to use to do it for you cars to appericate the engineering they had back then

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  3. DENIS

    I have a soft spot for those old Oldsmobiles but it’s nothin’ special and you can buy ’em in lots better condition and still not spend much money. There are still quite a few out there under $5000, ready to drive….

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  4. Fred

    Wonder if they have documentation that the car was in the movie? Wish that a car being in a film always added to the value. I’m a film producer and recently shot one called “Providence” that will be in AMC theaters in February. I was able to influence my wife (the scriptwriter) to let the lead character be an “old car guy”, using my ’51 Kaiser as a daily driver in current times. In the flashback sequences (the ’70s) we needed period era cars for the high school parking lot. So we enlisted a local car club and the lot was filled with GTO’s, 442’s, GTX’s, etc! Not your average high school. One of my favorite screenshots from the movie:

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  5. Rick

    I think Denis missed the point

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  6. Woodie Man

    I like almost anything from the sixties but this poor Olds has been rat rodded painted black. The gold color on the dash and the door inserts indicate to me that the car could have been originally gold though the engine compartment is black. The connection with a silly movie doesn’t mean much to me but at this price depending on its real condition it might be a reasonable project.

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  7. kenzo

    Not a drop of mention about proof of being in the movie and yes the trunk seam looks rusty.

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  8. johnforsman

    I know Joanne Wilder, Jennifer Gray’s mother. Neither Jennifer or Joanne ever brought up this car as something interesting in a conversation.

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