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1 of 63: Extremely Rare 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Z06 “Big Tank”

The second-generation Corvette was made from 1963-1967, and the coupes made for the 1963 model year were the only examples to have the iconic “split window” design. This listing taught me that the 1963 model wasn’t just the only year with the split window design, but also that it was the first year for coupes, and, crucially, the first year for the track-focused Z06 package. Corvette engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov convinced the powers that be to allow this special package for the customers who would inevitably race their cars. Included in the package were heavy-duty suspension components, brakes, fuel injectors, and on this example, and only 62 others, a larger gas tank. You can find this one here on Hemmings for a surprisingly high but understandable nearly three quarters of a million dollars. Special thanks to Larry D for letting us know about this one.

On the outside, you’re going to find zero rust, dings, dents, scratches, or anything else that would signify that this car is anything less than showroom fresh. You’ll find that on the inside and underneath, too, but I want to focus on the outside here. The seller states that included in the sale are a full set of five original Kelsey-Hayes knock-off wheels with two sets of spinners: one three-bar set, and one set of the extremely rare two-bar spinners. So, heck, you basically got a different set of factory wheels for any mood that strikes you.

Underneath, the car is similarly spotless. The seller includes images of the elephant ear drum brake cooling ducts, which are pretty cool to see. Most of the bits included when the buyer checked the $1,818.45 ($15,844.26 in 2021) box for the Z06 package were handling-based. You got larger brakes made out of better materials, better cooling, thicker anti-roll bars, and stiffer springs. Apparently also wider fuel injectors marked by a unique “X” on them. The seller states that the fuel injectors alone added 15 horsepower, which I guess makes sense. More fuel=more power. Speaking of more fuel, one of this car’s claims to fame is that this is one of just 63 models made with the larger 36.5 gallon gas tank, compared to the base model’s 20-gallon unit. No pictures of the tank, though, so you’re gonna have to buy it just to be sure.

Inside looks great, too. The original buyer is well documented, and he ticked just about every box. It’s got power windows, an upgraded radio, and a heater. If you’ve got a spare $725,000 lying around and a Corvette-shaped hole in your life, this Sting Ray would be ideal. This specific Sting Ray, because it’s got all of the really cool options already there, and is pretty much fresh from the factory.


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    That’s an eye watering price! However it’s one of the best beautiful cars one can lay eyes on. Silver and red really works on this car. If I had a million to spend I would buy this for show and build a replica for go.

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    • Avatar photo Mark

      Interesting comment…..further supports the case against the ridiculous values being assesed to all these “1 of X” cars, especially when it can be replicated, or even worse, is already indistinguishable to an otherwise “stock” counterpart parked next to it.
      $725k for a stock 63 Vette with a few dealer options selected…
      good for an 15 extra hp…probably included to compensate for the extra 130 lbs of fuel and additional weight of the options.

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      • Avatar photo Ike Onick

        Not sure you understand how rare this ZO6 car is. These were going for $100,000+ 30 years ago

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  2. Avatar photo Clark

    If I bought it, I would drive it all the time, after all, its just a car.

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  3. Avatar photo Bamapoppy

    One of the 63 big-tank cars lived in a small town in GA in the 80’s when I lived there. I wonder what ever happened to it.

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  4. Avatar photo Chris M.

    Now this is a Corvette! One of, if not the best available today. Not for the common man but a vital chapter in American car history. Cheers!

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  5. Avatar photo Sfm5

    One of these big tank SWC’s was sold to some people I know who are having it restored. For years I saw this car cruising around my little town and I never gave it a second thought – other than to appreciate seeing an older unrestored Vette on the road! Should have followed it and talked with the owner!

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  6. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Not a barn find. This has moved from collection to collection. I will say that I am glad I am not sitting on this car trying to sell it. Eye watering price doesn’t match the reality in today’s economy. When one considers the numbers. It takes everyone in the family to survive and most are only a few paychecks away from being broke. Someone with that money willing to spend is really looking at the world in rose colored glasses.

    On the other hand dreams keeps one alive. if I had a spare million to spend no way I would shoot the wad on one thing. Especially on a 63 Vette with a big gas tank when I could get one that looks the same without the weird bragging rights for much less.

    To each their own but I would rather have an SS AMX and or Mark Donohue’s old Javelin race car. I would put the change in the bank.

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    • Avatar photo gbvette62

      I don’t think the seller will have too much trouble finding a buyer for this car. I have a friend who has restored a few Z06’s, and hasn’t had any difficulty selling any of them for similar money. In fact, he usually has a line of people wanting to buy them. And none of his cars have had the added attraction of a known race history.

      You’re not going to buy any of the former Penske/Donohue Trans Am Javelins, for the asking price of this car, let alone have any money left over to put in the bank. The 71 Donohue Trans Am Javelin sold for $850,000, plus buyer and seller commissions, about 5 years ago. I’d heard that it was either recently sold, or being offered for sale, with an asking price in the $950K range.

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      • Avatar photo AMCFAN

        Good for the seller. My thought is If it was such a deal it wouldn’t have to be advertised. Usually collectors know others for certain makes. Most deals are sold off the radar only needing word of mouth. Something this rare needs no introduction. Still, I would hate to be sitting on it. It is rough in the blue color sector.

        An SS AMX can be had for $250K-$350K with impressive race pedigree. A wheel pulling bargain. One of Marks Javelins did sell in that range that is true. He had more than one car. They are all priceless.

