X33 Barn Find: 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is described as a genuine X33 car which has been in a barn for 25 years. The way the listing is written, the sellers knew the car was parked there and have just now decided to bring it out into the daylight. Genuine X33 cars have a strong following, and despite this one not having its original drivetrain, I suspect it will still attract a crowd of potential buyers. Find it here on craigslist for $18,000 firm.

I really wanted to use this photo, even though the Camaro is barely visible. It’s literally locked in what looks like a horse pen, a home not entirely fitting of a desirable muscle car such as this. Then again, at the time when the original engine blew up (seller’s words, not mine), it likely seemed that the Z/28 was now worthless. The seller notes that it sports a replacement 427 engine from a 1967 Corvette, paired to a TH400 transmission. This is a shame, as the original combo featured the DZ302 paired to a manual gearbox.

That really makes this thing the cat’s pajamas, and while Camaro enthusiasts will debate well into the night about whether an X33 is more desirable than an X77, the real value is in knowing this a true Z/28 car. By now, many enthusiasts have learned that there are far more cars running around as Z/28s than Chevrolet ever built, so weeding out the fakers is a must-do for anyone plopping down some serious money for a project. By confirming this car’s authenticity, it suddenly makes more sense to restore it, even in spite of the rust it has.

The seller notes there is rust in – well, presumably, multiple spaces, because he doesn’t elaborate, simply stating, “Yes, it has rust.” The good news is it doesn’t look catastrophic from this side of the computer screen, even though I’m sure the floors are a mess from sitting in the tall grass. The drivetrain isn’t the end of the world as it’s likely worth a few bucks if nothing else. I’d pull it, sell it, and keep my eyes peeled for at least a correct date-coded DZ302 to try and return this Z/28 to as close to stock condition as possible. What about you?


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  1. TimM

    What a shame it doesn’t at least have the 4 speed transmission!!! The 427 is nothing to sneeze at but having the original 302 would have really brought the $$$$$

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    • Dave

      People blew the original 302s up all the time. The 427 could make this a formidable street and grudge racer. “Sure, it’s all original.”

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  2. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Basically what I was going to do with my SS/RS pace car convert since it had been stolen and striped of it’s drive train….also had a nice running 69 Impala SS as a donor but sold the Camero first. Good luck to the new owners !

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  3. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Is the classic kid goes to college and leaves his trouble-making hot rod on dad’s farm?

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  4. Rob

    18,000 firm HAHAHAHAHA good luck with that

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    • Kelly Waldrop

      Not that rare as over 20000 were built and several turn up at auctions.

  5. 1980flh1200

    Tell us what x33. And x77 mean. Not everybody is a camaro. Enthusiast

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    • macvaugh


      At the Norwood assembly plant, the workers had to know what car was supposed to come with what particular parts. They used “X” codes for that purpose. Generally speaking, there was a package for rally sport appearance cars, and a package for non-rally sport cars.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      In this case, the codes mean absolutely nothing. What a joke. 427 Automatic.? Take the Z-28 badges off it.

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    • Dan

      X33 is a Z-28 with the style trim group…wheelwell chrome, quarter panel chrome louvers, stuff like that, an X77 is a base coupe body with no extra chrome trim bits…..

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  6. Gord

    a pony car in a horse stall… nothing wrong with that!

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  7. Troy s

    Would have been a real street sweeper with that 427/t400, remember more than a few early Z’s packing swapped in big blocks.
    Mouse motor for collectability….big inch 427 for instant wham affect…

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  8. Classic Steel

    Why not ask for a unicorn and a small gold bar in trade ..

    NOM and rough is not 18K but good luck..

    So in a barn without a roof… and no shots of underside.. plus leave covered up … I guess this helps sell a gift wrapped surprised…

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  9. Frank Sumatra

    Perhaps the owner believes there is a pony somewhere in that pile of manure.

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  10. TimM

    If you put SS or RS emblems on a stock Carmaro it’s a clone!! But if you have a vin tag with none of the original drive train it’s still a Z28!!! I just don’t get it!! You also do an illegal action if you pull the vin and put it in a Carmaro with a 4 speed and a crate 302!!

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    • Superdessucke

      Or a Dynacorn shell. I think this is happening a lot more than we think. Of course, with the tide very high nobody’s noticing but eventually that is going to recede and there are going to be a lot of near worthless cars out there.

      Myself, I would only buy a documented all original car. Not only is there a risk of a forgery but I have very serious concerns about the quality and origin of a lot of restoration parts being used these days. A lot of it comes from China and is complete junk.

