Yard Find: 1973 Chevrolet Corvette

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There are few sights more heartbreaking than to see a classic car left to fend for itself as it sits exposed to the elements. That is the story with this 1973 Corvette that appears to be a twice-stalled restoration project. It is complete and has additional parts but requires loads of love to recapture its lost youth. The Corvette is listed here on eBay in Thomasville, North Carolina. The bidding sits below the reserve at $3,350, but the auction action so far suggests a few people see potential in this project.

The seller doesn’t know much about this Corvette’s backstory, but they believe it last saw active service around 2007. They say it is a barn find, although it is unclear how long it has sat in its current location. It is a twice-stalled project, with the seller changing plans before lifting a spanner on this classic. The Blue gracing its panels is a mystery because it doesn’t match either shade Chevrolet offered in 1973. However, that will be the least of the winning bidder’s concerns because it would need to be stripped away as part of any high-end restoration. The front bumper is badly damaged, and the wheels aren’t original, but the remaining trim and glass look okay. The most pressing question for any potential buyer will be the state of the frame and birdcage. The car’s current location won’t do either any favors, and some potential buyers would want to climb under this ‘Vette to ensure they aren’t about to spend their cash on an automotive horror story. If both prove structurally sound, they will at least be commencing their build upon a solid foundation.

The mystery of this Corvette continues when we lift its hood. It rolled off the line equipped with the L48 version of the 350ci V8. The small-block produced 190hp, which fed to the road via a three-speed automatic transmission. The ¼-mile ET of 16.1 seconds was hardly earth-shattering but was about what buyers expected at this time. The seller believes the previous owner rebuilt the engine and transmission, although they have never been hooked up. It is unclear whether the 350 turns freely, but revival might prove straightforward if it does. There are no interior shots, with the seller indicating it is dismantled. The buyer will need to catalog and clean everything to compile a shopping list. However, there are boxes of included parts that might help in the restoration process.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that could reasonably be said of this 1973 Corvette. It cuts a lonely figure in its current location, and we can only imagine how it would have looked in its prime. Those days are long gone, but with seven people submitting sixteen bids, there could be a glimmer of hope in this classic’s future. Is it a project you might consider pursuing, or would you prefer to leave it to someone else?

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  1. Dave

    Been there, done that, not goin’ back. If there was just one category that was wrong, like good interior, paint, but blown up and worn out mechanically then I might be interested. But this looks like everything needs attention.

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    • FrankDMember

      Same here with a 65 Corvette and 72 Pantera. It smarter to buy done then go through the 2 or 3 years of problems.

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  2. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    I feel for this unwanted Vette. Lots of work ahead to get this going. But where are the pictures? The ones here is not nearly enough to tell the story. If the birdcage is a mess to me it’s not worth fixing because the drivetrain could be shot! 🐻🇺🇸

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  3. Troy

    $3,650 in that condition and reserve not met, seller obviously sees more in this than I do because in that mouse infested condition I think it’s hit its value, but I don’t follow this model of car to know what people are willing to pay

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  4. Bill

    Need more photos of the undercarriage, front end, hood, and interior to make any comments about this one’s value. Owned a white 1973 with 350, 4 spd, T tops, luggage rack, and ski rack from ’79-’84. It was a great driver…would like another driver for the right price have a white 2003 convertible now.

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  5. Maggy

    I agree with the its hit it’s high price comment.If I was the owner I’d take the 3650 and run.I don’t see any value in restoring this one as complete unmolested c3’s are relatively cheap in much better restorable condition.imo.

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  6. bill

    I’ve restored vets a few times and this one I’m willing to bet is already a grand over its worth, the difference in the fender color may also suggest bad fiberglass so its a no go, what a waste

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    • Steve

      “Hey, Fred. Throw some leaves on the hood so it looks like a barn find.”

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  7. 1st Gear

    No photos of important places/damage and a lousy description of most everything else is a boat load of red flags, seller seems to be hiding something That’s really unfortunate, because Im romantically attracted to C3s

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  8. David Smith

    This 73 is sad. Chrome bumper cars are a find. Having said that this one is a parts car at best. Seller should take the 3650 and run.

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  9. Mike

    1973-77’s are the least desirable, the only thing going for the 73 is the rear bumpers. This one is not worth it for the work it needs. Buy one already done save yourself a lot of time aggravation and money

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      “1973-77’s are the least desirable”. Really? How so?

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  10. Danny

    MMMMM, I would hold for 5K regardless of hypothetical condition. Its a Vet, 73 350, still hard to find. The market will still hold to that value in the end. I know it, the owner knows it, time is on his side.

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  11. Randy jones

    I’m sure that motor has been pulled..it looks like a decent car but outside environs can kill a corvette body..gonna take some bucks to put it back..hope some one saves it..rj

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  12. Roy Smith

    I agree, need more pics to make an offer. I would be interested though, it’s a good year, I think that one was the last year of the split rear bumper. Yes it would be a major restoration, but I would give it a shot if I could see more!!

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    • Lon kearl

      73 is the last year of that body style 74 more rounded it being a small block auto value up to 15 grand a 454 4sd more if you dont how how to work on fiberglass it can be messy rest of car doesn’t look in good shape dont know if drivetrain is good take that offer if you take it to a shop you will be in it more than it value

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  13. PRA4SNW

    Seller’s name is Auto Outlet. First time I’ve heard of a dealer that doesn’t know much about the car.

    Hasn’t moved on its own in 16 years and the engine and tranny were rebuilt but never hooked up.
    What could go wrong with that – LOL!

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  14. George Mattar

    To the comment 73 to 77 is the least desirable. A 76 sold for $40,000 plus the other day on BAT. Yes, while power was down, these cars are far easier to repair than a 68 to 72 with that stupid wiper door system, fiber optic junk, rattling rear window and horrible ride and interior noise. I own a 73 that is a pleasure to drive. To each his own.

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  15. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Really amazes me that one could let any car, let alone a Vette (of any year), get to this state…..an absolute shame.

    This one could be brought back, but the juice probably isn’t worth the squeeze….a sad day.


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  16. Don Leblanc

    Would need more info before plunking down ca$h on this one. But yes, Birdcage, frame and drive train (rear end) needs to be scrutinized.
    Does the engine at least run ?

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