1 of 175! 1968 Chrysler Newport Sportsgrain Convertible

Recalling the days when upscale wood panels adorned top-of-the-line wagons, sedans, and convertibles, Chrysler brought forth the “Sportsgrain” wood panel option for its 1968 Newport coupe and convertible. This 1968 Chrysler Newport Sportsgrain convertible in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey could be one of 175 sold, and it can be yours for $10,950 here on craigslist. This fine specimen runs and drives with “no known issues.” Thanks to Dan D. for spotting this dandy Chrysler.

The Sportsgrain option continued into model year 1969 after which it vanished, though Chrysler offered a similar treatment on its 1984-1986 K-Cars and other models over the years (thanks to wikipedia.org and caranddriver.com for some details). Eagle eye Chrysler fans may notice the addition of a Town & Country tail light panel. Original tail lights come with the car, as well as other parts including a complete NOS (New Old Stock) set of woodgrain panels.

Only the engine compartment seems to have avoided restoration, but that’s easily remedied one weekend at a time. In addition to functional air conditioning, this Newport boasts working power top, power windows, and power antenna. Nice! The engine is not described but let’s assume it’s either a 383 or 440 cid V8. With a claimed 37,000 original miles, it may see you through years of sunny days with minimal attention. If this is the same car featured here by the legendary Scotty G. in June, that’s a 383 cid mill transplanted from a 1967 donor. Interestingly, the price has more than doubled in seven months.

The interior shows well with some wear. The seller notes that the top is weather-tight but shows its age. Captains of Industry at the country club will gleefully skip past a row of Range Rovers and German machinery to mob you with questions about this classy drop-top. Have you ever heard of or seen a Sportsgrain Chrysler?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    This seems like a really good deal if the mileage is accurate, and because the car looks pretty solid and runs. These C-body cars are great cruisers, have ample power, and are really comfortable. Were the timing a little different, I would seriously consider this car.

    • CXM

      The mileage is correct at 37000 verified by the title. Also have the orignal owners manual and a complete new set of NOS decals that come with the car.

  2. Bob C.

    Now THIS is a Chrysler product I can see Jon Voight once owning.

    • Scott Williams

      Or at least John Voight!


  3. Yep it's me

    I’ve seen a few of these before, but the more I see them the more I despise them. If the stats are correct, they made 175 more than they should have.

    Family truckster but in a convertible version National Lampoon style. I could easily picture Clark Griswold and his wife having a date night in one of these.


    “Sportsgrain” is the funniest darn thing I’ve heard today. Thanks BarnFinds, I needed the lift today.

  5. Sam61

    I like it and would drive with pride and give the finger to anyone that dis’d me.

    Chrysler/FCA…whatever they are now, is due for another woody, of the di-noc variety,…last one was a Jeep Commander.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yes Sam, and nobody would diss you…this thing is too cool. Jon Voight? Not cool in the least.

  7. RedBaran

    If Clark Griswald drove a convertible, it would be this one.

  8. CCFisher

    Those are New Yorker taillights. Town & Country taillights have a similar texture, but a different shape.

    • C

      Correct.. we had a 68 T&C and I can tell you they did not look like those on this Newport!

    • Will Fox

      Correct; this car has had the grille/headlamps assy’s., and taillamp panel swapped out of a New Yorker. My Dad drover a Newport Custom 4dr. HT., and the taillamp panel and lenses were much simpler. I’ve seen this car before in ads–it’s been for sale for a couple years now but obviously no takers.

      • CXM

        No…it has not been for sale for a couple of years. I bought it last year when it came up for sale immediately. I have had it for sale now for a few weeks. The previous owner had it for ten years. So…no. It has NOT been up for sale for a few years with no takers.

      • CXM

        Correct. Previous owner changed out the tailights. I also have the originals, they come with the car.

      • CXM

        I do not tbink the grille or headligbts have been changed.

  9. mark r westphal

    Omh I had one years ago, sad too say it had rustoplenty and the engine was siezed, I saved it from a junk yard cause i knew it would be crushed.. I had no idea they were such low production

    • Howard Kerr

      These were also available as a hardtop, 995 hardtops were built.

  10. JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

    Same car alright Todd, Flipper stands to gain 5 big ones but that could have been any of us so no harsh feelings, except that he should just keep and enjoy his (her) find! that’s what I would have done.

    • CXM

      Being that I had it painted, seats reupholstered, new tires, tuneup, and more…I certainly do not stand to make five grand…nor am I a “flipper”. I bougbt if for me. I was in a motorcycle accident and spent tbe last six months disabled in a wbeelchair…so…a lot of my car plans changed…I need to winnow down the fleet a bit.

