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1 Of 115: 1986 Mercury Capri ASC Coupe

A few days ago, we featured a Mercury Capri drop-top conversion performed by American Sunroof Corp. in the 80s. Less frequently seen and arguably more desirable are the Capri ASC coupes, which featured decent power and handling upgrades in addition to the very-80s bodykit and color-matched mesh wheels. This example looks fairly pristine, with the automatic transmission the only demerit we can see. Find it  here on craigslist or go here if the ad disappears; thanks to Barn Finds reader Rocco B. for the find. 

This example appears to be quite mint, with the aero kit in excellent condition along with the factory striping and body decals. The smoked taillights were another McLaren hallmark, along with the Marchal fog lights and a built-in radar detector in the cabin. Though the seller is light on details, it’s not hard to see this car has been well-preserved. The seller says it wears serial number 12 off the assembly line.

The standard 5.0L mill received a number of tweaks to make it a seriously quick car, clicking off 60 in under six seconds. A Ford Motorsports camshaft played a big role in the car’s success, helping it make well past the standard 200 b.h.p. in the non-ASC Capri. This particular example looks stunning under the hood, and makes me wonder why the seller didn’t disclose the mileage – unless he didn’t want the attention a time-warp bubble car can bring.

Interior photos are limited, but if there were a few more, we’d likely see the SVO-derived steering wheel, Recaro-style bucket seats, and the hard-wired-from-the-factory radar detector. Despite the limited production, there always seems to be one of these cars up for grabs, especially in convertible form. Were they all socked away by collectors hoping for a big payday? Probably. But all that means is you can own one of the best examples out there for less money than you might think.


  1. Rob

    I would love to have it. Only reality is standing in my way.

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  2. MikeG

    I always loved this design, very slick.

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  3. Steve R

    It may be nice, but how much of a following do these cars have, how many of those followers are willing or able to shell out this kind of money? The seller would have been wise to have included a better description.

    Steve R

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  4. JW

    I agree that he could have described the car better, craigslist doesn’t limit you on words or pictures. Nice looking car.

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  5. flmikey

    Never liked the Capris much, but this one is stunning…and as far as the limited description, I would think it weeds out the looky-lous and only serious buyers would contact the seller for more info…hard wired radar detector…so cool…

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  6. Jaymon1962

    Like the car. Love the three legged dog.

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  7. Dennis

    Friend had one but a base ,he converted it to a 302/ t5, posi 373 rear….had alot of bolt ons, the power to weight was blast to drive ….great sleeper

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  8. Tim S.

    Why is an automatic transmission a “demerit”? Some of us physically can’t drive a manual. As one of those people I get excited anytime I see anything with an auto, whether it’s a 7-figure Barrett-Jackson pipe dream or a non-muscle smog-era 4-door.

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  9. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    That is a very sharp car though I’m not in love with the orange trim. Still, beautiful condition in and out with probable lowish miles. $14,000 is really not out of line when you think that would just about cover a new Ford Fiesta S.

    I’ll take the Capri.

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  10. PJ AKA BenziBoy

    I like it but all I can think about is getting pulled over here in Sacramento for the smoked taillights 😯

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    • Oingo

      Or worse some state and in all of Canerduh radar detectors are illegal and are to be seized roadside which means they might rip the unit out causing damage to the interior that I would think would be nearly impossible to get replacement parts for.

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  11. CanuckCarGuy

    Beautiful car; I’ve always liked the Capri front end treatment and bubble-esque rear hatch glass over the Mustang styling.

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  12. NotchNut

    When I was looking for an 85-86 Capri, I couldn’t find any good ones. I think the 1986 ASC Capri’s had an overall production of around 400. The best I can recall though, there was 114 coupes and 50ish EuroCoupes. I believe the coupes only came in 3 colors (white, charcoal, and black?) all with the orange stripes and either white or orange mesh wheels. The price is better than some of the Mustangs and is in far better shape than some of the Mustangs I’ve seen. If only I had $$$$$……

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    • Graeme

      Can’t forget the 8-10 3.8L auto SC convertibles built for ‘86–I’m a 30 year+ Mustang fanatic, and i only just now found out about this model in refreshing my memory on these McLarens.

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  13. Emmy Jackson

    I always liked Ford’s upside-down happy-face steering wheels from the late ’80s.

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