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X11 Code Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

First generation Chevy Camaro’s were built between 1967-69 and gave their primary competition, especially the Ford Mustang, a good run for their money in the growing pony car space. The ’69 model production run would go 15 months as there were some problems switching over to the new 1970 Camaro’s. This ’69 project car was produced at Chevy’s Norwood, Ohio plant which added some of its own codes to the fender tags mid-year. The code X11 identifies this car as something that conflicts with the badging and engine, which means you could be building a car of your own continuing down the path the seller has. The car is available in Cincinnati, Ohio and here on craigslist for $17,500. Thanks, rex m, for scouting this tip out for us.

The seller states this car is an X11 Camaro which is the same number I make out on the fender tag. This code tells you more about what the car isn’t than it is. An X11 car would not have left the factory as an SS396, but it may have as an SS350, or an RS SS350 or as a COPO with a 427 with or without being an RS. Confused yet? However, most X11’s were in fact not set up as performance cars. It’s highly likely that there was a small-block V-8 (307?) or possibly an inline-six. As a run-of-the-mill Camaro, it could be one of 165,226 out of 246,858 produced in total.

As the story goes, the seller has been collecting cars and parts for some 30 years and is selling off his collection (but also open to adding more). He describes this car as a “running big block project” and — while it’s nice to know that the car operates – that doesn’t help us define the cubes of the motor under the hood. It comes with an automatic transmission, front disc brakes, and a Posi-Trac 10-bolt rear-end.

This Chevy has been in storage for years and it looks it. Some amount of body work has been attempted over time and the original color looks to be blue. It’s described as a mostly complete car, but we’re not sure what’s not there. The seller says it has the “normal” 1969 Camaro sheet metal issues, i.e., there is rust in the fenders, quarter panels, parts of the frame and possibly in the trunk. The project will come with new quarters for both sides for the buyer to replace, including new inner wheel wells. Also, show-quality bumpers fore and aft will follow along. The car is wearing a brand-new Super Sport hood and has a Z28 badge on the rear.

On the inside, besides being dirty, the seats look pretty good and the car comes with a console. The headliner is a bit tired but may clean up. And at least one side panel has been removed. The seller is willing to consider a partial trade on another muscle car and is also open to letting the buyer pay for the car over time. But it will remain in his possession until the agreed upon sales price is paid in full.


  1. Superdessucke

    I think I said this before on here but X11 simply means a base Camaro. It is nothing special. Now, if you have an X11 Citation….

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    • nlpnt

      “Build whatever you want”, I want a 5-door Citation X11, the car GM never made but should’ve. Or maybe not since I might be the only one who wants one and I was too young to drive in 1980-85.

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      • CCFisher

        They didn’t make an X11 5-door, but you could order one with the high-output V6 and F-41 suspension. Someone in my neighborhood had such a car.

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    • Superdessucke

      They did offer it in two-door notchback but never the four-door hatchback. Go figure right?


      But either X11 is far more interesting than this common ’69 Camaro. Wow how original!

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  2. stu


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  3. David Smith

    I had a Norwood 1969 Camaro trim tag X-11. The vin # 12337…. said it was born with a in-line six. 12437 being a V-8 (hard top). Convertibles were a little different.

    And yes I have proof of it. I sold it years ago, but kept the registration.

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  4. Claudio

    -choices here
    Buy this one and throw money and time on it for a few years then sell it at a loss as an unfinished project
    2- buy one , enjoy and drive it , still have spare time for leisure or sidelining and pay for 10 years , then sell off for more than you paid

    Your choice

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  5. T-Bone

    I am guessing he is giving up on the project for a reason. He probably picked up a sweet X-11 that he now has to devote his time and money to.

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Blue valve covers? Is that a truck motor?
    Driver’s seat vinyl is from ?

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    • Superdessucke

      That’s an old article. It’s got to be worth $4,025 by now.

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  7. Dave

    It does have a big block heater core in it though… easily changed but interesting…

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