Wrecked Gullwings: DeLorean Project Pair

While it’s not uncommon to see a dusty DeLorean DMC 12 come to light after years of careful neglect, we don’t often see wrecked project cars pop up for sale. This pair of DeLoreans is said to have just now emerged from long-term storage after suffering accident damage and more than one attempt to revive them. One is an automatic and the other a 5-speed; the seller is asking $18,500 firm for both cars here on craigslist.

This car is the automatic that suffered a roll-over accident. It also features some interesting bits in the form of a period turbocharger kit. The seller refers to it as an H.L. Ward kit, and someone cared enough to put a custom badge on the back denoting the extra thrust under the hood. The seller explains that the remains of the kit include a single turbocharger with intercooler along with a water/alcohol injection kit.

The 5-speed car has at least been repaired, with the seller noting a new nose section. The interior is a bit tatty and the seller notes the windshield is missing. Fortunately, the cars were stored indoors so weather wasn’t an issue. The body repairs aren’t perfect, with some panels incorrect for the car and others not lining up. Needless to say, even as the better of the two, this one will need a lot of work. The smart play? Swap the turbo bits onto the 5-speed car.

The motor in the manual example does spin freely but hasn’t run in over 20 years. The seller retains titles to both DeLoreans but does not have keys. As he points out, the DeLorean Motor Company still does exist as a restoration / rebuilder shop and all of the parts needed should still be available. $18,500 is a lot of scratch for two projects, especially since restoring both doesn’t necessarily leave a lot of room for a return on that investment. How would you handle this project?


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Perhaps the seller bumped his head in the roll-over?

    • slickb

      agreed :D

  2. slickb

    But I guess somebody likes everything so i’m sure they will sell for his price

  3. Dan

    The smart play? I think we all know the smart play when it comes to these poor carcasses.

  4. Joe M

    Wouldn’t even know where to begin with these two, ugh… Althought the turbo is a cool add on, didn’t know they were available.

  5. Steve R

    That’s a lot of money for parts cars.

    If you look at what has sold on eBay cars with around 30,000-50,000 miles are selling in the low to mid-$20,000 range.

    Steve R

  6. Madmatt

    Instead of “back to the future”, we have
    “back to the boneyard”, for more parts !
    Neat cars,but will cost $ bucks to fix,but would be
    real fun with turbo!

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  7. Andre

    I’m not sure I could think of a less efficient intercooler placement on the FI car

  8. Billy

    These cars could have been so much more. Why did he not go for true mid engine design? Why did he not get a V8 in it? I recall the hype when new, but from what I gather, they really are not that fine of a drivers car. So sad, as they look awesome…kind’a like having a trophy wife who stinks in bed.

  9. JW

    My neighbor’s son just sold his Dodge Daytona big wing car and bought one of these. I told my neighbor are sure he’s not doing drugs.

  10. rodney trask

    Ha Ha, 18k. I think he might have put the decimal mark in the wrong spot. More like $1,800.00

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  11. Mvm

    Nice polyester caravan in the background! Looks like BIOD or Levante, dut who knows?

  12. Coventrycat

    Recycle it so another stainless steel refrigerator may live.

  13. T Mel

    The model name is really just DMC, not DMC-12 in case anyone is interested. Also DMC in Houston is building new ones under the new small volume car manufacturers law that went into effect recently, so they’re no longer just a parts supplier/car restorer. Technically, these are back in production now. The asking price isn’t reasonable to me either.

    • Slick51

      Actually the model is DMC-12. Don’t believe the hype about building “new” DeLoreans out of NOS parts. Not many people are lining up to buy a 100k DeLorean.

      These projects are overvalued by the seller. There are some good parts (left fender being most valuable). But it would take an enormous amount of money to get these roadworthy. There are easier ways to get a DeLorean.

  14. Edselbill

    Turn them into roller only, tribute time machine show cars and try to book them for theme parties or parades (being towed by a mule..). That’s about the only “future” I can imagine for these two lumps.

  15. Pa Tina

    12,000 beer cans waiting to be born.

  16. JagManBill

    I look at these and can’t help but feel good about my two Lotus Europa basket cases….

  17. Rob S.

    These go fast enough to roll over?? Maybe the turbo version with what 125 horsepower ?!?! Lots of cool parts to build one good one. Ambitious price for the pair. Lots of work ahead for the buyer! GLWTS!!

  18. T Mel

    I like how the seller says “asking $18,500 Firm”. I mean, one or the other, just pick, not that hard.

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  19. half cab

    Back to the barn so someone else can find’em in the future 👎

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    Without Back to the Future these camels would be a distant memory.

  21. Rodney

    Sometimes the future is not what we hope it will be….

  22. AMX Brian

    I’d say cut that 18k in half and offer it to the DMC company. Here’s more parts or you can restore them, but it would be a nightmare for basically anyone else.

  23. Taco Juan

    Was never a fan of these cars. Just wasn’t.

  24. The Chucker

    If I drive 88 in reverse, will this restore itself?

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  25. Ponyman1

    Roads? Marty where these cars are going there won’t be any roads……..

  26. Duff

    Jeff Lavery asks, “How would you handle this project?”

    Easy. Halt. About face. March. No… DOUBLE TIME!!!

  27. John Bullerjahn

    I would be hard pressed to buy a frame off restoration for this price let alone two half baked examples of a car that was mundane when new.

    I drove one, and it felt like a lug. Needed gobs more power, a diet, and a proper suspension.

    Also those doors, pretty as they were to watch going up and down made getting in and out in a rainstorm a messy, and annoyingly needless frustration.

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