Yankee Doodle Dandy: 1969 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst

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This beautiful, rare AMC shown here is car #3 out of the first 10 SC/Ramblers produced in 1969. This Yankee Doodle Dandy is a 1969 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst; a very, very rare car. It’s owned by Fox Motorsports in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is on the market after being in their care since 2007.

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The 1969 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst is one of 1,512 built with about 1,200 of them being the multi-colored cars like you see here. This car has the “A” paint scheme. It would be really rare to have a B-paint-scheme car, but certainly these red-white-and-blue cars are the most famous of the SC/Ramblers.

041516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Other SC Rambler-Hurst - 3

This car has been restored so it’s not “original” and the seller says that this car “first served as a test and press/promotional car for AMC.” It was then sold in 1970 and remained in Illinois until 1993 when it moved to Minnesota and was subsequently restored. It then went to Fox Motorsports where it’s been since 2007.

041516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Other SC Rambler-Hurst - 6

The black-out grill and tail panel are tell-tail signs of the SC/Rambler, as if you wouldn’t have already noticed the bright paint scheme.

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In 1969 or the early-70s, if you saw this in your rearview mirror it may have been a good idea to move over to the right lane, thank you very much. You know who you are. This car surprised many a Road Runner, GTO, or Mach 1 driver.

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This is the biggest engine that AMC had to offer in 1969 and all SC/Ramblers had one: a 390 V8 with 315 hp and 425-lbs. ft. of torque. Every SC/Rambler also came with a Hurst-shifted Borg-Warner 4-speed manual transmission. This would be a really, really, really fun car to own.

041516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Other SC Rambler-Hurst - 4

And, the interiors were all the same, too; in a charcoal-colored vinyl with red-white-and-blue headrests! Very cool! As you can tell, this particular car needs nothing but a new home. This is one of those cars that you buy and just put a chair in front of it and look at it all day in your garage. It’s stunning in perfection. But, of course, after looking at it all day you’ll want to take it out and drive it for a while; what good is a car that you just look at?! This perfect SC/Rambler is listed on eBay with a price of $64,900. You are correct, it isn’t cheap, but the best of the best is never cheap. This is a post-Powerball-win car for me, how about you? Are you also a fan of these AMC SC/Ramblers?

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  1. piper62j

    I had seen just one of these in 69.. Being a Mustang/Ford fan back then, it didn’t appeal to me…Now, however, it’s a real sharp looking car.. I like it for it’s clean, box like design and colorful appearance.. Not sure how powerful it is, but what a difference between then and now…

    Great find, real nice car.. Call your banker..

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  2. Mike H. Mike H

    While it hurts to consider it, the price is actually more than fair for what this car is, regardless of its restoration status or its number in the packing order. It’s certainly more than I can spend, but if I were that liquid I’d definitely be buying it.

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  3. Vegas Vic

    Me Uncle bought on in early seventies, used, fun ride, good pick up, understated styling
    I am impressed to see an AMC command over sixty thousand!
    I recall the hurst shifter, quick,durable … Brakes? Not so reliable

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  5. Olaf E

    No offense, but I’m not really and never have been impressed by US Cars (see most of them as mops on the road). This one how ever…, that’s why I like US cars!!!

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  6. Bill

    When I was very young. I had a subscription to Hot Rod magazine and remember these were advertised on the back of the magazine.

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  7. Charles

    Sweet! I’d have to drive it a little.

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  8. Shayne Jenkins

    I may know where one is in a driveway out here in AZ. Looks just like this and the vin does show it being a 390 car. I really need to check it out..

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      They only came with 390s

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  9. angliagt

    I really wish that I’d bought one of these,or a
    Rebel Machine,when they weren’t worth anything.

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  10. American_Badaz

    Beautiful ride! The SC/Rambler is in the top 3 of my all time cool car list.

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  11. Pfk1106

    Being a teenager in the 60s, I was a fan of z28s, ss396s, boss 302s etc. I always thought these were cobbled together by American motors. Stock rambler American with a crazy paint scheme screaming look at me, a big motor and 4 speed with headrests slapped on and a tach strapped to the steering column. It just yelled we slapped this together with spare parts to get a little attention. But, in 1970 a friend was looking at a used 67 ss396 on a car lot that specialized in performance. There was one sitting there with the keys in it. I started it, the rumble and the feel of the loping cam were unbelievable. I wanted to check it out in the highway. However, the salesman told me it had just been sold. Never got to drive it, but have always wanted one.

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  12. Dan

    Those little 390’s would fly, a buddy had the Rebel Machine, it would run and hide from my 396 chevelle..(325 horse 396).

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  13. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Don’t you folks just love Scotty’s narration? I do. If I remember, and someone may correct me ( AMCSTEVE, I’m looking at you) they couldn’t give these cars away. They were the last cars with the Rambler name, already sounding old, ( still had vacuum wipers) and their odd paint scheme turned many off. If you had the insight to to realize what a neat car this was, you were pleasantly surprised, and many a Mustang and Camaro got their doors blown off by a RAMBLER!!! Good heavens. At the AMC reunion a couple years back, there was a whole section of SC/Ramblers, some of which were clones, but an impressive sight. Personally, I’d go with the Rouge, similarly equipped, but I still get a smile seeing these ( and all the other AMC themed cars) and showed my hometown could indeed build a cool car.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Rouge? Rogue? Oh, Howard. . .

      I agree with you, though. Scotty G’s narration is better than great, but I noticed recently that he doesn’t get Staff credit on the “About Us” page. Seems to me that he used to?

      My memory isn’t as it once was.


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      Don’t know, I was 6 yrs old in 69

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    • John Newell

      Rambler SC/Ramblers sold faster than any other car AMC ever made I believe. They made an initial 1,000 unit run and had to follow that up with a second run of 500. That’s why there’s an A and a B scheme.

      Today if you had one and put it up for sale, it could sell within the hour.

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      • SC/RAMBLER

        AMC planned to build 500 good these. However all 500 were ordered before production had commenced. They ended up building these in 3 batches. Because of this there are 3 slightly different hood scoups . Atleast that is something I read about these.

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  14. John Newell

    The rumour is that there are now more Rambler SC/Ramblers around now than there were when they were new. Easy to clone. On the other hand of all the cars generally subject to cloning, this one is very worth cloning.

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      All AMCS can be cloned as they’re engines weren’t stamped with vins. That’s just the way it is.

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      • Mike H. Mike H.

        Oh, but what of all those eBay jargon speakers who continuously claim that their AMX/Gremlin/Javelin/Hornet/Matador/Rebel (etc.) is “Numbers Matching”? Are they referring to some other numbers that are not powertrain related?

        Actually, I already know the answer to this; please accept this comment in the tongue-in-cheek spirit it was meant to be.

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      • AMCSTEVE

        And that’s how you can tell if the seller is just a flipper and not an AMC guy, not that it matters much, we know.
        Most of the feebay cars are cobbled together and incorrect.

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  15. Bo Wagner

    My first car was a garden-variety ’69 Rambler with 3 on the tree… Loved that car! (complete with Keystone mags and foglights behind the grill ; )

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