Wrecked 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

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Before this 1965 Ford Mustang got into a rather nasty accident, it was probably a sharp-looking ride. Someone had fixed it up like something of a Shelby GT350 tribute, though the colors are wrong and the drivetrain was once rather basic. Some of what survived the mele has already been liberated, so it becomes a question as to what’s left here to warrant the current bid of $3,500. This sad pony is in Aragon, Georgia, and is offered here on eBay.

The Mustang was an instant hit in the Spring of 1964 when it debuted as a sporty compact coupe and convertible. And the excitement would continue with the addition of the fastback body style in the Fall. Of the 559,000 Mustangs produced in the full 1965 model year (plus another 121,000 of the so-called “1964 1/2s”), more than 77,000 fastbacks were also scooped up. The seller’s may have been a rather ordinary Mustang in the beginning as it had a C-code V8 (289 cubic inches, 2-barrel carburetor, 200 hp).

Misfortune befell this Mustang, perhaps not long after styling cues from the Shelby GT350 were added (like the side louvers and decals). It had to be a terrible accident and we hope the occupants fared better than the car. The seller says the roof structure needs work but could be usable. Some of the car’s interior remains and at least one piece of glass has survived. An ordinary 8-inch rear end is out back, but the engine and probably the automatic transmission have already been lifted.

The seller also suggests this vehicle might serve as the basis for a coupe conversion, but I don’t see how. And as bad as the damage looks, it may be worse in places where you can’t see. The Ford will come with a salvage title that has issues, but a Georgia registration will be offered. Do you see any promise here as at least 16 bids have been placed to buy it (no reserve)?

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  1. J

    I see a some suckers bidding on yard art I see a car someone spent so much time and money on only to be a fool and wreck it.

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  2. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    I’m sorry. I must need new bifocals… Where you had $3500. I cant see the decimal point….. It should read $35.00…….
    I must be missing something here. At least the car is missing something here. No drive train, no interior. Well. There is a carpet. I like first gen fastback Mustangs. And its such a shame that this probably was once nice. And I also agree with Russ…. First and foremost, I sure hope whoever was in it is ok. But man. I dont think theres one straight panel on this car. I’m not saying its impossible, but I just cant see all the man hours needed to even try and repair this one.

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  3. bobhess bobhessMember

    That’s a lot of money for one taillight, one headlight and a gas cap.

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    • Lowered Expectations

      The Comments are the best part of this listing. Currently at $4,400. on ebay. Nuts. Point being, yes anyone can buy alot of Dynacorn parts for this. Now switch hats. But would you, as a future buyer, ever want to own this car after seeing pics of what the rebuilder started with? Of course you would not. Shameful there isn’t a law that forbids “rebuilding” such wrecks. A car made from this wreck will forever be tainted by the devastating collision that demolished it. Seems the VIN data plate is the most valuable asset here. And yet, it is not even a real GT350.

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      • Vincent H

        Changing VIN plates is illegal

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    • Houstonfearless

      I think you’re being a little harsh Bob Hess…Looks like the right rear backup light on this Mustang wreck may also be salvageable. :-)

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        Oops, missed that. I guess one of everything is better than nothing at all, but this car has a lot of that going on.

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  4. Terry M

    Advice to seller, take the $3500 and offer to pay the driver for some driving lessons.
    Question for buyer, you seriously offering $3500? This must be a dream, I’m goin back to sleep.

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    • Dr Ron

      The owner died in the accident and it was no fault of his own.
      His grandson was seriously injured.
      He lost control due to either suspension/steering failure or medical emergency according to ISP.
      He wasn’t hooning.
      He was 62 years old, recently retired from Ford and was traveling on I-69 near his home taking his grandson home after a car show.
      Slammed an overpass wall at around 70 MPH.
      He’d known how to drive responsibly for quite a long time.
      He was loved and appreciated by not only his family but his friends and the muscle car community.
      I just had to set the record straight for the guy out of respect.

