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1-of-2! 1966 Morrison Midge

I like to think I am well versed in all things automotive, as I spent countless hours on the internet and pouring over car magazines, and I have been doing so for years. So it’s unusual for me to find something that I have never heard of before – but that’s what this wonderful machine represents – a one-of-two rarity that I can imagine few of us will have heard of. If you like quirky 1960s electric cars, then take a look at today’s auction on eBay here, located in Niles, Ohio where current bidding is at $3,000 with reserve. Thanks to Scotty G for this amazing find!

A Morrison Midge – where did that even come from? A casual Google search brings up next to no information, so we have to rely on the seller’s advert for our information today. Please let us know in the comments if you are aware of this machine, and can give us more information! What we can say is this – Morrison was a builder of Milk Floats – electric milk vans which delivered pints of fresh milk to households all over the UK from the 1950s onwards. They were picked because of their cheap operation and smooth ride – important for carrying a few thousand liters of milk and glass.

As part of the Earls Court motor show, they seem to have produced the ‘Midge’ – a car which can’t be driven on the road, it has no registration or title, and even if it did – would you want to drive this on the road? It comes with a metal and wood frame, and the fiberglass body looks in reasonable condition, with some scrapes across the bottom. The seller notes there is some rust on the frame and wheels but overall is in ok condition. There is no news on the powertrain – what batteries or electric motor this is, but I expect some work to be required to get this moving again.

That really does ask the question – if you were to buy this, what do you do with it? If you have lots of land or are friendly with the local golf course, you could potentially use it there, although it’s so small for an adult that it would not be good for many miles. The seller states that the other one of these was sold from the UK Bubble car museum a few years ago – so perhaps this suggests that this unique oddity is destined for one place only – a museum piece to be started at rather than driven. Or you could whack in a motorbike engine and whip it down the local drag strip if you had lost all your senses. What an amazing find and an even more interesting history to be uncovered!


  1. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Nice work, Elliot! That’s a tough one with basically no information anywhere on the ol’ interwebs…

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  2. CVPanther Member

    Yeah, great educational piece, Elliot.
    It reminds me of my computer mouse….
    Just needs a ball underneath instead of a wheel….

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  3. Pat L Member

    It looks like an escapee from the local fairground. I’m surprised that you don’t own it yet Scotty.

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  4. Michelle Rand Staff

    There is a facebook group for microcars and in there somewhere, someone is inquiring about the Morrison Midge. I was unable to search for the conversation as I am not on facebook. There is also a brochure proclaiming Economical and Silent Transport for Offices, Factories and Private Grounds! I can’t post it – file is too big.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Just what I need to putt on down to
    the gas station near my house for a
    cold Mountain Dew or maybe to the
    smoke shop. Just upgrade the electrical parts, add some lithium ion
    batteries and call it done. That way, I
    could take myself where I need to go
    and not have to ask my SIL to drive me there. Gotta say it really bites to
    have a sight impairment that keeps me from fully enjoying the old car

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  6. daniel wright

    Part of me wants to install a Hayabusa engine and scare the daylights out people with it.

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  7. Big Al

    Big Al isn’t fitting in that. 😂😂😂

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  8. TheOldRanger

    I agree with Pat…my first thought was the bumper cars at the state fair.

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  9. Rustydust

    With its missing dome on the Midge reminds me of the car in “Hairspray” from John Waters.

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  10. Riffraff

    There is a YouTube video showing the trunk falling off and the motor that looks like a starter motor with belt drive.


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  11. RC Graham

    It looks like what the little old lady who lived in a shoe used to go to the store and get groceries for the children.

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  12. Howie

    So reserve was met with only one bid. Check out how far on the right the steering wheel is mounted.

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  13. Gerard Frederick

    Grandson of Brütsch.

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  14. Emel

    Bumper cars…..at an Amusement Park. At Kennywood specifically
    and Cedar Point.

    Ramming speed !

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  15. jwaltb

    Poring, not pouring, Eliot.

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  16. bone

    At first I thought that maybe it was a prototype for a planned golf cart , but there’s no where to store the clubs – maybe it was meant for moving around in large industrial complexes where an electric cart wouldnt spew exhaust fumes ?

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  17. Tom

    Looks like 1-1.5hp pool pump motor

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  18. chrlsful

    what does it matter if theres only 2?
    Hunt away but it’s not hiding, also pretty obscure so not many around to get interested in (owning).

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  19. George Birth

    Ha, ha, ha, ha.

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  20. JimmyinTEXAS

    In your defense of not knowing about this “vehicle”, the eBay ad did make the following statement.”This vehicle DOES NOT HAVE A TITLE, as it was made for use on private land and did not require a license or tax disc.”
    That would lead me to believe it is not now, nor has it ever been, for highway use. Heck, there are golf courses in Texas where it may not be allowed.

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