Wow! 1985 Chrysler Executive Limousine

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Honest. Believe it or not, under all the aftermarket add-ons, this is a factory built Chrysler Executive, a seven passenger limousine. Ok, actually it was converted by ASC, who was building the LeBaron convertibles at the same time, but it was considered a factory Chrysler automobile. This one is for sale in or near Chicago, despite its listing here on craigslist for Wisconsin. The seller’s are asking for either $5,700 or $7,500 depending on whether you believe the title or body of the listing.

The seller describes the front end modifications as being similar to the Green Hornet. I’m assuming they are speaking of Black Beauty, the modified Chrysler used in the Green Hornet TV series (and later movie). I don’t see the resemblance. I will credit whomever modified this car with two things: (1) they put a LOT of effort into it, and (2) there are spots where the fabrication was done well to make the parts fit up with the Executive. My wife was kind enough to point out that the lower grille guard is the same towel bar we had in our last house. In a totally unrelated note, Frank Sinatra gave his one to his housekeeper shortly before he died. She kept it stock and sold it recently.

Of course, one “continental kit” on the bumper wouldn’t be enough, it needed another one mounted on the trunk lid and a third and fourth (wheel covers only) on each front fender. If you’re counting, assuming there is a real spare in the trunk, that makes a total of 9 real or fake wheel/tire combinations contained in this one Executive Limousine!

If anyone knows what the odd wooden ovals are, I’d love to know. Perhaps pulls for jump seats? And just look at that state of the art mobile phone!

The front and rear seats are leather, and look factory. Chrysler and ASC made a total of 1,494 of these between 1982 and 1986, with 1985 as this car is being the biggest year with 759 produced. They are powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.6 liter four cylinder and were marketed with the idea of saving fuel. The seller is extremely enthusiastic about the car; if you haven’t read the ad listing yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a look-see. I do have a question for you–what is your favorite aftermarket component that’s been added to this car! Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Ben T. Spanner

    I think it was a test mule for the J C Whitney cataloge which was based in Chicago.

    • RoselandPete

      My first thought was Warshawsky but I think they were one and the same.

  2. Sam

    Awesome! Maybe its an Indian taxi… I don’t think “Shaft” would be caught driving this one! Everything you order order from JC Whitney.

  3. PaulG

    The best line from the ad is: “Only one in the world that looks like this”
    Thank goodness for that…

  4. Rick

    Wonderfully hideous! Anyone notice that the roof sun visor is actually a rear spoiler with the rear brake light on the edge?

  5. Jim B

    A Number 1 – The Duke of New York! (Escape from New York, John Carpenter, 1981).

    • Moparman

      His car ONLY had chandeliers on the front fenders, and a hood ornament! 🙂

      • Jim B

        I know, as i posted this, i thought, the Duke’s ride is UNDERSTATED compared to this monstrosity! LOLz. Still, the Duke’s ride was and remains a cinematic icon!

  6. Oil Slick

    That’s the gaudiest car I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad it’s cool kinda thing

  7. Don H

    Wow I think someone stopped taking there meds💊

  8. Mr. TKD

    This is awful. I love it!

  9. Ben Kline

    If I use this for Uber, how do you think my ratings would be?

    • RJ

      I don’t believe this could be used for Uber or Lyft. I seem to recall both have a model year limit and standard safety equipment that must be present in the vehicle.

    • Rich S

      I saw this Uber Rolls Royce last week end, see plates. But not sure
      you’ll find too much business in this Chrysler limo.

  10. Jay E.

    The description perfectly matches the appearance of the car. A really-bad-ad.

  11. ulm210

    I love it… looks like somebody had a couple hundred dollars and the only place to spend it was a truck stop. I love that the hubcaps mounted on the body are different than whats on the car. I love the punched aluminum used for radiator covers as a grill. I love that the ad reads like it was a “talk to text”. I have a feeling you would get just as many thumbs up and waves as if you were driving any number of rare, exotic cars. I think the only thing this lacks is one of those vee shaped tv antenna mounted on the roof…and maybe one of those air horns.

  12. VWBussEd

    My eyes can not unsee this……..

  13. sleeper455

    I’d pimp drive the everlasting s*#t out of that car….in my members only jacket and aviator shades. No joke..

  14. The Walrus

    Is this the opening salvo of the transition to ‘Dumpster Finds’?

