Wrecked Turbo! 1988 Porsche 911 w/ 18k Miles

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Porsche 911 at a bargain price, now is your chance. This 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo 930 Cabriolet can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $105,000! The car was wrecked in the 1990’s and is said to have a clear title and CarFax since the accident was never reported. Located in Dallas, Texas, this car is certain to be a pretty large and expensive project.

According to the classic car insurance company Hagerty, this specific car has an average value of $114,000 with an “excellent” example valued at $152,000. The seller claims “Several recent auction sales have these in the mid $300k range.” A car similar to this one sold at a Sotheby’s Auction in 2015 and saw a hammer price (with fees) of $363,000.

It is a little hard to tell what the nature of the accident was that caused this car to crumple. The only significant sheet metal damage is above the rear passenger tire. The car is twisted in weird ways with the front end pointing toward the driver’s side and the rear end pointing the opposite way. It almost appears the car slid sideways and impacted a curb or something similar? What do you think?

The engine is a turbo-charged 3299cc 6-cylinder engine that is rated at 282hp. The ad doesn’t state anything about the condition of the engine or transmission. With only 18,000 miles on the odometer, hopefully, it is still in new condition. Do you think this car is savable? Is it worth over $100,000 as it sits? Let us know.

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    LOL $105,000? Yeah good luck with that. What’s dumber…the fact that the owner of the car didn’t insure it…or this asking price?

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    • Billy 007

      No insurance? My guess is it is/was a drug dealers car. A lot of these dealers crave the high life but to lay low on the radar, buy things like this in cash from shady dealers and then don’t insure it as well. Not sure the logic here, because you still have to register it to get a title and lic (this does have paperwork, correct?). Perhaps the DMV computer will have less prying eyes then an insurance company that would be on the line in case Salvador ditched it, heck, I don’t know. My guess is that an insurance company before insuring such a car would have a back ground check into the owner that might raise flags of suspicion, where as a DMV worker could care less, just sent the paperwork through and go for a cigarette break. OOOORRRRRRRRRRR, maybe it is just the age old story of too much money and too little responsibility. Did Ritchie Rich carry insurance? Don’t ever recall reading one of his comics where he fretted over an insurance cost. For Ritchie, money grew on trees and his supply of joyful items was infinite. I can see some very fat cat giving this to some 16 year old son who has way too much car (poor handling one too) and loses it in a corner. Gets out of the wreck, finds the nearest pay phone (old days, remember those?) to call his bud, and heads to the pizza parlor for a slice and some cold brew, leaving the car in the ditch. Might even have forgotten to tell Daddio about it for days. I grew up around one such trust fund baby, he treated everything he had, just like that, and when he ruined something, he got something bigger and better.

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      • WillieGee

        Most likely none of that☝️☝️☝️

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      • Billy 007

        Okay Willie, what is your theory of why this was never repaired 30 years ago? Fun speculation ads a little spice to life, do you really want to go through live living the equivalent of British food?

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      • CanuckCarGuy

        Insurance policies are notorious for weasel words and clauses, so it may have been an at-fault that insurance simply wouldn’t cover.
        Unless you have deep pockets, a repair isn’t going to happen anytime quick…. especially if you’re also without a license and don’t need the wheels. I’ve seen fairly new wrecked cars and trucks for sale under those circumstances.

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      • Fordfan

        You would still need proof of insurance at the time of registration
        To me it looks like it was dropped off a low building
        A guy on u-tube (samcrac) might be interested,as he rebuilds wrecked cars

    • Andre Joly

      Could be as simple as the owner chose to take the hit on the car’s value as opposed to reporting the accident.

      Perhaps doing something sketchy, impaired, or otherwise preferring to keep the situation private.

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      • Billy 007

        The kind of person who can afford that kind of loss makes my mind fly as to what exactly “sketchy” means.

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      • Andre Joly

        Presumably the type of person that can lay out the cash on a (then new) 911 turbo.