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      • Steve

        Thank you for that. Condolences to his family and friends.

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  5. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    I’m sorry. I must need new bifocals… Where you had $3500. I cant see the decimal point….. It should read $35.00…….
    I must be missing something here. At least the car is missing something here. No drive train, no interior. Well. There is a carpet. I like first gen fastback Mustangs. And its such a shame that this probably was once nice. And I also agree with Russ…. First and foremost, I sure hope whoever was in it is ok. But man. I dont think theres one straight panel on this car. I’m not saying its impossible, but I just cant see all the man hours needed to even try and repair this one.

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    • Al Donelson

      This car should be scrapped for $35. Any sheet metal would cost more to repair than just replace it. Can get a whole body & frame for less

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  6. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I had not heard of the seller so I did some basic sleuthing.

    HB Mustangs is in Aragon, GA, a small town north-northwest of Atlanta.

    From Google Streetview I see a business with a bunch of Fords (mostly first gen Mustangs, also Fox Bodies, pickups, Bronco, Falcon, Fairmont) which look like they might have been pulled from the local junkyards. So perhaps, they are being rejuvenated for sale, or being used as parts cars. HB has a website which shows cars for sale or sold. The cars shown there generally look to be in fair, driveable condition.

    The 2023 Streetview (and the pics in this ad) show way more cars at the facility than the 2021 Streetview. If I was the mayor, I’d be balancing the business value to the community (i.e., jobs, taxes) versus what mostly looks like a junkyard right on the main road.

    So my guess is, they buy/ sell/ repair/ refurbish primarily Mustangs. “Restoration” might be too strong of a word. The owner is likely capitalizing on the increasing value of early Mustangs, fastbacks specifically.

    For a Mustang enthusiast, probably an interesting place to drop in to.
    Anyone local have more info?

    As to this Mustang, someone had a neat car who took a severe hit. I hope they survived.

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      Bob, in your comments here, thanks for avoiding the obvious “this overpriced POS” bandwagon and instead, offering some constructive perspective.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320

      Nice detective work @Bob_in_TN

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    • St.Michael

      Possibility this property was there b4 the town creeped out to it…If I was the owner & mayor, council, zoning board told me to what I had to do on my property I’d ask them …I’m I property? Do you have a contract on the private side that I’m property ? Do you have a contract thru the service corporation you are acting thru that I am property? ….Of course they don’t ….I would rell them they are dismissed and to vacate my PROPERTY

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    • Russ Ashley

      You have to remember, Aragon, Georgia is not Chicago, or LA, or New York. The town council, if there is one in Aragon, is probably OK with having a business in town that mentions Aragon nationally. When you get out of the larger cities things are different and the people seem to be less inclined to complain about what someone else is doing. I live about fifty miles from there but a thousand miles in attitude difference. Regarding this Mustang, It could be repaired, but not being anything special or rare, it wouldn’t be valuable enough to make it worth it.

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    • Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

      Bob, I’d like to add to the others here, I always enjoy your comments. You do thourough research, and you are very insightful, and you are also a true gentleman, if theres something positive that can be found and said, you are always one of the ones to say it.

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      • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

        Thank you for the kind words 370zpp, Bluetec320, and Driveinstile.

        I am sorry to hear it was a fatal accident.

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    • MLM

      From a previous commenter, sadly he didn’t survive this accident. My condolences to his family.

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  7. CraigR

    Every now and then a listing comes up that should be looked at just for the comments.

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  8. erik johnston

    good comments-not a lot to work with.

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  9. Gary

    Shelby’s did not have side window slats, just glass

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    • David Sawdey

      Wrong! 65 Shelby’s had sail panel louvers,66 Shelby’s had sail panel windows.

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  10. Bargain Day

    That will buff right out 😉

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  11. Alan Hubbard

    Somebody is going to call Dynacorn

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  12. Kevin

    Your buying the VIN

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  13. Big C

    This Mustang seriously looks like Bigfoot AND the Gravedigger ran it over at the county fair, years back. El Junko.