  15. Adam

    Yikes- I will truly miss the 5 minutes I spent looking at this in total shock. Can’t get the time back I guess.

  16. Kevin

    hmm i would drive it if it was more affordable.

  17. Dave

    I just removed the same towel bar from my bathroom in January when I remodeled, maybe I can put it on Craigslist as a bull bar lol

  18. House of Hotrods


    • Pfk1106

      I am without speech

  19. John D

    The car it was based on, the fwd E Class/New Yorker were dogs with the Mitsu 2.6 and real dogs with the standard 2.2. I can’t imagine these were any better. Too bad they never put the 2.2 Turbo in them. Customers wanted more power and when the Mitsu 3.0l V6 became available, bought it over the turbo.

  20. whippeteer

    The price is $5700 as is. $7500 if they remove all of the added “features.”

  21. Coventrycat


  22. packrat

    This reminds me of a picture I saw on the old ‘P.S.’ page of the Road and Track magazine several decades ago. It showed a vagrant sitting on the curb, looking at a mid sixties Chevrolet which had been customized with two ’59 Cadillac tailfin points and accent lights mounted pointing forward on the front fenders. The title was something like,

    “Edgar is once again reminded why he should never drink from a bottle that has lost its label”.

  23. Duane Boda

    Ruined a otherwise halfway decent car. Where’s the car crusher? 😒

  24. Dan

    Yup, I would drive this. Valet parking at Taco Bell for sure!

  25. ClassicCarFan

    @Jim B. “Duke of New York” ha, ha. excellent. …that’s the first thought that immediately came to my mind too !

    The original car itself was one of the worst examples of the Lee Iacocca era cheeziness at Chrysler anyway…. (take a cheap mediocre little car and try and pass it off as a classy luxury model but adding on bling and tacky extras..). This one, with the full catalogue of pointless cheap dress-up accessories added, really is the pits. I realize that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and we all perceive things differently, but how on earth did anyone ever think this would look good? Maybe it was done as joke, or for some Halloween party?

  26. Fritzo55

    How BIZARRE!

  27. Fred W.

    The customizer won several awards for tackiest custom and went on to design the “Vacation Family Truckster”…

  28. Smeghead

    So why were the other 1493 made ???

  29. Joe Nose

    I think I saw this on a Star Trek TNG episode; the one where the car gets attacked by Gluons around Uranus.

  30. B

    Drove through Pep Boys with a magnet.

    • Joe Howell

      You beat me to it Dave 🙂

  31. DVS

    This might be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. (and I’ve been in the same room with Hillary Clinton) Oh, the humanity!!!!!

    • Wayne

      Love your honesty

  32. Leroy

    I’m thinking there’s a place on the car for the one thing that’s missing… the kitchen sink!


    Mom always said, say nothing if you can’t say something nice. Uhhh ummm NICE color

  34. doug6423

    They made how many??? Just like this with all this stuff added or just the limo and this guy added all this himself???

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      I think I’d be safe in saying this is one of a kind, owner modified 🙂

  35. Drew V

    Da FUQ???

  36. Mr. TKD

    Spectacularly tacky!

  37. Peter

    Someone didn’t finish grade school…

  38. JW

    Truly a redneck limo for Larry The Cable Guy.

  39. John K

    No velvet Elvis headliner? Fail…

  40. Rob Rose

    I bet he owns a “personalized” gold wing as well.

  41. Christopher Muse

    The antenna that goes up and down is the real selling point.

  42. mark

    Of all the cars you could emulate, not sure I’d pick the Zimmer…

  43. JeffG

    There’s just so much to laugh about on this car. I’d buy it just to enter it in local car shows and just sit back and watch people’s reaction to it.

  44. VR LIVES

    This is not the required 37 pieces of flair.

  45. Steve Visek

    Don King, your car has arrived!

  46. Miguel

    I never thought of these cars as rare. They were all over the place not so long ago. They ended up being a good family car if the person had a lot of kids, but it was never a real limo.

    This is an example of customizing a car and thinking people will pay you for the work you have done.

    The car is probably a $1500.00 car and then how much will it cost to remove all that stuff and fix the damage that has been done?


    Too Fugly for words!

  48. Gary Merly

    Do you know how lucky I could get with that………

  49. Graham

    Pleeease……put this one IN a barn – padlock the door and hope it is never found!

