80s Epitomized: 1986 Ford Mustang Saleen

When you think of Saleen-modified Mustangs, please don’t consider the late-model products. Remember what Saleen was pushing out in the 1980s, because these were – in my eyes – the way Mustangs should look. This four-eyed… more»

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Needs Rescuing: 1989 Saleen Mustang

If you’re a Saleen fanatic, prepare to have your heart ripped out! This is a genuine Fox Body Saleen, but it has clearly seen better days. Said to have been left outside for several years, the… more»

Wrecked Supercar At Insurance Auction!

The other day we featured a story about a D-Type replica that one of our readers scored for cheap on Copart. Well, this find may not be as affordable, but when was the last time you… more»