Yard Runner: 1947 Studebaker M5

Our buddies over in North Dakota dug out another classic truck, this time it’s a Studebaker! It might lack the incredible design of the earlier Studebaker trucks, but this is still one good looking rig. They claim it’s wearing its original paint still and is quite solid. There’s plenty of surface rust that needs to be dealt with, but this is a running project that could be made into a driver fairly easily. You don’t see these Studebaker M5s often anymore, so it sure would be fun to see it back on the road! Find it here on eBay in Cavalier, North Dakota with a current bid of $3k and no reserve.

After cleaning out the fuel system, changing the fluids and installing some new ignition parts, the seller was able to get this truck up and running again. They drove it around the yard and claim that it drive fine, but the brakes are about gone and will definitely need to be rebuilt. If that’s really all it takes to make it a driver, it just might turn out to be a fairly simple project to make into a driver. Obviously, it will need cosmetic work and an interior to be a nice driver, but you could drive it with those things how they currently are.

Power comes from a six cylinder paired to a three speed. It wasn’t ever meant to go fast, but it will get you down the road just fine. We don’t get many photos of the engine, but from what can be seen it looks to be in decent shape. There really isn’t much to these engines and they are known to be quite durable, so it likely has a lot of life left in it.

With some work, this could be a decent parts hauler. Given how beautiful they look restored though, I think this one deserves to be fixed back up. The body is fairly straight, but definitely needs work and it will need a complete paint job. If you go that route, it will be a great looking truck that is well worth the investment. So which would it be?

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  1. LAB3

    Too funny! Just saw a fully restored one like this about four hours ago at a local gas station.

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    These are classy pickups. Maybe lacking in power but they seemed to soldier on through the tasks they were sent out to do. A full restoration for this beast. You could do it quite economically…

  3. Ed P

    The front seat supports look home made. This is truly a truck of its’ time. No frills, just pure utility.

    • GOPAR

      The front seat looks like the back seat from some other car, with the backrest used as the cushion and the cushion used as a backrest. Very creative, to say the least.

  4. Mountainwoodie

    I love that dash…………

  5. Mike

    Paint the grill black and it will kinda look like a handlebar mustache.

    Like 1
  6. Nic

    Rare trucks – I found one years ago an restore in the old styl

    • LAB3

      The one I mentioned was done in forest green, somehow it didn’t look period correct, your’s hits the nail on the head.

  7. JDJonesDR

    I’m not interested in it until I know if those horns work or not.

  8. Old Car Guy

    Rust free? Rust is rust, maybe they meant free rust if you buy the truck :)

    • James

      Do you know what rust is? I don’t see any in these photos. In fact that truck looks incredibly solid for a truck that hasn’t be restored of its age.

  9. XMA0891

    For my money, the Studebaker and the Hudson were the two best looking trucks across the ’47 line-up, with a slight edge to the Hudson – Great find! Love to ding around in this one!

  10. Brakeservo

    Is it just me, or do those rear fenders look like they’re on backwards??

    • packrat

      I think this may be another year of the Studebaker where the front and rear fenders are interchangeable. That meant two less stamping lines they had to worry about each year. They just ran the ones they had twice as long. That might contribute to the “look” you are noticing.

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