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  14. R.I.P.

    That mustang must have been T-boned by a Mack truck,the backseat & the dash are buckled,BEYOND REPAIR worth $35 in scrap…..

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  15. utahdiablo

    What a Pile…….anyone bidding on this is Nuts

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  16. ACZ

    Scrap metal.

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  17. Rob Jay

    Kevin and Alan nailed it, you’re buying the VIN and then putting in a big Dynacorn order.

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    • Vincent H

      How many times does it need said CHANGING a VIN is illegal. Don’t get caught doing it.

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  18. HBC

    This forlorn Pony needs to put in the junkyard corral or sold for $25.00 as a parts car; although there are not many useable parts left!

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  19. Oakster

    Buy a front fender and cut the passenger side off and turn it into wall art . Quarter skin, door skin and fender . Would be pretty cool in the man cave

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  20. Mountainwoodie

    An object lesson in the result when you drive a plebian V*8 ‘Stang like the GT 350 you dressed it up as..

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  21. Dr Ron

    It’s so weird to not only see this Mustang here but also on eBay in Georgia.
    At first glance I thought this car was familiar and now I’m pretty sure it’s a Mustang I’ve touched and had an owner I’d met at multiple car shows and All Ford shows over the last ten years or so.
    I’ve studied and compared about every smashed panel and part on this car and Terry’s car and it all matches.
    I actually had hoped that the car would be ground up into dust but here it is.
    I’ve talked to a few people in the area vintage Ford community that were more familiar with Terry and the car and the cause of the crash was never known or disclosed if known….
    Speculation has been that the Mustang had a suspension failure or Terry had a medical emergency.
    He’d just left a show and was headed north on I-69 on a sunny warm spring day.
    What’s obvious is that he apparently hit the overpass wall hard at speed and the car spun and continued to slam into the wall.
    Both Terry and his grandson were ejected.
    A very sad, sad day.



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  22. Old Ford Guy

    The owner/driver died in it by no fault of his own.
    April 2023.

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  23. Marshall

    Oh man just what I always wanted..a mustang that you would have to replace 99% of the body panels an all the driveline an everything else. Got to hit that by now quick..lol

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  24. Marshall

    Would the 16 people that has bid on this make you an app/. With a physiaciatrist before buying..

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    • Falcon FeverMember


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  25. Troy

    Really smart seller here $100-$200 in scrap value so instead post it on evil bay and get thousands for it.

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  26. John S

    The dashboard is bent. The structure of this car would be at serious risk. A rebuild, no matter how qualified you may think you are. Will still be a totaled, restored, POS.

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  27. Claudio

    Medical emergency is the new buzzword , sadly it is a cover up word
    For the elephant in the room
    I am sad for all these deaths that didn’t need to happen


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  28. Richard Haner

    thanks for setting the record straight..amazing how some instantly jump to comclusions..godspeed to him,and all thre best to his grandson and the family…

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    • Claudio

      Dont jump to conclusions as i wish the same for the poor family on these sad times

      Denial will fix nothing

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  29. Don B

    Sorry to hear about the loss of Life.
    I can see the car being saved with some perseverance.
    Compare it to this 63 Apollo GT.

    https://youtu.be/3yQUBDxjMH4? 7insi=BT4C9BAcNKGCUqAI

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  30. Streamliner

    Post auction summary notes: This 1965 Mustang Fastback demolished wreck (tribute GT350) sold for $4,773. 24 bids. Read: $6,000 after delivery transport.
    Would be interesting to follow the VIN # and see where / how this ends up. Not surprisingly dealer-seller did not post VIN# on auction. I’ve read the GA “salvage title” can be reborn anew in another state. Eh hem. Lousy thinking some person may unknowingly buy this wreck in the future as a restored car.

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