      • ken tillyUK

        Good for you CXM. As an 80 year old motorcyclist I am very sorry to hear about your accident, been there, done that many times. Several of my friends had very minor accidents but still died, whereas I have been very lucky, so far! Glad to see that you sorted out the know-alls re your purchase of the car .

      • CXM

        Ken Tiilly….I cannot complain. I was never in the hospital in my life until this…and I will recover. So I ain’t whining.
        Misinformtion on the internet….well…comes with the turf. But the comment about how it had been for sale for years and had no takers was totally made up and needed correcting. Some of the other stuff like “I can’t eat enough to vomit enough to tell you what I think of this car!” is just classic internet stuff…it’s much easier to say something snarky and negative than it is to say something constructive, or constructiveliy critical, or postive, or even just interesting! But it’s just part and parcel of the internet.

  11. r s

    I’ve always wondered why so many convertibles have black seats? Leave the top down for a while on a sunny day while you run into the grocery store and burn the **** out of your legs when you sit back down. White or a light color would seem to much better…?

    • ken tillyUK

      So true. My 1959 Ford Zephyr convert (UK) had white vinyl seats with red inserts and the difference in heat was incredible. I used to put a towel over the red section whenever it was parked in the sun with the top down.

  12. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Literally, the textbook definition of “baby poop” and/or “monkey crap” mustard/cream grossness. The woodgrain with this color just emphasizes how off the Pantone wheel this car is. If I saw this in my neighbor’s driveway every day, I would have to block my eyes somehow. Like the car, just not the period finish and accessory vinyl sides.

    • CXM

      The color is Antique gold, I beleive? Or antique white? Forgot. It’s a fresh correctly matched repaint in the original color. Which I LOVE. And I LOVE the woodgrain. So there.

    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      So if the neighbor showed up with this and a matching Town and Country – would you be moving ?

      • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

        @stillrunners. Depends on if you are talking a 1946-50 T&C or a more modern minivan. No to the latter, I’d be moving. A classic T&C in this color scheme might not look too bad. I’ve seen them in tans and browns but never a yellowish hue.

  13. Rob S

    I got me a Chrysler it seats about 20
    So come on and bring your juke box money
    Dang! This thing must be 882 feet long🤣

  14. Howard Kerr

    What has always struck me as wild is that these Chryslers weren’t the only full-sized cars available with woodgrained body panels in the 1968 model year…”coincidentally” Mercury offered this wood treatment, too.
    I wonder how that happened.

    • FordGuy1972

      Car manufacturers are like lemmings; whatever one does, the rest follow. I like this car even though I’m not a fan of the woodgrain treatment. It seems like a pretty good car with some nice options and looks impressive with the top down. Even though the taillights aren’t correct, I like them. Under the hood needs some work but that can be addressed while driving it. Low mileage, no rust, lots of recent work done, rare model, nicely optioned and it’s a convertible. The price for all of that seems more than fair.

      As a motorcycle rider myself, I feel bad for the seller and hope he fully recovers from his accident.

  15. CXM

    Thanks. I’m on my way to a full recovery, but it’s slow. No complaints here, I’m lucky,

  16. SG

    CXM, I have also seen this car advertised for a large number of years, probably approaching 6 or 7 years.
    I have seen it in Hemmings magazine, on their website, on a different website called carsforsale.com. but it was a regular in Hemmings.
    None the less, neat car & I am glad you bought it & loved it, too bad you now feel the need to sell it. Also too bad I don’t have the money to buy it at this point of time.
    I must be just as tacky as Clark Griswold, because I like this car a lot!

  17. SG

    By the way CXM, sorry about the motorcycle accident. I had one myself last May, but I was very fortunate & able to walk away. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like it – but also that 67/68 body styles across all C-Bodies was the best of the 60’s – just me.

    And just in the past days we have talked about Ford being the only manufacturer to keep a woody style wagon through the years and not stopping.

  19. Wayne Thorpe

    CXM, as a fellow motorcycle rider, I too, wish you a speedy and complete recovery. I had an accident about 10 years ago resulting in a fractured ankle. Regarding your car – I like it. My aunt had a coupe with the wood grain inserts. It was painted green, similar to avocado. Nice car. Rode like a dream. good luck to you and the new owner.

  20. Andean89

    Previously owned by noted car collector Donald Rook. Mercury also offered a Park Lane convertible in 1968

  21. Wayne

    I have one of these that I drug out of a field a few years back. It is awaiting restoration. Mine is white with a blue interior and has buckets, console with floor shift and magnum 500’s. I love anything 68 Mopar but especially “C” bodies. I had it for sale via barn finds but no takers as of yet.

  22. CXM

    this one is still for sale…

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