X11 Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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In the 1987 film Planes Trains and Automobiles, John Candy delivers one of his classic lines after almost destroying their car. “I thought it would be a lot worse than this. They’ll be able to buff this out, no problem.” The opposite of that phrase comes to mind with this 1969 Chevy Camaro, The car has seen more than its fair share of hard times and the seller describes it as a “project roller” which is also optimistic. This Camaro has the X11 code on the cowl tag, so is that a selling point today? This find by Chuck Foster is in the woods in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and is available here on craigslist for $5,500, with a clean title.

Chevrolet built an abundance of the ’69 Camaro as it had a 15-month production run. That’s because the introduction of the second-generation models in 1970 was delayed due to some teething problems. To many (me included), the ’69 is the most attractive of the first-gen cars which gave the Ford Mustang a run for its money during. A series of “X” codes were added mid-year at the Norwood, Ohio assembly plant to help workers better determine what body trim and paint combinations went with each car. Apparently, these codes were not used at the Van Nuys, California operation. This Camaro has an X11 on its cowl tag.

Does the X11 make this Camaro a special car? Maybe. The code was applied to non-SS and non-Z28 models which comprised 77% of production, according to one source. But the same source does a drill down and comes up with 5% of Norwood Camaros having that code. What did X11 get you? Black body sills, rear quarter moldings, drip rail moldings, wheel well moldings, and maybe wheel opening pinstripes, bright tail lamp trim, and headlight bezel trim.  It seems like a lot of hairsplitting, but supposedly it helped on the assembly line. Especially when it came to the Z22 Rally Sport option.

Now, back to the seller’s car. There’s not a lot left here as the machine seems to have been picked clean years ago. There is no engine, transmission, or interior, and the front clip sheet metal is gone and rust has taken up residence elsewhere. Does the X11 code on the cowl tag prevent this car from going to the crusher?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Busted rust and bashed trash. $5500!!?!?! 🤣😂

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    • RallyAce

      No low balls. I know what I got. Any one willing to bet the seller has a mullet?

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    Lot of money for a vin number. Car itself gets to join the other “you’ve got to be kidding” awards for April.

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    • 8banger 8bangerMember

      I couldn’t agree more.

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    • Roykirk

      There are some “cars” that should not be listed, this is one of them.

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  3. Howie

    This is a long ways away from another “Mecum Moment”

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  4. Maggy

    This is a joke for 5500…right? This is a roller.Roll it to the crusher.

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  5. Maggy

    The pickup topper was option code x111 and is very rare.

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  6. Michelle RandStaff

    Weird tire arrangement. Sad car, I’m not sure there are even any parts left that are worth the trip.

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  7. beton

    Mad Max project

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  8. Chris Cornetto

    WOW! A rare x11 Campmaro. A junkyard parts car that has been drug out and a trip to the Georgia courthouse secured a title. It is nice to dream though. One dreaming of a big payout and another dreaming of drooling parking lot lookers and the wind blowing around them as they sprint down the highway. Given the demonization of ice vehicles and the pending end of gasoline long before this load would ever be finished, these dreams are just that……dreams

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  9. bobk

    Not sure that there’s enough there to even interest the Crusher.

    “Seller” is obviously delusional.

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  10. KentMember

    $5500. No Low Ballers, I know what I got. LMAO

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    • Steve

      He has delusions of grandeur.

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  11. Big C

    This is the first Camaro that makes me want a Citation X-11 in it’s stead.

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    • B Wallace

      I was going to say the same thing

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  12. Roykirk

    Could have least taken the cap off or is it included.

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    • Rw

      I thought the X11 had the sliding window on the topper.

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  13. Rw

    I thought the X11 had the sliding window on the topper.

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  14. TheOldRanger

    Wow, I’ve been gone a couple of days, and what do I see when I get back…. a piece of junk that should be off to the crusher (if they would take it). Some people have a lot of chutzpah and this one has a huge amount of it to ask $5500 for this. I’m not sure I would haul if off if he paid me that $5500.

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  15. Steve

    That’s the first 1969 Camaro camper I’ve ever seen.

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  16. Greg GustafsonMember

    The add says “no trades”, and I was going to offer a nice pocket knife for what’s left of the car, and some cash… Maybe 4-5 dollars.

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  17. Mike

    I think that’s a misprint it should be $5.50 or best offer.

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  18. Fred

    Mmmm. No profanity, no personal attacks… I’ve got nothing to say.

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  19. fordor

    I think the owner will pay YOU $5500 to get it off his property!

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  20. steve

    I would be embarrassed to admit I own such a pile of junk, even more so to try and sell it, and then to top it all off, ask $5500 for it. He’s definitely not living on this planet.

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  21. ACZ

    Where is the car?

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    • Tod BrennerMember

      Best post here. Literally made me laugh out loud. Well said

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  22. Jay McCarthy

    I’m thinking the blood flow is restricted above the collar

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  23. david r

    Think he’d take 5400?

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  24. jwaltb

    “That’ll buff out” is one of BFs lamest and most tiresome comments.

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    • Howie

      Then stay away from FB.

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  25. Gordo !

    Project ? What an under statement ?

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  26. John Jasper

    Couldn’t get the camper shell to fit properly so they decided to sell if huh? Do you get it all or do you get it mailed to you by the piece? I think the 0 key got stuck on their key board.

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  27. Mike B

    I started viewing from the most recent postings first and assumed this was another camper listing. Lets call it Campairo given the prolific ventilation.

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  28. Bj

    I think this is the rare Camaro Tetanus Edition

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  29. Brian

    Nice car. Where’s the rest of it? Wait, was that question directed at the vehicle or the remainder of the seller’s brain cells? No thanks. I can get a better deal on parted out rust than this.

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  30. FrankDMember

    DIY body man gave up after the new roof installation.

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  31. Mike

    Another clown that misplaced the decimal in his price, and that’s even pushing it! $500.

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  32. KFT

    Finally a car that definitely defines the true meaning of “pile.”

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  33. Kim in Lanark

    OK. let me get this straight. This “rare” X11 code is some trim option on a bog standard Camaro? It sounds like some special trim offered to put some spark in the end of a model year. Do I have this right? And this is somehow a big deal? I’m not being snarky, this really has me puzzled.

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    • Joe Dertie

      X11 gives you a chance to claim it is a SS350 but people who do the research will realize that it’s only a 9% chance of being true. X11 & x44 are basically slightly better than a base model, all of the other X codes indicate rare options

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      • Kim in Lanark

        Thanks for the reply. However wouldn’t the VIN tell if it’s an SS350? Or what remains of this hulk indicate it had a 350? Seems everything useful was stripped off it years ago. Also someone rebuilding a a potentially rare or valuable Camaro from this would be aware enough to figure out the original car’s bona fides.

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  34. Steveo

    Were there a bag in the trunk with $5500 it would still be a hard pass.

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  35. DLO

    Why Georgia? What do people do to their cars in Georgia? Seems like I’ve seen more blown apart, picked clean to the bones, barely there puddles of rust “out in the woods” from Georgia than anywhere else in the country. Have they no shame? I would be embarrassed to even list this let alone ask for any money.

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    • ACZ

      The result of Yankee carpetbaggers.

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