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The second generation of the Valiant compact was winding down in 1966 as an all-new car was coming the following year. The Signet was the top-of-the-line Valiant and the convertible version of it only saw 2,507 built in ’66. We’re not sure if this one is an older restoration or a well-kept original, but it presents well either way. Located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, the drop-top is available here on eBay where the no reserve auction sits at $11,100.

Plymouth introduced the Valiant in 1960 as its entry into the compact car segment (Dodge’s version was called the Lancer). It was an odd-looking machine when compared to the likes of the Ford Falcon and others. For example, it had a raised hump on the trunk lid that looked as though a spare tire might be hiding there. These cars were redone for 1963 and looked more like scaled-down versions of the bigger Plymouths by then. The stylish, sporty Signet arrived with the second generation and stayed through the end of the decade. This ’66 example is finished in what looks like Light Turquoise with a corresponding blue interior but flanked by a white convertible top. Most attractive.

We’re told this car has been garaged when not in use, which at 105,000 miles accumulated over 55 years is only (about 2,000 miles per year. The Plymouth isn’t described as being perfect as there are some places where paint chips have been touched up. We’re told there is no rust to be found on the exterior and just a hint of crust on the undersides. The convertible top and boot are said to have been recently replaced.

This Valiant is powered by Chrysler’s 273 cubic-inch small-block V8 which has been rebuilt and said to be quite responsive. With a Torque Flite automatic, the seller adds that the car is a dream to drive and mentions no mechanical issues that will trouble the buyer. The tires are newer Coker Classic wide whitewalls and are mounted on Rallye wheels that didn’t come about until around 1970.

The interior looks as nice as the rest of the car, and it would be a great weekend cruiser/Cars & Coffee mobile (but did they come with headrests in those days?). Valiant production in 1966 would total 218,000 automobiles, which means this automobile is one of the little more than one percent of builds that were both a Signet and a convertible. If the bidding doesn’t take off at the end, this could be a nice catch for someone.

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  1. stillrunners

    Not a bad car even at that price…..I just can’t get past those late model front seats .

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    • Valentine

      I could live with those longer than I could tolerate the wide whites and 1972 Rallye wheels, which don’t even work with each other, much less the car on which they’re mounted.

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  2. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I believe torque flight=727. The 904 being another automatic transmission offered in various years and models.
    I’m definitely not nor have I ever been a Mopar fan, but this is a CUTE little darling for the faint of heart.
    God bless America

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    • Terrry

      Both 727 and 904 are Torque Flight, the 904 is a smaller version. Torque Flight was the three speed auto which replaced the two speed Power Flight.

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      • Ed P

        Terry, you are absolutely correct.

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  3. DrillnFill

    Nice little Valiant! I’m not a fan of modern seats but if the headrests were removed, I think those seats would blend right in. The Rallyes work for me but c’mon man, this is America and we need the white-letter tires on our ‘60s-‘70s rides 😎
    Is over $12,000 now, not a bad price. I’d drive it

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  4. Mitchell G.Member

    Ditch the wide whites for thin white line tires and cruise

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    • Vince H

      I am with you Mitchell. WW were last used in 62 on most cars and they were not as wide as earlier years.

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  5. geezerglide85

    Back in ’72 I tried to get my older brother to buy one of these, “65 Signet Conv. w/273, auto., bucket seats, White, blue interior $1000 bucks. But he was “not going to drive a Valiant!”. Instead he got a “67 Dart GTS with bad paint and a nasty white interior. I think Chrysler would have sold a lot more if they called it a Barracuda convertible instead?

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    • Autoworker

      My brother had a ’65 vert in the same color combination. His was a 225 slant 6 instead of the V8. During the winter I would smack the convertible top from the inside and send snow and ice on the car behind us, That’s my memory of that car, lol.

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  6. Jim

    Too bad someone decided to “update” this car with the seats and the wheels. The body is in beautiful condition and this is one of my favorite years for the Valiant.

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  7. angliagt angliagtMember

    Well,at least the seats aren’t orange (or some other-
    non-matching color).I also agree with the wheel/tire combination.
    Would probably look better with thin red walls.

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  8. GLG

    Nothing to complain about here! Mopar fan or not, these are terrific cars and made unique by being somewhat rare at this point. This is nicely equipped and pleasantly updated without sacrificing its overall design. So nice, I understand why it has so few miles. If I had money and an abandoned Amazon warehouse, this would be in the collection. In the meantime , I read about these cars and dream.

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  9. Bill Myer

    Think you got your year wrong on this Valiant. My Daddy bought me a 66 Convertible Valiant in 1969. It had straight across rear tail lights, this one is a 1964 or 1965 LOL Had a 273 Hi Po 4 gear in it, so much fun back in the day. Bill from Ontario Canada

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

      Bill Myer,

      ’63 Valiants had horizontal taillights, the ’64-’66 taillights are basically as you see on this car. In ’67 the Valiant had a total exterior overhaul, and the taillights became vertical, The 1968 taillights became 3-section style. 1969 Valiants saw a change to a 2-section lamp, red on the top half, and white on the bottom half.

      No USA made Valiant had horizontal taillights in the 1960s. However I see you are from Canada, and a little bit of research came up with this little tidbit: Canadian 1965 and ’66 Valiants DID have a sideways taillight assembly, because they used the Dodge Dart Body shell and trunk lid! Google 1966 Canadian Valiant 200, and you will see lots of photos of these taillights.

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    • George Louis

      This is a genuine 1966 Valiant. tail lights are correct for 1966, The sheet metal was tweaked for 1966 both front fenders and rear quarter panels. The same tail light units were also used on the 1966 Barracuda.. The lower paint treatment is unique to the 1966 Signet models as well, be it 2 Door hardtop or convertible as shown.. For the record, the original 1960 thru 1962 Valiants dd use a horizontal oval tail light. 1963 Plymouth Valiant “DID USE ” a horizontal tail light. See Wikipedia 1963 plymouth Valiant and you will see “HORIZONTAL” brake and turn signal light units.

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  10. Chris LondishMember

    What a sweet car not into convertibles but I could be converted with this one

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  11. Sam Shive

    I’d leave it just the way it is and cruise.

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  12. George Louis

    Per the pictures, this is not light turquoise, but closer to Robins’s egg blue. Too bad the owner did not stick to the original front seats . Period correct white wall tires and wheel covers would make this car a real stand out.

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  13. Gransedan

    My apologies for the negativity, but it appears the left quarter panel of the car is “off”. It’s contours do not line up with the door. More troubling is that the entire quarter angles downward far more that it should. I’m no expert and not a body man, just an observer who very much appreciates these 2nd gen Valiants who has owned three ’63 Valiants.

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  14. chrlsful

    I had this in a wagon (X 2).
    Cruisin upto VT I saw it at a garage w/4sale on it. Nxt trip I bought it. Was the owner ofa ’64 dart wagon that I’d riveted the fell dwn chicken coop roof onto (metal) so as to pass inspection (22 y/o kid then). The VT car had a way better look’n PA plates (“Boy, that’s frm dwn south” I wrongly concluded). Drivin back the starter fell out as a piston blew thru the block. As both were the 170/2.8 I swapped motors. Got 300K mi from the ’66 drivin around the parameter states for a yr, loaded dwn to the max w/seats flipped dwn. Had my skis (dream: ski a glacier on my birthday, July on Mt Hood) cast iron pots/n pans etc w/me as initially it wuz a move from NE usa to MidLantic (WVa). “U R accepted to school nxt fall” (6 seasons away) so I took off visitin fam in MD, GE, LA, AZ, OR and explorin…

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