        I’ve grown up and live in a rural area just outside of a fairly prosperous city and have seen valuable and modern trucks being plucked out of the ditch or fields and shoved into storage under the cover of darkness.

        Sometimes playing the disappearing act is worth more than dealing with the authorities (or worse, a spouse).

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      • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

        Maybe his name was Bart or Don?

  2. RayT Member

    I don’t see a single exterior panel that won’t require considerable work to get it straight and lined-up with its neighbors, and I suspect the chassis has a mighty tweak (or two) as well. That certainly doesn’t bode well for the suspension, either. This was not a simple fender-bender.

    So nothing is going to line up properly without many hours of bending, pounding, pulling and jigging. On top of that, add the cost of trim pieces damaged, consumables that have been sitting for years and at least a couple of new wheels (and five costly tires), and you’re looking at a hefty bill. Added to the sales price, that’s going to put the cost of the finished car — and I’m assuming it can be finished, which is not really certain, even though I’ve seen worse wrecks brought back — too close to what a pristine example might fetch at auction.

    Still, It’s a factory slant-nose 911 Turbo (I think), which really grabs the enthusiasts. I’ve driven several standard 911 Turbos from this era and really enjoyed them, but I’d have to be in a bracket where $300K-plus was beer money before I’d take this on.

    To a hard-core Porsche person, this might seem worth it. To me, no.

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  3. canadainmarkseh Member

    $105k really ….ha…..hahaha….? Its punched hard from the back and front and the owner thinks it still worth $105 ….haha…..hehe …..haw haw…..sniker sniker. I’ve been told that a fool and his money soon part ways. That is what you’d be to buy this a fool. I wouldn’t pay half that money, I think maybe $30k for usable parts to go on somthing else. But that’s it.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Sure is something rotten here. I bet this thing was airborne for 100 feet. Wheeee,,,oh, oh,,

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    • Howard A Member

      So much for the test drive,,,

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    • Dovi65

      I’m thinking you’re right. The driver, possibly inexperienced with such power, was going too fast and this little red devil had a bit of air-time that ended badly.
      If you can afford a $100k car, then you can afford to lose it in a wreck, and absorb the loss.
      I don’t see $105k here.

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      • Billy 007

        Yes, money does not equal ability, just look at JFK Jr trying to fly a powerful twin engine plane in the dark of night over the ocean. BTW, am I allowed at this point to make an economic observation here? I guess not, too bad, it is the elephant in the room.

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      • Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

        @Billy007 JFK Jr was in a single engine Piper Saratoga II.

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      • Billy 007

        Hey Newport, your right! Learn something everyday, thats what Mama used to say, and today my friend, it was from you.

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      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        JFK Jr.’s big problem was a new to him, more powerful aircraft coupled with an ego that thought flying at night, WITHOUT that instrument rating, was not a big deal.

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  5. poseur Member

    Oh how I love the optimism of some folks.

    This derelict is a laugh riot.

    Probably a worthwhile parts car

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  6. Dick Johnson

    NTMDH. A new identifier for “Not That Much Damage History.”

  7. Mark P

    Everything you can see that’s bent or twisted is connected to a bunch of stuff you can’t see that’s bent or twisted. Should have scrapped it when yards were paying $232 a ton……….

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  8. Fred W

    I’ll give it one thing- it’s in better condition, as far as obviously having been stored inside, than any other 30 year old wreck I’ve seen.

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  9. Dirk

    Nice looking trailer.

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  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    IMO the trailer is worth more than the car! Sorry, this one likely will cost way to much to fix. Buy a museum car to start, it will cost less in the long run.

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  11. Vegaman_Dan

    Interior, drive train, and convertible top are intact. So there’s some value as a parts car. Beyond that- well, at least it was stored someplace clean and dry all that time.

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  12. UK Paul

    Hell will freeze first before someone lays that much cash out unless they are sniffing the white stuff.
    Needs a new flat nose shell? doubt you could get a new one? Maybe Porsche would oblige for piles of cash. And then you still need tonnes of other stuff.

