1 Of 80! 1969 AMC Javelin Badger

Experts familiar with badgers will caution you not to anger one. Anyone who tangled with this 1969 American Motors Corporation Javelin Badger back in the day would have quickly felt the sharp bite of its 390 cid V8 and 4-speed manual transmission.

Thanks to Pat L. who spotted this Regional Special Badger-packaged Javelin, not coincidentally offered here on craigslist in Wisconsin with an asking price of $5,000. A 304 V8 currently powers the car, mated to the original 4-speed. For an additional price the owner will sell the car’s original 390, rebuilt and ready to rock.

Years ago a trailer-hitch would trigger a “pass” for car-shoppers fearing the abuse a vehicle may have suffered straining its engine up hills and and its brakes on the way down. Today that will be the least of the buyer’s worries as surface rust (at least) appears generously throughout the pictures.

This picture shows a restored Badger Javelin. American Motors built about 80 Badger-packaged Javelins in 1969 as a regional promotion for Wisconsin’s AMC dealers, and all wore the white paint and red “C” stripes seen here. The seller kindly includes a number of pictures of the Badger’s underbelly showing less-than-ruinous rust. The ideal buyer probably resides in The Badger State, though more distant buyers may like the obscurity of this factory-built special model. Any Javelin with a 390 and a 4-speed qualifies as a serious muscle car. How much is the Badger Bonus worth?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Living in the Badger State most of my life and I have never heard of one. The restored one is a great looking rig. I will be waiting to hear what the AMC gang has to say.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi leiniedude, don’t feel bad, I grew up in Milwaukee, and never heard of this either, although, keeping in mind, it was 1969. Figures it would come to light on planethoustonamx. Great site for AMC fans. Wisconsin=rust. 1 of 80, pretty rare, but honestly, I don’t see much difference from any other Javelin, except the roof spoiler. Looks pretty fried.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks for the reply Howard. I would have bet my last Leinies you had seen one with your Kenosha connections. Ya, the roof spoiler is kind of bizarre, kind of like the rear spoilers on the old wagons to keep them clear. Looks pretty fried is right. As a Bucky fan I hope she is saved. In my heart I know I will never see it if it is restored. A great day in the Badgerland today, I hope you got some miles on the Wing, Take care, going back to the garage to try to get the dome light working in the old Willys. Thanks, Mike.


      The Roof Spoiler was also used on the “Big Bad Orange” Javelin

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  2. Alfie

    Never heard of this car, and I’m a secret AMC fan.

    As soon as I heard “Original engine available for a price!” I’d give the jerk an earful. Who does that?

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    • Mountainwoodie

      A jerk?

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  3. redwagon

    Yes a big engine and a 4 speed manual transmission is desirable but they are only 2/3rds of the package. A 390 and a 4 speed is awesome but if it’s mated to a 3.08 rear end it is a really good highway cruiser. Change that to a 4.11 rear end and you have a very different car.

    Why don’t we spend more time and effort to categorize/discuss rear end ratios?

    • AMCFAN

      Not sure what you are talking about. The 3.08 was for a Model 15 rear and only available in a 6 cyl.

      The Model 20 rear end is used in the V8 application as in this Javelin above and would have had a 3.15 or 3.54. You could special order a 2.87 or 3.91. You could also get Group 19 AMC’s designation of high performance parts over the counter in a 4.44 ratio

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    This car was on ebay some time ago with a higher ask and didn’t sell. Which is the same as the $5000 for the tired body now and another $2500 for the original motor.

    Obviously he still has it for sale much later for a reason. The restoration work needed is extensive and still sitting outside in the Wisconsin elements under a $10. tarp has not been too kind to it. Nor from the looks has the previous owners.

    After the damaged metal is replaced the next area is the missing oem equipment. It doesn’t even have the original steering wheel. The seller is (and this always gets me) kind enough to sell you the motor that the car is born with for extra money. What else is for sale that came off the car? That alone for me is a deal breaker.