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  11. Camaro Joe

    I bought my cars in the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s. The first one was a real 32K mile drag car with a spun rod bearing from southern VA. I had the motor rebuilt and going down the road for $3300.

    The second one was a 67,000 mile California car that sat in the third owner’s basement garage for 20 years with no motor/trans. I paid $4000 for it in 1996 and lots of people told me I was crazy. I got it done with the 302/M-21 motor/trans out of a car my friend burned in a garage fire. I ended up with $16K in it with some engine blueprint/balance/head work and did a lot of the work myself.

    I can’t imagine paying $18K for a car like this. It needs rust work plus a complete restoration, and no original drive train.

    As far as the X-33/X-77 data plate on the firewall, that happened later in the fall of 1968 on the Norwood OH cars, so my information says that there are early 1969 cars that don’t have that on the data plate.

    Also the cars built in Van Nuys CA (L code cars) never had the X-33/X/77 code on the data plate. I have one that I can trace to the original owner so I’m sure of that.

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  12. Mike

    Why, why, why show the as-found pictures? You’re already turning off fence sitting buyers and leaving a bad taste in their mouth right from the get go.

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    • Traumapac

      The seller just wanted to show how the car had been stored with a “custom” car cover. You know, to protect the paint from the elements.

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  13. George Mattar

    $18,000 ? Will cost you 5 tines that to restore. You know rats ate the interior and wiring. All new metal. And you still don’t have a DZ and 4 speed. Ha ha.

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  14. chris lawrence

    another delusional fool.

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    parked on dirt for 25 years? No thanks.

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  16. Bigbird

    You have big expense replacing rust. It not fenders and doors but whats down under. Say you want to get it running and race it, good luck, tracks will not allow rusty subframe cars, period. Good luck who ever gets it.

  17. Gaspumpchas

    All good comments, and Mike I was thinking the same. $hitty pics . And the owner seems smug enough the way he describes this. One plus is the inner fenders aren’t rusty but wait–there aren’t any.If this was mine I’d put it up on flea bay, no reserve and let ‘er go. A fact that I just recently discovered- after the auction is thru, and BEFORE you send the invoice, there is a button where you can cancel the sale. It might make you unpopular, but you wont lose your shirt in case it doesn’t go high enough. Plus, going the ebay route, you have to deal with shams and shill bidders. Nobody said it was easy! If you could get it for a reasonable price, 427 4 speed would warm the heart.
    Good luck to the new owner.

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  18. Steve

    I wonder if the farm is included in the 18,000. ?

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  19. victor Sanchez

    Wow what a shame to see this car in this shape, whoever buys it, it will look like mine AFTER I restored it ( Garnet red White stripes and white interior ) the interior is a bit different looks like this one is red mine is Ivory. I spent the better part of 6 years and around $60,000.00 restoring it I loved doing it but it was expensive and time consuming. I’m not a rich banker so us normals can do it, it just takes a little more time. Good luck to then new owners

  20. Gary Wylie

    Without the original engine, it’s not a Z28, it’s just a ‘Camaro’… of course ‘someone’ will probably buy it, replace half the metal, and prettify it, and advertise sell it as a Z28 with a faked up small block and manual, but real Z28 enthusiasts know how to tell the difference. If you don’t know, and want to find out, then login to the Camaro Resarch Group forums…

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  21. MB

    So basically he’s selling a firewall and a 12 bolt axle from a not so rare but desirable car. The 427/T400 is worth a couple of grand – maybe. But the buyer would have to have a DZ302 and A M20/M21 to even begin to think of a restoration for a non- matching numbers car.

  22. Mountainwoodie

    I swear there is a greater repository of auto-no matter which make-knowledge on BF than anywhere,and a whole lot more working man auto nuts then anywhere else. The site whose name is not to be mentioned pales in comparison.

    On another note..I had a friend in the early eighties who owned a tire shop. Way pre internet. He had no problem making Z28’s out of plain jane Camaros…….as it goes against my vehicular originality hang up, I was aghast but he loved to do it. I didnt get it. Now I do.

  23. Reid Hall

    They say it has a Corvette 427/Turbo 400,is that really true,hmmm’m,not so sure,if you ask me,who would in there right mind, put in a big bad,Corvette,motor,and possibly,425H.P.,and or better motor. My best guess is the motor is probably, from a chevelle, and,or Chevy,Truck, look, very close,at the heads,valve covers,air cleaner,and or dist.lf you want to pay this much for a car,with this amount, of work be careful as this not numbers,matching car,but possibly a good car for restomod,of course.

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