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Yosemite Tour Bus: 1964 GMC Suburban

Hopefully, this long wheelbase GMC Suburban is restored true to its original purpose as a tour vehicle for Yosemite National Park. You have to figure in a few short years, we’re all going to be hurled around such planes in a pod strapped to a track, like those poor saps in Jurassic Park. Well, this Suburban is a Stageway conversion that traded airport duties for tourist transport, and it needs a lot of love. Find it here on craigslist for $9,500.

Stageway was fairly well known for such conversions, and examples like these show just how diverse their potential uses could be. The idea of seeing Yosemite from behind the expansive glass windows is one thing, but Stageway converted this example to a ragtop so you could snap pictures of the towering trees and more as you drove under them. Of course, the roof canvas is long gone and I can’t confirm through pictures whether the whole roof slid back when opened.

Regardless, it’s been cleared out here, so all you’re left working with is the frame in terms of fabricating a new canopy. If money was no object, plexiglass might be more intriguing, as it’d allow 24/7 scenic views regardless of the weather. Unfortunately, that novel sunroof might have had a hand in this Suburban having rotten floorboards, but the seller has updated the listing to let potential customers know he’s replaced six feet of flat floor, but there’s still rust in the rocker panels.

In addition to the bodywork, the Suburban has several mechanical issues as well. This includes a stuck shifter, which will likely require a replacement column shifter or moving the shifter to a traditional floor location. It also needs brakes and tires, and the fuel pump is leaking. Despite all of that, it still runs and drives, making it a tempting project to take on – provided you have the space for a 24-foot long Suburban.


  1. Avatar photo Ron Bajorek

    thats alot of cookies for something that needs everything

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  2. Avatar photo Ike Onick

    I’m going to Yosemite next month. I could be “King of the Park” with this rig. I just might cancel the Mustang convertible rental.

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  3. Avatar photo Murray Member

    It’s been for sale for 2-3 years now. Saw it personally and it is quite a project. At $3-$4K I would still have to think about it neat rig but ??????

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  4. Avatar photo David Zornig

    Yabba Dabba Don’t…

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  5. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    It would be a really interesting rig when restored. But come on. Its been sitting out in the open for who knows how many decades.

    The plates are relatively recent around 2015 maybe so it probably was just sitting somewhere. Maybe the present owner bought it and registered it to non op.which probably cost a bit if the rig hadn’t be non-oped before.

    But still….10 G for what? A common block and a totally rusted and neglected body..even if it is HUGE!

    Seller must not what to move it very badly. Says the kibitzer.

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  6. Avatar photo BR

    Twenty four feet isn’t uncommon. My F-350 daily driver crew cab is 24′ long.
    I would never use yellowing, scratching, and crazing plexiglass for a rooftop. Large tinted safety glass panels would be the only way to go.

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  7. Avatar photo robbert

    Restore as per original. Don’t like the Plexiglass roof idea. Great gung-ho design when America was great and made design statements.

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  8. Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Nice write-up, Jeff! I could see this stripped out and used to haul one of your cars inside. I thought that it looked familiar, here it is from almost exactly 3 years ago – at the same price! You’d think they would come down $500 at least after three years.


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  9. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Let’s see what Sam has to say about this,,,( he was the funniest one)

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  10. Avatar photo Dave

    Was this for sale between Marysville, CA and Penn Valley, CA.
    Described exactly as one I looked at back before my wife died in 2004… The floor pan was completely gone… It was significantly less back then, if so…like around $3,000… a lot of TLC needed.
    I was considering for senior limousine services to Tahoe/Reno with wet bar after full restore…

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