    This car started life as a 390 4 spd and is a regional offering.It was created for hype.Nothing more. It was targeted for certain areas. It isn’t going to appreciate much if any over a stock Javelin. Big thing is NO way to ever document the car if the original window sticker is lost. So all you have is a 390 Javelin. Rare? Yes as most were wrecked, boned and parted out for many an AMX restoration in the 80’s and 90’s. So in essence the restoration cost is the same as an AMX. Why not have an AMX?

    You want low numbers and unique AMC? ALL AMC Javelin and AMX’s are of low production . A Big Bad optioned 1969 Javelin got you the same non functional hood scoops with an additional roof spoiler but in wild colors. You could get an AMX too. With the survivors available the numbers will rival the Badger above. I could go on and on.

    If you have sentimental feelings I say pay the money only if your parents bought this same car new. Then pay the hostage fee. Otherwise hold onto your cash and simply find a better car. With the price it would take to buy AND restore plus take several years (generous) in the process you could be driving a nice AMC for a lot less right now and enjoying the great weather.

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    • Nrg8

      That’s not a ten dollar tarp. That’s 99 dollar pool.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Cool story AMCFAN, we have a guy that brings his original AMX to the car show in our small Village Lions show. He bought her new when there was a dealership in the Village. The building is still there, a small 2 stall shop. She is kind of rough, but a rare car to see. One owner. How cool! Some kind of orange color. I always enjoy looking at her. Thanks for your comments, Mike.

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  5. jw454

    I don’t remember Badger but, I do recall seeing a spoiler on one of these before. It was also a white car. I thought it was an aftermarket add-on. It may have been one of these.

  6. glen

    Beautiful cars. I’m not sure why a 304 was installed, and asking more for the original engine is confusing to me. I understand trying to recoup money invested in the rebuild, but it still doesn’t seem right charging extra for the engine that came with the car.

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    • william boardman

      304s were and are plentiful when you crack an A M C block. 390 block to match body tag makes it worth more…so valid reason for removing it is a factor. UNIQUE, as an AMC model rarely seen. I have NEVER seen one at major AMC shows in past decades.

  7. Oingo

    The graphic looks pretty lame to me and if I had one I would probably paint in BBB with the factory C stripe

  8. Eddie Stakes

    If you google BADGER JAVELIN a old file comes up off my site about these. The AMC Dealers in the UP also got one. The 304 was probably installed simply because easy to find and might have been running. The 68-69 390s not hard to find wither, average $1000-$2000 depends on how complete. I sold two intake to pan 68-69 390s in 2016 for $1200 & $1400 respectively. http://www.planethoustonamx.com/stuff/badger-javelin.htm

    The roof spoiler is called a MOD spoiler or sometimes Craig Breedlove spoiler http://www.planethoustonamx.com/press_photos/69-big-bad-orange-amc-javelin-press.jpg and
    this off my site: “1969 AMC Javelin in Big Bad Blue AMC took 65,000+ people on a psychedelic trip in their display at the Chicago Auto Show in 69. In their “MOD, MOD, WORLD” a Big Bad Orange Javelin, complete with MOD package, mini skirt wearing spokeswomen, strobe light flashing, neon colored walls, let you know You Are Experienced. There were more than 50 orders taken for a special air conditioned Rambler model at the exhibit. A AMC spokesman also lamented that over 25,000 AMX/2 drawings were given out, whihc exhausted their supply before show’s end. The “new” Big Bad colors: Orange, Green & Blue would appear starting Janauary 1969. It was a $34.00 extra fee on this option (see other auctions for Big Bad pix) for he Javelin, however was free for the AMX. It was also a option in 69 for Rambler and Rebel, including the Rebel Raider. The MOD package would live on for 70 AMX & Javelin as would the Big Bad colors, which could also now be had on Rebel (inc. Machine), Hornet and Gremlin.” http://www.planethoustonamx.com/press_photos/69-big-bad-MOD-javelin-kenosha-studio.jpg