    • whippeteer

      Burn down the barn after locking it in.

  50. Pfk1106

    Made especially for Navin Johnson…..

  51. Trickie Dickie

    Ah YES, just found My Ride to the next Star Trek convention. My costume would be made up of the add-ons from this car. Anyone need a ride?

  52. Glen

    It’s like they just stuck anything they could find on this thing, this is ugly.

  53. That Guy

    In later life, Liberace found himself in reduced circumstances…

  54. Pete

    They live among us peoples! Yeah I don’t think there is room on that car to add anything else aftermarket. Takes tacky to expert level ya ask me. The only thing I think they should do with that car is to sell it to the production crew of the Transformer franchise and make them include that in the next movie as a Decepticon so it can be destroyed during the film. The audience would stand up and cheer that scene I just know it. I can see Rick James rolling around in this car high outta his mind. LMAO

  55. BillO BillO Member

    I’ve always been a fan of fender skirts, and these look pretty good, but would look better body colored and trimmed with chrome on bottom (and of course remove the chrome wheel opening molding)

    • Jeff

      Wow, diamond plate fender skirts! If there was a museum for way ugly cars, this one would be center stage.

  56. Bryan

    This rather humble (4cyl /fwd) limousine has been enthusiastically vandalized….by the owner?

    The Chrysler limos of this era were a far cry from Chrysler’s great Ghia Imperial limousines of the 50’s and 60’s.

  57. Motrbob

    The label on the ebay radio photo says it all……………..

  58. Joe Howell

    Must be more acid in the owner than in the battery. In this case LSD doesn’t mean Limited Slip Differential.

  59. Kenny

    I need this,it would make my pimp hand very strong,lol.

  60. steve

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  61. Chris In Australia

    Some people just shouldn’t be allowed access to double sided tape.

  62. Jerry Landis

    The BEST thing about this car is the HILARIOUS remarks that y’all have made about it !
    I would cover my head if I was on the same STREET as this ‘thing’ !!!

  63. Alan (Michigan)


    No, no, no, no, no.

    Eh, I think I mean No.

  64. RBatsch

    I love the spare hubcaps mounted on the fenders…priceless!

    Oh, and those oval things…I think they’re chopstick holders.

  65. Woodie Man

    Sell it to a midget rapper with a huge clock hanging around his neck.

  66. DrewP

    My 5 year old nephew draws like that.

    • Mr. TKD

      Forward his resume to JC Whitney and George Barris.

  67. John

    Much of what was done to it is pretty normal for a low rider. If he’d ravaged the springs to get it down, would it have drawn so much comment?
    And, yes, the comments have been great.

    • Mr. TKD

      It’s missing the killer paint job replete with multiple murals.

  68. Kralik

    The automotive equivalent of the Full Cleveland?

  69. KenoshaGuy

    I submitted this one last Saturday. I was on Craigslist as I have a friend that needed a used car. I hit submit before adding my name and email, oops. I thought all might enjoy this since not only is it ridiculous in looks but the seller also seems to be so sincere about it. Glad to see it was enjoyed.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks, KenoshaGuy! I know I enjoyed writing it up!

  70. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    My favorite aftermarket add-on has to be the pool hose sidepipes.

  71. Ed P

    Styling from the studios of Homer Simpson.

  72. Rodney

    Since the glove box latch is clearly Asian, as I suspect is the entire car. “Not that there is anything wrong with that….”

    • Rodney

      Correction: Picnic Table Latches in the Rear Compartment.

  73. Bill McCoskey

    Customized 1985 Chrysler limo;
    “the car that made J. C. Whitney famous again!”

    I wonder if it has one of those J. C. Whitney rubber camshafts – Fits all models!

    In all seriousness [if that’s possible with this car], In the Philippines beginning right after WW2, customizing vehicles in this manner was seen as very chic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner was from the Philippines. See attached photo of a Jeep Jitney from Manila.

    Also reminds me of the Junkyard – ahem – I mean MUSEUM near Dover Delaware, featured not long ago here on B.F., the guy was an ex U S Air Force airman stationed over there, and he customized ALL of the cars in the museum, ruining every one of the cars he touched.

  74. Keith

    Wonder what this guy’s daily driver looks like

  75. Mo

    May not be everyone’s taste but harkens back to the old adage of if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.


    Well said Mo.


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