Wrecked Exotic: 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS

This 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS suffered what looks like a decent front end impact and is being auctioned off as a rebuilder. The nose appears to have been cut off from where the damage occurred, and the rest of the body shows some ripple effects of the collision. The rest of the car looks complete, and the seller contends you can put this back together with parts available on eBay. Find it listed here on eBay with bidding at $9,100 and the reserve unmet.

The seller includes photos of both sides, which appear to show the doors not lining up with the jambs. I’m no bodyshop expert, but I’m sure any impact the requires sawing off half the nose could affect the overall structure, especially with a targa-style roof. However, it could simply be a case of the doors not being closed tightly before photos were taken. The original Ferrari alloys look to be in good shape.

The interior is another potential bright spot, other than apparently being used for parts storage. The driver’s seat looks to be in good condition; harder to say how the passenger side is holding up. The classic Ferrari gated shifter and Momo steering wheel are sure to evoke plenty of fantasies for enthusiasts believing they can rebuild this car on the cheap; don’t forget about engine-out servicing.

No word on whether the mill still turns over, but it clearly has been neglected while awaiting a day that its value could justify rebuilding. The missing covers and other signs of wear and tear do nothing to suggest that this engine should see anything other than a proper servicing before extensive rebuilding begins. Has the 308 begun to appreciate to the point that a car like this should be rebuilt?


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  1. 1980flh1200

    this car is not worth 9k fairly decent ones can be found for about 40k topgear the stig lapped a track faster in a minivan than he could in a 308

  2. Billy1

    This guy is dreaming. If the parts were “easily available” on Ebay, he would have bought them already and finished the car. 308’s aren’t that desirable. Ferrari parts aren’t cheap-new or used. Check out the guy on You Tube that re-built a wrecked 488 and get ready to cry.

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  3. Navi318

    I agree whole heartedly with Billy1. This project brings a HEFTY bill with it. If the car were clean with just the nose issue, maybe, but it’s obvious that there’s waaaay more than just a nose clip going on here. I’d say bring a fresh 0 balance credit card along with “momma dont know money” with you on this one!

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  4. JimmyJ

    Top doesn’t fit and doors don’t close I’m guessing it’s pretty tweaked!
    Better off to buy one done

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  5. TimM

    Bolt on a VW front end and away you go!!! If you want to play you got to pay!!!

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  6. LARRY

    The whole car is warped..look at the roof..maybe the drive train is ok after spending a pile of money on it

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    • Glenn™

      Agree Larry. Even putting this on a frame straightener..I dunno… Flex the banana back the other way and chop the entire front off and start over. I could rebuild this but dang, maybe worth $7500 as is at most.


    Interesting that the AutoCheck system says for accidents None. So does that mean the damage was caused on purpose? LOL.

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    • Steve R

      It means nobody reported it to the insurance and/or there was no police report.

      I’ve seen several people with brand new cars put them in the wall at the track. What do you think they are telling their insurance company. The very first Z06 Corvette I ever saw, back in the early 2000’s, was on a wrecker being dragged back to the pits, it was bent like a banana. My friend turns to me and says, “I bet the owner offers the Towtruck driver $1,000 to make the car disappear. The same goes for someone that loops their car into a tree while showing off for their friends, those guys aren’t likely willing to take the financial hit that comes with being honest.

      Steve R

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      • CATHOUSE

        I know that Steve. My original comment was just an attempt at humor. Less than successfully I see.

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  8. Marty

    Would have to do a real good check, but I used to own a body shop I’d say the frame is tweaked about 2″ out. Be a mess to get right. To start you’d need a frame or a really good frame man. Then it’s still lots of luck with that.

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  9. Classic Steel

    Magnum! …this is Higgins and you have lost all estate privileges and the lads are going to tear you a new one with your treatment of the Ferrari . Did TC paint it black in your lame attempt to hide other damage?
    Robin Masters will not be happy 😔😜

    Seriously this one is for parts only.

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  10. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Justice says glue a Fiero front end onto this wreck.

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  11. Kevin Harper

    Engine does not come out on a 308 for servicing. I wish it did though because the ferraris that do drop their engines for servicing are easier.

    What panels are missing from the engine compartment. The only thing I see off is the airbox for the CIS. This doesn’t surprise me if someone was working to get it started. The engine looks complete, but dirty otherwise.

    Parts are easily available. I know half a dozen off the top of my head. You can also go the carbon fiber route, or go cheaper with just fiberglass. The panels on a 308 are not load bearing. At this point you could even put 288 gto panels on it for something more aggresive.
    Parts are not as cheap as a mustang or MGB but if you know where to look and who to ask they are not that bad.

    The 308 is also space frame. Even if it is tweaked these are a lot simpler to fix than a monocoque. You can either bend the tubes back or replace them. Complete chassis are Even available and the body just bolts onto it.

    The biggest problem is that Ferrari 308 prices have fallen dramatically in the last 3 year’s. A decent 308 can now be had for roughly 40-50k and some are dipping to the high 30’s. Unless you are doing the work yourself this one will not be economically feasible. But if you are handy with a wrench these are pretty simple cars.

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  12. Cobra Steve

    My two cents…first of all, there is no such thing as a “Cheap Ferrari”.

    Secondly, I’d suggest using the drive train components for a Lancia Stratos replica (Bell, Hawk, etc.) and sell the leftover parts to recover some of the costs.

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    There’s nothing more expensive than a cheap Ferrari, Period.

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  14. Andrew Franks

    I agree with Larry. There’s no point in this. It’s interesting that the body panels are not load bearing. You better know your stuff before you consider this. It will be a big number, the asking price is absurd, and there is always this: If you attempt this and come out of the project reasonably well financially and otherwise, you have a winner. Period.

  15. Boensch

    To buy a car like this (any car really) is a very bad idea. I would advise to stay away. And if you must have it the first thing to do is to get it on a proper professional measuring bench design for the individual vehicle
    In a situation like this were the damaged panels are removed you will not know what the gravity and the angle of the impact was by just looking at it.

    A professional or even a lay person can gauge what the impact was looking at the damaged panels.

    I remember some 40 years back a dealer in our city only sold accident cars . However to get a better price he was sneaky (or cheated) by pre-pulling the damaged panels to make it appear less of an impact that it actually was.

    That way he could demand a higher price and still was not liable because he sold it as an accident damaged vehicle.

    Here in these pictures it almost looks like that you get away by putting on new panels and off you go. but don’t be fooled there is a much greater damage on the remaining chassis then it appears

  16. The Chucker

    Two words: parts. car.

  17. jimmy the orphan

    I don’t really know much about these 308’s except what classic steal said but Kevin Harper sounds like a guy that has had his hands on maybe more than one of these. Ferrari has always said huge $ signs to me but hey I’ve never rebuilt a wrecked one and I’m going to just guess that none of you guys have either. No offence maybe you have. Just my guess. Thanks for the info Kevin I still like to learn stuff. JIMMY

  18. T-BONE BOB

    Ouch! car sold for $14,102.00 after 38 bids. Obviously, someone sees some value.

  19. bruno mario

    okei bravi, non e facile ripararla.

  20. Jerry

    Some people are gullible 14 lol. Hbjerry Ferrari accident appraiser serv

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