1-of-500: 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst

The full-sized muscle car segment was very much a niche market during the 1960s and into 1970, and it spawned cars like the Impala SS and the Pontiac Grand Prix. The biggest of the bunch was the Chrysler 300 Hurst, measuring a cool 18½’ in total length. Total production numbers for the 300 Hurst were extremely low, and while this one will need some restoration work, what you are looking at is a solid and complete car that is just begging to be returned to its former glory. It is located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Chrysler has been set to open at $9,500, but there have been no bids to this point. The option is also available to hit the button on a BIN price of $12,500.

This giant of a car might appear to be a bit battered and bruised, but it is very solid. The owner states that the only rust in the vehicle is in the front sub-frame, but a spotlessly clean replacement is included with the car. The accident damage to the quarter panel will be easy to address because a fresh pair of NOS Chrysler quarter panels are also included with the car. Thankfully, the accident damage doesn’t appear to have had any impact upon the distinctive rear spoiler, which is a relief. When you look around the car you can still get some idea of what an absolute stunner the 300 Hurst must have been when new, with its distinctive Spinnaker White and Satin Tan paint. One interesting thing to note with this car is that while it wears the correct style of wheel, they lack the Satin Tan centers and decals, along with the trim rings.

Being a full-sized car means that the Chrysler comes with a “full-sized” weight. Tipping the scales at a healthy 4,354lbs, this is a car that would require some serious mumbo to get it moving. Thankfully, Chrysler was happy to oblige on that front. Slotted under the hood was a 440ci “TNT” V8, pumping out a rather healthy 375hp. All of those ponies were sent to an 8¾” rear end via a 727 TorqueFlite transmission. When you take into consideration the overall weight of this giant, the fact that it could produce a 0-60mph time of 7 seconds, rip through the ¼ mile in 15.1 seconds, and haul on to a top speed of 131mph, is nothing short of amazing. The good news is that this Chrysler is a numbers-matching car, and while the engine doesn’t currently run, it does turn freely.

The target market for the 300 Hurst was generally considered to be relatively affluent males who were 35-years-of-age, or older. While vehicle performance was important, Chrysler wanted to impart an air of luxury to the 300 Hurst. As a consequence, the interior of the vehicle was finished in Saddle Tan leather, with the seats lifted directly from the Imperial. Both front seats feature power adjustment, while the car came standard with power windows, a power trunk release, and a tilt wheel. The interior of this Chrysler needs little beyond a good clean and a new carpet set. The leather upholstery and soft trim are in good (but dirty) condition, as is the headliner. The dash and pad are also in really nice order, so it won’t take much to whip the inside of the car into shape once again.

Circumstances dictated that the Chrysler 300 Hurst was not destined to be a sales success. Confusion over whether the promotion of the car was the responsibility of Hurst or Chrysler left many dealers unaware that the car even existed. The 300 Hurst production schedule also ran late, which didn’t help its cause. The fact that the 300 Hurst was also the most expensive car in the Chrysler range (not counting the Imperial), further limited the numbers of potential buyers for a premium performance car. As a result, only around 500 cars were built, and there is even a small amount of confusion with that figure. Some sources quote figures as low as 485, while some quote anywhere between 500 and 502. It is also known that at least 1 Convertible example was built, although this number could also be 2 cars. It is known that 1 Convertible sporting a Hemi was used by Hurst as a promotional vehicle, and that car still exists today. Regardless, it seems that there may be as few as 300 cars left in existence today, which make the 300 Hurst one of the rarest of the muscle cars from Chrysler. However, this rarity doesn’t translate into outrageously high prices. It is possible to find a really nice 300 Hurst for around the $35,000 mark, but a really pristine, low-mileage example can push close to $60,000. This one needs some work to reach that sort of level, but given how solid and complete it appears to be, it would certainly appear to be worth the effort, and would also seem to be worth the BIN price.


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  1. Fred W

    Certainly worth saving and an ideal project for the guy who can do his own bodywork. RE: the 440 powertrain, I was 13 years old when this car was new, and the Florida Highway patrol cars had essentially the same package. I once had 3 of them pursuing me (riding a Kawasaki 100 with no license) from neighborhood roads onto a dirt trail next to a railroad track, a scene right out of the “Dukes”. Definitely hard to outrun, had to lie the bike down in tall weeds and wait 3 hours for the hubub to subside. Wonder if the statute of limitations has run out?

