1 of 101: 2004 Ford Mustang Saleen S281-SC

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The Saleen S281-SC was a collaboration between Ford Motor Co. and Saleen Automotive to build a limited number of Saleen-modified Mustang GTs in 2004. The car provided a combination of looks and performance that was a step above Ford’s production Mustang GTs. This car is one of only 520 copies made in total and one of just 101 that were supercharged. This beautiful example is in Manchester, New Hampshire, and is available here on eBay for $22,500 and counting (the reserve is unmet).

Saleen Automotive is an American manufacturer of specialty high-performance sports cars and high-performance automotive parts. With operations in California and Michigan, a $15 million production facility was added in Troy, MI where Saleen would produce specialized Mustang GTs under contract from Ford. The 2004 model year would be the last for the fourth generation of Mustangs, and the S281s helped them bow out in style. The Saleen S281SC boasted upgrades to the GT’s stock 281 cubic-inch V8 that increased rated horsepower from 260 to 375 with Saleen’s Series IV twin-screw supercharger.

The rarity of the Saleen Mustangs is evident in these numbers: out of 142,312 Mustangs built in total in 2004, just 22,724 were GTs. And 520 were Saleen upgraded with 101 of those having the supercharger. The seller’s auto is part of the latter and is a documented example of a car that cost upwards of $48,000 when new nearly twenty years ago. The Ford has been used sparingly with an odometer reading of 58,750 miles. The body, paint, and interior all look practically flawless, attributable to the car being treated with kid gloves. We’re told the automobile is stock except for the intake manifold, clear corner headlights, and new clutch.

The Saleen contributions to these cars make up a lengthy list. These include Saleen power flash calibration, rear center exit dual exhaust system, computer system, suspension upgrades, a tuned chassis, and chrome Saleen wheels. Four brand-new Nitto tires can be found at all four corners. The list of stuff goes on and on and the seller provides complete details in the eBay listing. It will be interesting to see if the seller’s reserve comes near the original list price of the car which is about twice that of the most recent bid.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    These Saleens were the real deal. Significant and legitimate performance upgrades. The body modifications made the car look different without being too cartoon-ish. The classy silver on this example is attractive. Looks to have been driven sparingly (a few thousand miles per year) while being kept in good condition.

    Alas, the listing is has been pulled.

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  2. TomP

    I have a super rare Saleen in my garage that’s not a Mustang or an F150 or an S7 sports car. It won first place at the Saleen Nationals in 2018.

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    • LeeR

      In North Carolina?

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      • TomP

        In Colorado at the Saleen Nationals.

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    • LeeR

      Ah yes, the Ranger.

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      • TomP

        Yes, you guessed it! A Saleen Ranger sold last year for $125k. I guess the value of the older Saleens is finally gaining traction. I think its due to their rarity (24 numbered street version Ranger Sportrucks made).

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    • LeeR

      I remember your truck. Saw it in 2008. Also at the Nationals. You’re the second person I’ve heard mentioned a Ranger selling for $125k yet I’ve never seen any documentation of this sale. Can you provide any information to me about when and where and which truck this was?

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  3. David Frank David FrankMember

    Saleen built some incredible cars. There is currently a special exhibit of Saleen vehicles at the California Automobile Museum including a Saleen “Ford GT”, a Saleen S7, Saleen Mustangs and a Ranger pickup. https://www.calautomuseum.org/special-exhibit-saleen
    Steve recently gave a fascinating talk at the museum including how they designed, engineered and developed the Ford GT, the mid-engine successor to the Ford GT40s.This even included the federal required crash testing and SMOG certification to make them road legal. (Ford added the badges and front seats after they were driven into the Ford plant.)

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  4. PRA4SNW

    Hey Hey, it (was) located right near me.
    I’m trying to recall if I’ve seen it at the local shows, but there are always so many newish Mustangs that I tend to walk right by them. I stop when I see a Capristang.

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  5. Stan

    I love the white fox body square Saleens. Especially w the yellow and grey striping.
    He knows how to dial in a car.

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  6. James Lowe

    I have a 1 of one 2005 Ford Mustang s281 SC SALEEN out of 232 produced that model year. The car was the only one produced with all the options that were available that year. I have the certificate of authenticity by Steve Saleen. He autographed the right side of the dash. I’m just curious as to see the value of this car.

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    • Lee Reese

      Too many variables to make that call. Color? Mileage? Condition? When you say, “all the options that year”, I assume you mean the 14″ Brembo brakes, 10″ rear wheels (chrome) and the HID Saleen headlamps. Other options would be the limited slip differential, aluminum radiator and Shaker 500 audio. Give me more infor and I can give you a better idea of value.

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  7. TomP

    Its all about money.

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