    The MOD package consisted of roof spoiler, twin fake W-30 looking hood scoops, and simulated exhaust, but you could OPT OUT of any of the three, like this 69 big bad orange Javelin I sold for $3500 to guy in Sweden, note scoop delete car http://www.planethoustonamx.com/69-bbo-javelin-44.jpg

    Regardless of that, it is a interesting project for someone with a interesting history behind it. Here is to hoping it finds a good AMC home! Eddie Stakes’ Planet Houston AMX

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    • Howard A Member

      Thanks Eddie, always a plus to hear from you. Did you get to the “reunion” in Kenosha?

    • Bill

      Hi Eddie,

      I always respect and trust your information. I Used to own a 69 Javelin, SST. It was a special order Blue, blue interior, with a 390 Go Pack, Dana60 rear end, T10 Auto, with AC, MOD Scoops, white C-stripe. Basically he ordered it with most every available option. 140 speedo, Tach, 7 way buckets, tilt steering, wood grain center console, AM 8track,etc… etc… BEAUTIFUL CAR! Love of my life! Worked my butt off for my Dad in order to buy it.

      The sad part of this is I left it in my dads garage (Iowa) way back in 86 with 22,150 miles on it when I moved to AZ. I came back in 99 to get it, finding out my dad had moved and left the car, so he said. I don’t believe this to be true, however the reality is, I could never find the car. I have been sick ever since… TRUE STORY

      Bill Swainey

      • scottymac

        T10 auto? Sad story.

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  9. boxdin

    I think javelins are better looking than the vaulted AMX, which looks too short & stubby to me. I’d pass on this car but one day the ONE will come along……

  10. C Carl

    I like it. I’m not a body guy so I’d just get it running and driving, drive it for a few months then flip it. I wonder how much for the correct motor.

  11. redwagon

    @AMCFAN that’s my point. there were several rear ends available so why dont we mention which one it is as well as the engine size and transmission type. it would provide buyers with a fuller description of the car and its potential.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I think AMCFAN has it nailed. The Engine size and tranny are named but no mention of the rear gears.I believe it is the sellers responsibility to provide those details. How would we know what it is? OK, I am going to guess at the gearing. Duece and a quarter. Only because I like to say Duece and a quarter.

  12. Rustytech Member

    The diff. Gearing #’s are more difficult to obtain than engine and transmission. Most times I have found the OE tags are long gone, unless you have original documentation, the only way to get gearing ratio is to take it apart and count gears. Most sellers either don’t know how, or aren’t going to bother. I too like the Javlins better than the AMX. I always thought the AMX just looked like a ugly, cut down Javlins. Which it was!

    • EHide Behind

      On A M C rear gears the numbers can sometimes be found stamped into then.
      While many may not know of, many a factory build sheets have been found up underside of rear seats, think I have found at least a dozen through years.
      WETHER A FLUKE OR NOT cannot tell, but most were carefully placed.

  13. olddavid

    I had a dark blue ’69 with the “C” stripe. 290 and 4 speed. Plenty of car for a 17 year old. Had 3.91 and an Edelbrock with a Holley 600 and Hooker headers. A wonderful car, so great a crazy man offered me $1500 more than I had in it. Never did get another Javelin.

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  14. Edward Skakie

    It’s fairly easy to figure out the rear end ratio: jack up the rear axle on one side, rotate the wheel a number of times, and count the turns on the driveshaft (neutral, of course!). Easy math, not too much physical effort.

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  15. scottymac

    Back when I was making a little pocket money raiding junkyards and selling rare parts in Hemmings, I found a Javelin in Alabama with the roof spoiler and hood scoops. At first, I thought I’d found a gold mine, then I began to wonder if I was ever going to unload them. Small, small market.

  16. Rock On Member

    Usually I calculate the rear end ratio by the volume of smoke in my burn outs!!!