    Like 47
    • Mike

      You’re proud of this? And at age 62 it’s a glorifying event in your life? Seems rather sad.

      Like 6
      • MrBZ

        Sad is your self-righteous condemnation. Lighten up, Frances.

        Like 53
      • canadainmarkseh Member

        What’s in your past mike? Seems like a pretty minor infraction we all have a story.

        Like 26
      • Robert White

        The operative words are “no license”, Mike.

        Getting caught by police is not an option when you are riding a Kawisaki 100cc with no license at the age of 13.

        Police would catch a 13 year old and ratfink him out to his parents for punishment. Screw that, Mikey!

        Way to go, Fred.


        Like 16
    • CapNemo CapNemo

      I, for one, am rather proud of you lol!!

      Like 18
    • Steve-o

      Lol. I Did the same thing once , rode my Honda 175 thru state hospital grounds at night being chased by security in an old diplomat. Oh the fun we had without facebook,,,,,,

      Like 8
  2. Jeff


    Great story, chasing you gave the cops a little entertainment otherwise they would have been at Dunkin Donuts or hiding somewhere sleeping.

    Have a most awesome day!

    Like 19
  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Great story Fred W ! I really like the looks of that rear spoiler, but having a hard time finding the Hurst shifter.

    Like 7
  4. Doug

    In some of the pics it looks like he has another 300 Hurst sitting next to this one.

    Like 2
  5. Jeff

    The Hurst shifter was not an option, however it may have been installed on a few promo vehicles for pictures etc…

    Like 4
  6. Brian73 Brian73 Member

    I love all the dents on the rear bumper. Must be a real b**** parallel parking that thing. Lol Beautiful car though. The side profile is mesmerizing. Also, I love the integrated rear spoiler.

    Like 5
    • JoeNYWF64

      This would take up 4 spaces in many of today’s parking lots & 2 lanes on many of today’s narrow lane highways in congested areas.

      • Jeff

        If it was painted gray it would resemble a aircraft carrier.

        Like 3
      • Steve -0

        Lol. Yes. I have a 76 sedan
        Deville. And it takes up two spaces And people just walk by and stare.

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  7. W9BAG

    This car has a tilt/telescoping steering wheel with rim blow. Always wanted one. One of Chrysler’s best efforts for a fast personal luxury car.

    Like 4
  8. Troy s

    The only way an actual Chrysler could be dressed as a muscle car, as they had no smaller cars, unlike Dodge/Plymouth. Big, very big car, back then when you think of all the mid sized muscle and pumped up pony cars available a brawny highway star like this seems out of character.
    Maybe it was the color scheme, or lack of it, that kept buyers away. For the money a GTX or even a Charger RT would have been less money with more potential and all the looks of a street machine as opposed to a luxury car in disguise.
    I like it, especially that 440 TnT, and it’s something you surely won’t see all the time.

    Like 1
  9. local_sheriff

    It’s not a barge – it’s a battleship!

    Building a muscle car based on such a mega full-size vehicle is such a senseless move and could only happen in 1970 – and I love it! Despite its size it still looks like ‘smaller’ Mopars of its time – FF to 1975 any car of similar size would only be a parody of their former selves.

    OK, it’s a project car, however being such a rare Mopar price can’t be that bad considering 1/4panels and subframe are already located?

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  10. CanuckCarGuy

    They were a better deal when he had the pair listed on eBay last month…as featured on BF.

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    • TheGasHole

      Knew I’d seen these before!

  11. Jeff


    Don’t pick on the the Hurst 300.

    It might look like a Battleship however the Hurst 300 is lighter than a Hellcat and weighs just 4310 lbs! The Hellcat weighs 4,448 lbs, just saying.

    Have a most awesome evening!

    Like 3
    • local_sheriff

      Hey Jeff; I wasn’t at all – actually I love its massive size and the fact Chrysler made a muscle car out of it! It looks scary as hell!😁

      Like 5
  12. Arthell64 Member

    I like it. I need to go measure my garage.

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  13. Del

    These are rare but with all the wrinkles in this one there are no bids.

    Which would indicate the price is too high.

  14. Cattoo

    I saw a white Newport of this vintage rolling North on I-5 just south of Wilsonville, OR Sunday. Massive land yacht. I’ve wanted one of these or a sport fury since high school in the mid eighties.

  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Auction ended with Reserve not met at $10,600.

  16. Edward Ernst

    Is the CHRYSLER 300 HURST FOR SALE, OR PARTS. eD 306-652-1426

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