1 of 10 Made? 1999 Ford Explorer Saleen XP6

Here’s a find we didn’t expect to see on eBay: a Saleen XP6 Explorer, a rare, tuned-up version of Ford’s long-running SUV, but in exceptionally rare 6-cylinder form. Supposedly, Saleen received a batch of Explorers to convert into the… more»

1 of 101: 2004 Ford Mustang Saleen S281-SC

The Saleen S281-SC was a collaboration between Ford Motor Co. and Saleen Automotive to build a limited number of Saleen-modified Mustang GTs in 2004. The car provided a combination of looks and performance that was a step above Ford’s… more»

Under 12K Miles: 2002 Ford Mustang Saleen S281

The seller claims this is a one-of-one Saleen S281 of the supercharged variety, and while production numbers for this model are certainly low, more impressive is the low mileage of just under 12,000. The S281 utilizes a “New Edge”… more»

23K Original Miles: 1988 Saleen Mustang

By far my favorite domestic muscle car is the Fox body era of the Saleen Mustang. In addition to being enormously collectible owing to their limited production, these cars just scream 1980s vibes with their wild decal kits and… more»

SN95 Saleen: 1995 Ford Mustang S351

The SN95 Mustang has long been seen as the budget entry option into V8 Mustang ownership. The earlier Fox bodies are so desirable these days that a clean, survivor-grade GT will easily run you into the $20,000 range; the… more»

Car # 387: 1988 Ford Mustang Saleen

Oh, how I love the Fox body Saleen Mustangs. As the cliched phrase goes, they’re so 80s, it hurts. The decals, lower body cladding, rear spoiler, and BBS or Ronal wheels (this car has both) are styling trademarks from… more»

SEMA Convertible: 1988 Saleen Mustang

A Fox body Saleen Mustang is a special car, no doubt; but to make it even more of a standout, find the one that was parked on a SEMA display in 1988. The seller claims this is the car… more»

Pristine S281: 1996 Ford Mustang Saleen

Despite being a genuine Saleen Mustang with under 20,000 original miles, bidding is still short of the reserve price for this tidy S281. The reason for this may be because this was a fairly tame Saleen rendition compared to… more»

High Mileage Rarity: 1988 Ford Mustang Saleen #586

This is one of those cars that every so often, makes me want to sell a few projects so I can park one of these in the garage. It’s a Fox body Saleen Mustang, one of a few hundred… more»

58k Miles: 1986 Saleen Mustang Barn Find

When is a barn find not a barn find? When it has been found sitting in a yard rather than a barn or a shed. That is the story of this 1986 Saleen Mustang. It isn’t perfect, but when… more»

Supercharged SUV: 1998 Ford Explorer Saleen XP8

While many of us around these parts have no love for the SUV given its predominance today over cars with fewer doors, reduced ride heights, and manual transmissions, we can generally all agree that more horsepower = good. That’s… more»

Bargain Muscle Car: 2002 Saleen S281 Mustang

To Mustang lovers, the name Saleen brings images of additional styling and performance modifications that can leave them drooling in envy (or anticipation, if they are buyers)! This 2002 S281 was purchased as a gift to a college graduate,… more»

Saleen Stroker: 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen #722

This 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen is car number 722, and it’s an interesting specimen in that it hasn’t been kept in a car bubble with test drive-only mileage. No, it’s been driven, racking up nearly 70,000 miles and being… more»

1-Of-1: 2000 Ford Explorer Saleen XP8

It is easy to claim a unique status for any classic car, but in the case of this 2000 Saleen XP8, the owner holds documentation from Saleen verifying the fact that this really is a “1-of-1” vehicle. These were… more»

#46 Of 140: 1985 Saleen Mustang

Despite the association Saleen has with building high-performance cars and trucks, their first fling with the Fox Body Mustang platform didn’t actually incorporate any dramatic power increases. This 1985 model is largely a case of significant aero upgrades and… more»

Clean Saleen: 1988 Ford Mustang Saleen

The chances are that the Saleen Mustangs will never reach the heady values of the Shelby vehicles, but cars like this 1988 example still have a strong following. The owner says that this is no trailer queen, but is… more»

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