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You Get 4: Alfa Romeo Package Deal

Over the years Alfa Romeo has been the target of more jokes than I would care to count, and I’ve even used some of them myself. This listing that you will find here on eBay may not be a joke at all. The three Spiders all come with titles and the Alfetta with registration. They are located in Jersey City, New Jersey, and the seller has listed the four cars together as a package deal with a BIN of $5,850, but there is the option to make an offer.

The seller states that all of these cars are able to be restored, or that all could be used for parts. All appear to be living in the great outdoors which is never a good thing, but at least it appears that they have all been covered by tarps to prevent water entering the inside of them directly. Rather frustratingly we also only are given external shots of the cars with no interior, engine or trunk shots. We also get no indication as to whether any of them run.

The Alfetta would feature the 4-cylinder engine as it lacks the bonnet bulge that was a feature of the V6. Sadly this has a fair amount of rot showing in a number of places including around the wheel arches, around the rear hatch, in the lower rear quarters and in the door. As with all of the cars in this package, only a thorough inspection of the underside and the engine bay will confirm whether this one is fit for restoration.

This ’75 Spider is an unknown quantity as this is the best shot that we get of it. While we can’t see much of this car, what we can see actually looks reasonably promising. This is one of the most frustrating articles that I’ve ever written because I desperately want at least one of these cars to be saved as I love Alfas so much.

The silver ’76 Spider has some major issues with rot which doesn’t auger well. There is major rot-through on the rear bulkhead which indicates that water has had ample opportunity to flow into the trunk and into the passenger compartment under the seats. I suspect that this poor little Spider should probably be labelled as “parts only”.

The ’77 Spider looks like it has some issues as well. I can see major issues with rot in the bottom of the doors and in the rocker on this side. When structural integrity is so important this is a really bad sign. I think that the best that you can hope for here is that you could salvage enough from the three Spiders to build one good one.

I want these little cars to live. In the 1980s I was so close to buying an Alfetta similar to the one here. I didn’t buy it because I simply couldn’t get comfortable in it. For me the driving position was all wrong, and I tried for hours to get it right. Now I’m in a position where I could buy one if I wanted to, but one thing stops me. If I couldn’t get comfortable in one when I was 20 years old, young and fit, what hope have I got now that I’m north of 50, twisted, fragile and brittle? I hope that someone saves at least one of these little cars because I want someone to experience how amazingly satisfying they are to drive.


  1. chrlsful

    I’ll go to the site, thnx 4 the link – can only C three here.
    All the red, may B I C 2 & think its the same 1 again…

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  2. chrlsful

    I’ll go to the site, thnx 4 the link – can only C three here.
    All the red, may B I C 2 & think its the same 1 again…

    Alfas’n fiats were fun as a kid (every1 else had the ‘muscle’).
    Grew up in wooded back country. They’d ‘get me’ on the straights, I
    “do it to em” everywhere else. There was mostly ‘everywhere elses’
    around. No ‘big party’ in the vehicle either as had room only for the
    girl frnd & self.

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    • t-bone Bob

      Two Spiders near the Alfetta and one next to the Jeep.

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    • Adam Clarke Staff

      When I looked at the pictures it appears that three of them are located together with the fourth one away off to the side somewhere. Hope that helps.

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  3. MikeG

    I’ve had 5 Alfa’s from Spyder to Milano’s, never had any major problems. Really fun cars that require a little tinkering here and there.

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  4. Mountainwoodie

    ” Marvin..get those damn cars out of the alley or I’m leaving!”

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  5. T-bone Bob

    Should be a good deal for whomever jumps at it.

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  6. Martin Horrocks

    Alfetta looks like a GT, the first model with 1.8 engine. If so, very few are left and even if not repairable,could yield some very hard to find parts.

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  7. Ike Onick

    Four trashed Italian cars in New Jersey. A dream come true.

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    • Theodore Donahue

      Sounds like a Springsteen lyric!

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  8. cyclemikey

    I too would like to see something saved/made from this motley collection, but I fear not. Mostly because they’re all likely to have the same issue with terminal rot, given the location of this stash.

    But if not I hope that at least they can contribute as parts cars.

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  9. David Miraglia

    Not far from home in Brooklyn. If I have time I might check them out.

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