Yet Another Survivor: 5,256 Mile Buick Gran Sport

Ferraris, Austin Healeys, Porsches – these are all cars that have a logical place in a garage bay, only to be used on the sunniest and driest of days. A mid-90s Buick  Regal Gran Sport Coupe? Not so much, but this example here on has just over 5,000 original miles from new and begs the question as to why – why preserve this mass-produced GM vehicle and treat it like a limited production supercar for all these years? 

Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t the most inoffensive vehicle ever sold by Buick, and the design is holding up well today. However, if I had to guess, this coupe was most likely in the care of an elderly person who passed away or could no longer drive. How else do you explain the delicate handling of an otherwise throwaway car to most people? My grandpa drove fairly mundane vehicles his last 20 years, but boy, were they perfectly shined and detailed every time I went to visit him.

The Gran Sport option basically took the entirely mundane Regal and added some window dressing, like body-side cladding and a console-mounted shifter. 1994 saw the introduction of standard ABS brakes and a driver’s airbag, and the interior appears like new in the photos. No torn seats or weathered surfaces; the plastic covering on the floors is a nice touch. The seller is asking a heady $12,500 for this gussied-up Regal; does the impressive condition justify the price?

Up front, the Gran Sport utilized the corporate 3800 V6, which was a decent performer in its day. 220 lb-ft of torque is nothing to sneeze at, though it was still channeled through the front wheels and a slushbox. While this Gran Sport is a museum piece of the highest order, what museum would want it? I suspect it is destined for the garage of a fanatical GM owner, but it may be a while before that individual turns up with $10K or more burning a hole in their pocket. What would you pay for it?

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  1. phil

    Beautiful car but I think they will be lucky to get 7 grand for it imho


    At this point it’s just a low mile used car. 4-5k

    • Wheels

      I’d be in at 3500. Nice car, but at as I’m in my forties, I’d feel a little like a grandpa driving this to a party or for a weekend trip.

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      • chris

        I am 23 and I don’t feel like a grandpa when I am driving my grandpa’s 89. My grandpa bought his in the showroom. I feel great when people turn heads and see me drive by or turning corners. I am going to restore mine and make it look showroom again. You’d be surprised tho, This car is great for weekend trips because the engine drives so smooth it makes you feel like your going for a joyride. A lot of younger people than me always turn heads when I am driving it. I even get a lot of hot girls smiling at me. My regal always drew a lot of attention at a party because it was always clean like this one. But to be honest nobody really cares about them anymore because it’s just an average beater and it’s rare to see one like this.

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  3. Dave Wright


  4. Dan

    Time capsule car, even having the plastic sheets on the floor.

    • Ralph

      I have my doubts every time I see that, 99% sure that was redone by a flipper, I used to sell new cars, that plastic was always either the first thing ripped off when the car arrived on the lot, if it was left on, it would quickly start coming apart after a few test drives, so it would be almost impossible if that was the same plastic covering the floor for 23 years.


        I (along with every dealer I know) have rolls of that plastic for the floor, so I’m pretty certain it was recently placed there. It’s only meant to be there for a short time, since the print will sometimes bleed through the carpet if it stays on too long.

  5. Sam

    $4k max. It does have some style and sportiness…I had a 96 4dr GS white over gray with factory chrome wheels. It was a great driver…3800 v6 is very reliable. My mother in law has a 2007 Accord EXL V6 with 10,000 miles….will be on BF in another 10 yrs.

  6. gregwnc

    Had one of these back in the day. Pretty reliable, good engine, but otherwise nothing special and I don’t see how it ever will be. Then again I’m sure people were saying the same about late 60’s and early 70’s Gran Sports at some point. Who knows? I just can’t see paying big bucks for this even in pristine condition.

  7. Steve

    Nice car, good colors and a GS. Difficult to put a value on. I think 7k would be fair. I would drive the hell out of it.

  8. edh

    I’d green light my son buying it as a first car for $3K tops.

  9. Andrew

    Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t the most inoffensive vehicle ever sold by Buick, and the design is holding up well today.

    This sentence is giving me a good headache. Is it offensive?