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  17. Eddie Stakes

    No I didn’t get to make the Kenosha meet. On the rear ends, this Badger Javelin mostly likely had a 3:15. But if 4 speed, most likely a 3:54 A Twin Grip (posi to you non AMCers) was a $34 option, so many cars, came with one hoppers, others did not. The seller might not know what rear is in it, and as someone mentioned above, the tag on axle long gone, but some have a stamping to right of pumpkin to ID too, not to say that gear still in there (like that 304) after 50 years. There is a decoding rear file on my site of which transmissions also mentioned http://www.planethoustonamx.com/main/amc-transmission-rear-end-decode.htm

    On production Body 6979-5 (base) 17,389; factory price $2512.00. So 17389 “base” 69 Javelins made, and Body 6979-7 (SST) 23,286; factory price $2633.00. and 23286 SST 69 Javelins made.

    For engines, you could get a 232 six cylinder up to a 390V8 in either ‘base’ or ‘SST’

    For Base Javelins 6979-5 Series: 8234 got 232-6; 8145 got 290V8; 957 got a 343V8 & 53 got a 390V8. For the SST side of coin 6979-7: 1770 got a 232-6; 12937 got a 290V8; 4480 got a 343V8 & 4099 got a 390V8.

    I don’t believe I mentioned this but the Simulated Exhausts rocker moldings have been reproduced. So has the Breedlove roof spoiler & the twin fake hood scoops.

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  18. John

    Seller is a jerk, plain and simple, rather see the original car intact, and all the other parts should be thrown in, what a dufous. get real. DUMBASS

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  19. Dean

    Had a ’68 Javelin. Thought I wouldn’t mind having one again in my old age, but now I recall it eating torque converters. Besides, isn’t this an AMX with a back seat, essentially?

  20. Todd Fitch Staff

    R&P Ratio… Another variation on the method Edward S mentioned above is to tie a string a couple feet long to the driveshaft and leave the knot at 6 o’clock. Put the wheel through one rev then observe how many loops of string and position of the knot and you’ll be pretty close to the ratio, especially if you know the available options.

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    • boxdin

      That’s the best idea, beats chalk marks and counting.

  21. Bill
  22. scottymac

    Sure, just hadn’t heard of any T-10 autos. Thought all T-10s were four speed sticks (straight drives, for the guys down south).

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    • Bill

      I miss spoke, I’ve been wrong all these years. My dad always referred to it as a Borg Warner T10 auto. If i understand correctly it would have been a M11-B or a M-12 series.

  23. boxdin

    I have always like the javelin much more than the amx. Much better proportions on the longer car, the amx was always too stuby for me.

  24. EHide Behind

    GLAd to see lots of find the least complicated way to get results, finding ratios.
    Years ago had all the old repair manuals for autos and interchange of parts, from rebuilding vacuum wiper motors, starters and generators to using rope to figure rear or for that matter string for appropriate size generator or water pump pulleys.
    Before days of pull and replace whole units.
    Had to replace halfshafts on 4×4 , bearings gone, bought individual parts, made high and had less than 80$.
    Then I ordered custom boots cost damn near my rebuild stuff.
    This after both Ford Dealership and chain auto stores said could not be done.
    Kid behind counter got pond when I said, ” Sonny you sell rebuilt units, how do you think they get rebuilt, by robots.”

  25. ZEB

    I have been reading all the comments on the Badger and would like to add in something. When I was 16 (a couples years back) my dad had a 1969 Badger and it was a 343 4 speed and it was the first car I drove the night I got my drivers license. There were 2 of them in my town the other one was a 290 auto that end up in a junk yard here in town and later scraped. I had heard that there was 500 of them built and one was given to each dealer. The AMC dealer that me and my dad worked at got the 290 one there and sold it new. There was a picture on the internet that showed them all lined up before they were shipped. I think the 390 was only in the big blue orange green and AMX package not the badger. My dad was a nice guy and let his 16 year old kid take it out with his buddies on a Friday night lol. Now at almost 60 I wish I had one again.

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