One-Of-One! 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

The original owner of this 1970 Mustang Boss 302 really pushed the boat out when he ordered this car. Thanks to its combination of optional equipment, the owner claims that this is a 1-of-1 classic. It has undergone a meticulous restoration and has only clocked 500 miles since the work was completed. It is now ready to head off to a new home. The Boss is located in Wynantskill, New York, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding currently sits at $45,600, but I’m not surprised that the reserve hasn’t been met.

This Mustang has the “wow” factor written all over it. The restoration work appears to be of a high standard, with the Medium Blue Metallic paint having a beautiful shine. The panels are laser straight, while the chrome is flawless. Rust? That isn’t an issue. Externally, there are no signs of any problems. The owner provides several photos of the Mustang’s underside, and it is as clean and sound as you could ever hope to find. In a bid to keep it that way, the floor has been treated to a ceramic coating. The Boss was ordered with tinted glass and Magnum 500 wheels. The condition of these items is just as impressive as the rest of the vehicle. The Sport Slats are a real 1970s feature and only add to the overall impression of a classic that has just driven off the showroom floor.

The Mustang is a numbers-matching car, and being a Boss 302, it features the G-Code engine. This is backed by a 4-speed wide-ratio transmission, while the buyer will get a Traction-Lok rear end, power steering, and power front disc brakes into the bargain. This is quite a potent package. It should be capable of ripping through the ¼ mile in 15 seconds before reaching a top speed of 133mph. One interesting fact about the Boss 302 is the fact that the vehicles fitted with the wide-ratio transmission are actually quicker through the ¼ mile than those equipped with the close-ratio unit. You would generally expect this to be the other way. It isn’t clear whether the drivetrain received any attention in the restoration. However, we do know that items like the brake booster and master cylinder were replaced. The owner indicates that some other components were also replaced, but that the originals are included in the sale. The Boss hasn’t exactly been worn out since the restoration was completed. It has only clocked 500 miles and is said to run and drive perfectly.

The interior of the Mustang bears all of the hallmarks of a classic that has recently been restored. Its condition appears to be flawless. There are no issues with the white trim, while the dash also presents beautifully. The restoration has been faithful, and the original radio/8-track player is still in its rightful place. Also, the Mustang was ordered with a clock, console, and a deluxe rim-blow wheel. You have to think that life inside this Mustang would be a pretty enjoyable experience. The owner makes the claim that this is a 1-of-1 car, but doesn’t indicate how he has come to that conclusion. However, he does hold a Marti Report for the vehicle, and this indicates that this is 1-of-19 that featured this paint and trim combination. Therefore, if you add in the other options like the Sport Slats, tinted glass, and the 8-track, the claim is conceivable.

It is hard not to like this 1970 Mustang Boss 302. It is one of the most desirable of the 1st Generation Mustangs and is finished in one of the most coveted colors. The inclusion of optional extras like the Sport Slats and the 8-track really help the car to recapture its earlier days. The quality of the restoration work and the Mustang’s overall originality would suggest that there might be a very long way to go before the reserve is even threatened. I tend to think that it could go as high as $70,000, although I wouldn’t rule out a higher figure. Whoever finally buys this Boss is going to be the proud owner of a stunning classic, and I will envy them for that.


  1. A.G.

    I don’t believe the rear bumper was reinstalled correctly.

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    • ras_austin

      Also missing the matching decal on the rear spoiler lip – and didn’t the rear facsia have a black plastic honeycomb panel? Or was that just the Mach 1? The bumper is an easy adjustment, just wondering if/when this one got rear-ended.

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      • Lee Maulding

        nope….rear facsia was the rough finish flat black, honeycomb plastic was on Mach’s. Yes, rear bumper appears a little off. Also, the rear wing appears to be a little to shinny…they were rough finish flat black as well….
        Ordered my ’70 the 1st week in September, 1969, delivered 2nd week of October, 1969 with 8 miles on the clock….still have it. Couldn’t swing a 50th “coming out” party, but looking to 2021.

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    • fran

      Probably a repop bumper, which are horrible.

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  2. ILoveCarz

    Great car, wish I had the money for it! The bumper is on right, BTW. I too am a bit skeptical about the sellers claim that this is a ‘1-of-1’ car, but it might hold some truth.

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  3. Evan

    Marti, and other similar services, are completely to blame for this “one of one” nonsense.