    • Joe Nose

      Yep. Removal of double negatives reads “…this is the most offensive vehicle ever sold by Buick…”.
      LOL, and GLWTS

    • SubGothius

      I think it’s saying, “this isn’t the most boring car ever sold by Buick” — i.e., it’s at least somewhat attractive and desirable, however debatable $12.5k worth of desirable it may be.

  10. Jeffro

    Nice clean used car. Cousin had one except white. Nice car for what it was. But $12k is what it is not! It’s a 1994 used Buick.

  11. Mitch Ross Member

    Very pretty car and I think it’s worth more than you guys think. This generation of mid size GM coupes were way ahead of their time styling wise, think, Cutlass Supreme and Grand Prix GTP. They drove great, got 30 mpg and did 300,000 miles.


    I buy and sell lots of cars, expecially older ones. My guess as to value is that its worth some money as an odd ball car in great shape. I’d personally pay $3500 max. Its not collectable, is a nice car, but that to me, is the end of it. I don’t see it as a future collectable.

  13. George

    I’m with edh, $3000.00, but I’d have trouble paying that because at my age, I don’t need a car that will go another 50K, while being blah the few years I might drive it. For that kind of $ there one can find some clunky old truck they’d have more fun. Driving the Buick would automatically I.D. the driver as an O.F. !!!!

  14. Poppy

    I always liked the styling of the 2-door W-platform cars, and you can’t go wrong with the Series 1 3800 engine, but that two-plane instrument panel is just gawdawful. Seller will be lucky to get half his ask. If this was a ’97-’04 GS with the blown Series II 3800, it would be a much more attractive buy (even with 4 doors).

  15. Steve

    I had one. Nice car to drive, very reliable and I enjoyed it. But….just a car. I’d be interested at 3-3500.

  16. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    my mom had a black Limited with the blacked out grill, I think a 1989, when I was in high school. Pretty fun for a 17 yr old & a pretty good sound system to boot. FWD was the pits.

  17. RoselandPete

    At least it has “original miles” unlike those cars that have “unoriginal miles.”

  18. Tom Member

    In the world we live in this seller only needs one person who says “boy I always wanted one of those” back then but could not buy one. Now they have some money and there you have it…..sold.

    the other saying…..find another one like it. Look, I am not saying this car is great or not but you guys saying this is a 3K car is true for you as it is all you would pay.. Reality in the super clean, low mile used car market is just about any car like this is going to easily sell north of 10K. ANY decent used car out there like this one, super clean, low miles, not many out there will grab some ones interest and it is going to sell for decent money. the seller just needs to market the car well and be patient. what’s the other saying….there is an ass for every seat??

    depends on what part of the country you are in too. I am in the Midwest…unless undercoated and rust protected, EVERYTHING rusts and rots away here so there are not 20 year old clean cars around here. Heck, I am an expert in rust protection and prevention and if you don’t take a proactive move on it here and everywhere they salt the roads cars are in trouble inside of 5 years. SO…..a car like this would easily sell for a very strong dollar in this market.

  19. Mike Reese

    I’ve seen dirtier underhood scenes on NEW cars. That’s either very good upkeep or some ‘remodeling’…

  20. irocrob

    My Aunt had one just like this except white. She had constant brake problems. I have had lots of 3800 engines and just love them. A good buy at 6000 maximum.

  21. Keith

    I’ve always liked these and believe me the GS version is hard to find (if that’s something you are looking for). But guys, please, stop with the “it’s worth about $3k” stuff. Go find a car, anywhere, with under 20k miles on it for $3000. Is it a $10k car? Nah….and like I said I like these….but probably around $5500-$6000 seems about right.

  22. KevinW

    My mom bought one this same and color. She had it for about ten years from new. It was a good dependable car, but for some reason, both outside mirrors would keep falling off.(!?!)

  23. Rustytech Member

    That is a nice looking Buick! The 3800 was a bulletproof engine too. I put 312k on a late 80’s Lesabre till rust killed it. This car is just outside Philadelphia PA. Which is definitely a rust belt area, so must have been in dry storage. I would think this is worth every bit of $10k. I see early 2000’s Honda Civics with 100k plus selling for more than $3500 around here all the time, and IMHO they wouldn’t hold a candle to this.

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