1 Of 15! 1976 Aerocon Boa

Todd FitchBy Todd Fitch

On first glance this 1976 Aerocon Boa, offered here on eBay, recalls a speed record-busting fuselage car from the Bonneville Salt Flats. However in scale it’s much smaller and differs radically from any Aerocon Boa you’re likely to find.

According to ForgottenFiberglass.com, Aerocon sold about 15 Boas as nearly complete cars featuring real engineering (by real engineers!) and the buyer supplied the drive-train. Looking rather like an early Mazda RX-7 and weighing in at an even lighter 2,300 lb, the Boa came with modest Triumph and Volkswagen suspension parts. One look at the original car’s homely greenhouse explains why the feature car wears Ariel Atom windscreens.

This Boa (body) rides on an ambitious custom-built chassis including Art Morrison and FatMan parts. If properly designed, this could be the fastest Aerocon ever. Don’t get too excited, though; the 327 Chevy V8 shown for mock-up purposes requires a rebuild and auction does not include the nifty stack fuel injection.

Anyone with engine swap experience will appreciate the generous distance between the front cover and the radiator. Buyers may wish to ask about 1000 questions and preferably visit the car in person to gauge how tightly this Boa will constrict your wallet. Let’s face it; this is more of a project than a vehicle. It may become a vehicle some day, both interesting and unique, and it might offer killer performance, or it may simply kill you. It will certainly never attract Aerocon Boa fans (unless they need a spare body), and Boa value will never apply to this specimen. As the saying goes, it will always be worth what someone in the room is willing to pay for it. But hey, eBay is a big room, and the starting bid of $1 is promising. But wait; it’s “Reserve Not Met,” and there’s no title. Where do you think bidding will end when the hammer drops?

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  1. C Carl

    My new favorite

  2. Steve R

    It seems like the seller also has a 1963 Ferrari GTE for sale that recieved a similar treatment. It makes you wonder, what were they thinking.

    Steve R

  3. Steve

    Can a car like this ever be made street legal?

    • F.A.G.


  4. glen

    Is this a fibreglass body?, and can someone answer Steves’ question?

  5. KevinW

    Running and driving, this would be for inside lane use only. You’d probably take out people walking on the sidewalk. Kidding aside, I’d love to see this when,(and if) it’s finished! Another cool car I’ve never heard of!

  6. Rob Rose

    Anyone else notice the wing is upsidown?

  7. michael streuly

    I thought that a BOA was a big snake.

    • Tom Member

      Indeed it is and this BOA will squeeze your wallet and bank account to death!!

    • Mark-A

      BOA was also the 24V 2.9ltr Ford V6 with the Cosworth heads engine designation (well it was in the UK but it was only the earlier versions as the later ones were a BOB) Another piece of Useless information for the memory banks!!

  8. jesus bortoni

    From the side, without the wing, it’s hard to tell whether it’s coming or going.

  9. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    On the topic of whether it could be made legal, states differ in the process but it would be similar to titling a Cobra replica or other specialty (i.e. not mass-produced) vehicle. I didn’t read the fine print but this link has some discussion of the topic from Virginia DMV… https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/vehicles/reconstructed.html I returned a Salvage Title vehicle to the road in Virginia and a guy came from some regional office, looked it over, looked at the parts I’d removed, gave me a paper that I turned in to get the title cleansed, and I was good to go. Oh yeah and he told me “You can only do this once a year.” If they are willing to let you put a wrecked car back on the road vouching for a specialty vehicle seems no more problematic legally.


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