    American cars of the 60’s came with a dozen or more exterior paint choices, a similar number of interior choices, five engine choices, 3 transmission choices, and a myriad of interior and exterior options, all of which could be had a la carte. Given all that, I’m sure there are (or were) tens of thousands of “one of one” cars built every year. So what??

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      It’s true that collectors and enthusiasts have taken Kevin Marti’s services and used the info to try to improve values, when it isn’t really justified. And the way he presents the data does tend to promote the (often meaningless) exclusivity.

      That said, I’m very thankful for the services he provides. What a source of info!! The tenacity and perseverance it took to acquire/ license and then decode the data for the benefit of Ford hobbyists is phenomenal.

      Nice car.

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    • Fran

      AMEN, I saw 4 “one of one” boss 302’s in Ford Carlise 2 years ago.

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    • Rudy Samsel

      Evan, you hot the nail on the head. called out the flawed logic of the Marti Report for the very reasons you state last December:

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  4. Steve R

    There is a lot of pitting on the rear end housing, picture #20. I hope the undercarriage doesn’t look the same under all that spray on rust proofing. I’d be scared of this one, based on it being sold new in Connecticut.

    Steve R

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  5. Frank Sumatra

    I would be unable to sell this car. Beautiful.

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  6. Hank D Krank

    Did Boss 302 have the shaker hood scoop or was that a cobra jet feature?

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Back when the earth was still cooling I owned a 70 Boss 302. IIRC it had the shaker scoop.

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      • James Koscs

        I had a Shaker on my ’70 Mach 1 (351 “Cleveland” 4-barrel). It was original to the car.

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    • Steve R

      In 69 and 70 the shaker was available on the 428, 390, 351and Boss 302.

      Steve R

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      • Stephen W

        70’s only on the Boss 302 to my knowledge.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Shaker was an option on the Boss 302. You still see plenty of them without it.

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  7. ace10

    What is “ceramic” undercoating?

  8. swm

    I had this exact car. Of course, it was a Hot Wheels product….

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Hope you had the ceramic undercoating.

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  9. jokacz

    These were faster in the quarter mile with the wide ratio trans because this car, as well as the Z28 302, were notoriously lacking in low end grunt. The short first gear was an attempt to mask that. The price paid was the huge drop shifting from 3rd to 4th.

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  10. Lynn Member

    Actually the boss 302 and the Z28 were not built to be 1/4 mile racers. They were built to be trans am cars, rule was the Factory had to make a certain amount of production cars to be legal to race and there was a 5 liter engine displacement rule. That s where the 302 cubic inch engines come from. Not a lot of low end torque but high rpm screamers.

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    • jokacz

      I’m well aware of all that. But in order to sell the cars to the masses certain compromises had to be made. Thus, the wide ratio boxes.

  11. Lance Nord

    I had a neighbor that had a duplicate of this car (perhaps it’s the same one?). I would ride my bike to his house several times a week to ogle it. Sadly and ironically, I’ll be doing nothing but ogling the pics of this car. Sweet ride…

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  12. fran

    I have seen so many one of one cars, in fact at Ford Carlise 2 years ago, I saw 4 Boss 302’s. I had a 67 K code GT fastback that was a one of one car also. That Marti, what a guy!

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  13. George Mattar

    These have climbed in value. A friend in the early 70s had one. He was lucky enough to actual help build his car where he worked at the long ago closed Metuchen NJ Assembly plant. He has since passed and the car is gone. It was Calypso Coral. He ordered it new through Ford employee program. He traded a 67 Cougar 390 4 speed he also bought new.

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  14. Troy s

    Only interested in the car itself, being one of one or one of a thousand makes no difference to me. Guess it does for collectors , yet sometimes that meant a very undesirable car!
    Gotta love the styling on these Boss machines maybe more so than the Mach 1’s. Like a lot of these machines it was up to the owner to get them to really run hard especially on the race oriented mills. Low fifteens was just a baseline.

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  15. TimM

    It appears to be a pretty good restoration but I really don’t like the way the light reflects off the car in the first picture!! It might be the picture but it just doesn’t look quite right to me!!

    • jokacz

      It’s probably just the picture, but the stripes don’t look right. That blue is not a great color for that car anyway.

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  16. Lloyd

    What i notice on these forms is guys that dont own anything nice so they have to pick apart other peoples stuff to make themselves feel better nice cars are always nice to the guy that own it if you dont want to buy it or cant buyit shut the barn door

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  17. Butch

    It was an option. But definitely OEM.

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