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Wrecking Yard Closeout: What Will You Save?

Smarts Auto Wrecking

From John A – This is an old wrecking yard is in the final stages of being closed out. The property is sold and there is only a couple of months to save what is left from the dreaded crusher. There are many pictures listed on Facebook under Smart’s Auto Wrecking. The owner recently passed away so everything must go. This is in Wenatchee ,Washington and there is more information here on craigslist. I rescued the 1957 Pontiac Wagon. What will you save?


  1. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    Nothing there for me.

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  2. Avatar photo Ceezy

    That packard is interesting wouldn’t mind having that.

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    If I lived closer I would love a day to just wander around looking at all these cars and trucks of the past. How I love metal over plastic.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    i would save all the trucks for sure but most likely i would want to save everything. great find.

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  5. Avatar photo Mark S

    From what I can see the yard is pretty sprawled out. I would bet if it was organized and cheery pick for what should be saved it could be put in a space 1/4 of what is being used know. Someone with some space could probably buy the whole lot for cheap than on line resell it for a profit. At least most of it would get saved that way.

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  6. Avatar photo DENIS

    Unfortunately, the cost of transportation would be too prohibitive to buy the lot unless you were a nearby neighbor….brings tears to my eyes.

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  7. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    This is always kind of sad. Owner passes, their treasures are nothing but a bother to the kin, and like it or not, a shredder will come in, and turn all this into Asian toasters. This goes on all across our country, as who has the time to sort this out, then find buyers, and shipping, it’s just not worth it. I like the trucks, but won’t travel 2,000 miles to get it, and you can bet, they won’t pull it for you ( the old man probably would have) All we can do is watch, and say, “won’t someone save these”? It rarely happens.

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      When it comes to yards like this there almost all gone up here in Canada, most of my resto. Parts have come from you folks south of the border. I did however score front signal light lenses for my 51 dodge from Isreal of all places, used in good condition.

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  8. Avatar photo Jose

    I like the Jeep myself. Wonder if he as a ’46 Merc convertible?

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  9. Avatar photo Evan Allen

    ’57 pontiac wagon… you really know where to hit me. That would have been cool

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  10. Avatar photo Healeydays

    I use to live in WA in the mid 70s and wonder if any of my old cars (went thru a few when stationed out there) went thru this yard.

    Sad to see all this hardware heading to the crusher if no one steps in and buys them up. I can see a couple semi size flatbeds worth of pickup projects that should be saved.

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  11. Avatar photo Richard Prokopchuk

    What’s that turquoise and white truck in the top right corner?

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    • Avatar photo JW

      I’m not positive but it looks like a International to me. Just a wild guess.

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      • Avatar photo bob

        It’s a mid 60’s Dodge , JW

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      • Avatar photo Woodie Man

        64-66 Dodge?

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  12. Avatar photo Ian

    Guys,if you have not gone on the Facebook page,do so,some great stuff and,the yard is big. There are some great classics there. I wish I was not at sea right now,otherwise I would have to have a look.

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  13. Avatar photo AlphaRoaming

    The Stude truck tailgate is worth grabbing. Very rust-prone and hard to find good ones

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  14. Avatar photo Gary

    If I could afford it I would take that old Jeep in the back.

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  15. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    What a place! Hudsons, Carryalls, Mopars…I’d like to just wander around…I cant believe they going to junk them all and send the scrap to China…..somebody will do something. Isnt Wenatchee where they have an apple festival?

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  16. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    If the owner lasted all those years making a profit, I can’t see why someone couldn’t go in and make a lease-option purchase and pick up where the owner left off. It would relieve the family of responsibility, save the cars, and everyone would come out happy. There has to be someone of retirement age looking for some excitement who could make this a smooth liquidation. These are true dream cars, as wrecking yards go – clean, straight and just plain pretty!

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  17. Avatar photo Bob

    Oh, this is so sad. I used to live in Wenatchee and bought my first car from Phil in 1970. It was a 1959 Fiat 600 Multipla. I paid $75 for it. It had a broken crank, but a friend of mine found a short block so we rebuilt it in the back seat (true story) in the middle of winter…in Eastern Washington. Fun was had by all.

    Many memories.

    R.I.P. Phil.

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