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  13. Rhett

    Last time I saw damage like that was a Callaway Corvette that left the track at well over 100 mph. Never hit anything except the bumps and ruts of the outfield (at speed) and bent it up 7 ways to Sunday. That (and this) wasn’t even close to repairable.

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  14. Dean

    It was being hauled. The discussion board on Pelican Parts has been having a field day with this one for months.

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  15. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    That would explain the lack of airbag deployment.

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    • grant

      Being built in 1988 would explain the lack of airbag deployment a bit better though.

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  16. Classic Steel

    I bid one million dollar dollars ..

    Was this used On Miami Vice running coke on the down low prior to being crashed
    Or is it a quote from “I am only scared of two things..
    Women and the police 👮..” then used in lieu of the B.B. LTD..in gTerr

    Okay enough foolery with quotes of late Burt in Gator

    dreadful overpriced heaps and

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  17. Spridget

    Further mystery- this car is not located in Dallas, at least in the picture. The shop in the background is located in rural North Carolina; I’ve been there. The seller appears to have listings out of Dallas, but these pictures, at the least, were not taken there.

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  18. KevinLee

    Hit a curb? I don’t think it missed hitting a thing on it’s final run!😁

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  19. Rob

    Now that’s going to take quite a bit of turd polish… looks like Mr. Toads wild ride. The story that it was questionable, because the top was down. I would love to see the underside. There’s a big possibility that either the trans case is broken, or is the engine case or both. So, in the end, you have a nice set of seats, a probably good top, I nice dash (if you can straighten the bend), nice carpets, some gauges, and whatever else is left. Sure, anything can be fixed, but it’s going to have to be worth more than 3-4 times what it is now to make it financially feasible, and it will never be the same; that car is potato chipped as I have seen few done. “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more.”

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  20. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

    This or a 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s(420hp) for about the same money…

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  21. R

    Car looks like it was pretty nice until the driver went all “Dukes of Hazard” on it…

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  22. nrg8

    OK where is the barn? Really. So we are endorsing scamming the next guy? This car is worth 300k+ fixed however you have to fix it. But I want a cut at 105k before you start. Good news though no record of this accident. So patch it and put some lip stick on it. And its flipping journey can begin. Don’t care that it’s a Porsche. It’s just shady, and this is what is wrong with the hobby.

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  23. UK Paul

    Lock up your mint ‘88 if you have one. Whoever buys this may want it for its new identity.

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  24. Dirk

    Someone must have wanted to squeeze into that parking space pretty damn badly.

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  25. bobhess Bob Hess Member

    Got a straight tub, a little cash to buy a wrecked car for the parts, and you build a killer car. Not this one though.. for that money just go buy a complete car….. not one that someone probably died in.

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  26. grant

    105k? Really? This is a parts car, at best. I’ve been casually looking around for a 70’s or 80’s 911 drivetrain to stuff in a Karman Ghia. Might have to give up on that idea if scrap metal and a couple seats are worth 105k.

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    • Kellerg

      Grant, I sincerely hope you find that drivetrain to stuff in your Karman Ghia. That will be a wicked ride.

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  27. Gaspumpchas

    This thing is twisted up like a Boar Hog’s d*ck. somebodys smoking some good stuff to pay that much for a wreck. Im thinking the ins co paid off the owner and they are trying to get rich again. Funny it sat so long, but then there is a reason it never got fixed, Parts car.


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    • Billy 007

      It says that a report was never filed, so no insurance payout. I still say the owner (at the time at least) was either waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too rich or worked in an illegal biz. Either way, it says something about our society, and what it says is not pleasant.

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  28. Rudy C

    I do believe a data entry error occurred by the seller on eBay, the decimal point in the listing price should have been a minimum of 2 positions to the left!

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  29. Mr. Bond

    That thing came down hard! Wonder how far he flew! I’d hate to have his back problems.

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  30. Superdessucke

    I agree it was probably a drug dealer playa’. He probably had a couple of his bleeps and bleeps in the car when the group got surprised by a little snap oversteer. ‘Yo.

    Bad for the car but money was no object here I bet!

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  31. canadainmarkseh Member

    Look at the bright side the paint is pretty nice. You could use it in a car polish commercial. Just saying.

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  32. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    It’s already in a boneyard so just find a spot and unload it off the trailer.

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  33. hatofpork

    I bid…One dollar!

  34. Bill Shields

    I’d like to know why it hasn’t had something done with it since the accident but as far as no insurance claim I understand that.
    Got a call from a buddy one New Year’s Eve to come help him pick pieces of his month old loaded 4×4 Chevy out of a ditch. He was five miles from home at his uncle’s and thought he could drive home. He couldn’t.
    He spent 18000 of his own money to repair it. His logic was police get involved insurance won’t cover it since he was drinking. But they’ll jack his rates over the incident and any charges and he’ll still pay to fix it.
    So he effectively paid two car loans for the next few years and as far as I know has never had a drink and car keys in his hand ever since!

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    • Santo Lumby Sheilds

      He should have brought the Porsche to Barbers Auto Body in West Warwick Rhode Island. They specialized and no insurance claims.

  35. UK Paul

    I have not looked at the US market but in the U.K. a mint low miles ‘88 Turbo can be had for $180k although not a flat nose in fairness. Flat noses worth more I guess if genuine as a common conversation back in the day.

    I think the standard nose nicer to look at anyway personally.

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  36. Rodney - GSM

    Like the chewed up wad of gum that this is, spit it out.

  37. Brian Scott

    3 words: Lift Throttle Oversteer. I had one of these and fortunately only spun it once, with its hind end stopping about a foot short of the concrete divider. Great car, sold when there was harmonic convergence of 3 events- 1) Real estate market took a guano days after buying a superfluous lake house (dumb), 2) Read in Excellence magazine that a proper rebuild (it cited literally every part, by number and cost) was >$34k! Yup. 3) That G15 4-speed was stubborn as a senior citizen mule. If I was to consider another 930 it would be a G50 equipped hydraulic 5 speed. This one here is for a riverboat gambler, for sure.

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    • Kellerg

      Brian Scott the racer?

  38. Mike Siebel

    looks like he tried to do a ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ jump!

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  39. Steven

    Seller should light it on fire and burn it up.

    Based on previous Porsches I’ve seen on BF, that would increase its value even more!

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  40. Jack Quantrill

    Someone will buy this just to put it on display as is!

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  41. Karl

    BARGAIN, really did somebody say bargain??
    If he was referring to THIS 911? OMG there is NO WAY!!!!
    This is parts only.

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    • Martin Horrocks

      Agreed. In what way does the headline meet the reality of this offer?

      • UK Paul

        In that it’s cheaper than a good one?

  42. Peter

    It should just buff out!

  43. DaveA

    911 and run not worth it at any price

  44. Joel S

    They called them Widow Makers. Seems like only the car was killed here as the interior looks way to nice.

    • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

      Read all the comments and you’ll see this was dropped…not wrecked…so everybody quick writing about dying in this flying machine. It just didn’t happen! It is all over the interweb now about the history of this ball of Porsche.

      • UK Paul

        Are comments on the dropping elsewhere?
        Wonder how that happened..

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  45. Danny Martin

    Jesus, this is just egregious. I know “anything can be fixed”, but what are the odds this pile will ever roll down the road straight again?

    Think it can

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  46. John


    • UK Paul

      You bought it for 10,500?

  47. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    UK Paul…this is from a couple days ago: “It was being hauled. The discussion board on Pelican Parts has been having a field day with this one for months.
    Read more at https://barnfinds.com/wrecked-1988-porsche-911-w-18k-miles/#6zhICbFVdjYXG1HZ.99

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    • UK Paul 🇬🇧

      Morning … thanks for this but link is broke. I had a good search through Pelican but it is hiding from me,

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        The link brings me back here.

  48. Tricky

    So, what colour is the other Porsche in the deal???

  49. Fulla

    I can fix it. My dad is a tv repairman and has an awesome set of tools.

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