        I would be happy with the true to life replica that sold on Bring a Trailer for $39K recently. It isn’t a static display. It can be used at the track.

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    • Avatar photo SirRaoulDuke

      The price absolutely matches today’s economy. How so? The rich have gotten incredibly richer since the Great Recession, and now today there is a ton of new wealth in tech, cryptocurrency…and even legal weed. And there’s a lot of people into the last two that are laundering money in cars.

      Super rare Corvettes have long been a rich man’s game. The Z06 is a very special car, as it was for all practical purposes a factory sanctioned race car that also happened to be street legal. Whoever buys this doesn’t have a “spare million”…they have dozens of spare millions, if not hundreds of them.

      The good news is there are still a lot of collectable cars the working man can afford, but the1963 Z06 hasn’t been one for about 30 years.

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      • Avatar photo Chris M.

        Hunter Thompson fan I see.

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      • Avatar photo Mike

        I better start selling weed. My 32 year career in the shop didn’t get me anywhere’s near buying something like this. Smoke up Johnny!

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  7. Avatar photo Jcs

    “If you’ve got a spare $725,000 lying around and a Corvette-shaped hole in your life”

    Well, I am half-way there!

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    • Avatar photo jeffro

      I’ve got 1 out of 2.

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  8. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Pics 45/46 show tank

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    • Avatar photo Larry D

      @Luke Fitzgerald
      Yes, and pic #11 shows the cover that went over the tank which looks totally different from the usual interior in a Split Window.

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  9. Avatar photo Steveo

    Buy this car and everyone will know you are truly a superior person.

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    • Avatar photo Nambu

      True. Many people tend to judge you for what you have, not who you are….

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  10. Avatar photo Boatman Member

    I’m impressed that the “outside has zero rust, dings, or dents”.

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  11. Avatar photo Lefthandlugnut

    Very cool ride, too much money for one car tho. For that amount of money I can buy a very nice home on a few acres with 2 very nice garages ($475,000) and still have enough money left over to buy a really nice driver quality ($65,000) Corvette and pay the taxes, maintenance, lawn care for a few years…oh yeah and buy a Hemi Car ($75000) and a Cobra ($45000)too. I like to spread the money around…

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  12. Avatar photo Scott Royer Member

    I missed the opportunity to buy a Barn Find Z06 in the early 90’s. No engine, flares cut in all 4 fenders. He had all the NOS white fiberglass to restore it, correct master cylinder & brakes, etc. Unfortunately the owner was out of the country, while it was advertised in Hemmings. I talked to his son several times but he wanted to wait til Dad got back. Apparently I wasn’t first on the call list. I still kick myself for not sending a deposit sight unseen! I ended up with a 1967 L71 Coupe. This car will have no problem selling.

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  13. Avatar photo Kerry Smith

    Well, I don’t know. It’s supposed to have power windows, but the pics clearly show a hand crank. That knocks, oh, $100k, off the asking price.

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    • Avatar photo Dale S

      You can see the power window switches on the center console.

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  14. Avatar photo Karl

    Lots of different thoughts on this one. Without a doubt the car is beyond words incredible in every way! With that said it’s starting to fall in the collector category meaning that it’s looked at NOT as a car but an investment! It will likely be bought by someone who has no desire to drive it EVER! I am sure not saying I like this type of activity but then nor do I have a million sitting around doing nothing! It’s a incredible piece of Hi performance Corvette history and unfortunately it’s likely not anything more than an investment for somebody!

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  15. Avatar photo Larry D

    @Kerry Smith
    Those window cranks you see are for the vent windows.

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  16. Avatar photo Bigbird

    The car is “very nice indeed”. The price could only be afforded by overseas oil people. Everyday cars like this are shipped out never to be seen accept in a photo. It is history, not sure where it should go….

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  17. Avatar photo Paul Draver

    I went with my Dad to Nickey Chevrolet in 1963 when he ordered a Bel Air sedan. They had a silver Corvette in the showroom window with the big tank. I was a pretty impressed 13 year old.

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  18. Avatar photo Pauld

    I drove a 63 split window that was on a used car lot. It had almost zero visibility. Only out the front. My Challenger is the same, but has radar to alert the driver. Probably tons faster that that Corvette. The Corvette for sale at that time was $1,800.

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  19. Avatar photo Wayne

    What’s wrong Paul Draver, could not get the “K” turned around backwards? (lol) My trips to Nickey Chev with my Dad were for Corvette parts. (We rebuilt a ’55 and a ’58 that my Dad used for his daily driver.) I never made it to the showroom or the new car lot.

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    • Avatar photo Bruce Rolfe

      I’ve seen a 67 Nickey Camaro. Car sounded mean as hell with that dual quad 427 under the hood..

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  20. Avatar photo gb354vos

    I just wrote the check. However, I fear if cashed it may bounce to the Moon. Not many people have $725.000 laying around.

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  21. Avatar photo gb354vos

    EBAY takes 10% of the sale. So 72,500 goes to ebay. 72k buys a very nice

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  22. Avatar photo Kevin

    I love classic cars,and rare high option ones are very special, but even if I had zero debt, and several million extra dollars in the bank etc.there is no possibility I would ever pay this for any form of transportation, but I realize there’s people that do regularly, and if it keeps these cars alive, and being enjoyed, then its better than them rotting away in a remote field somewhere!

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  23. Avatar photo JagManBill

    a friend has one of these. Until about 10 years ago it was an active vintage racer. Last time I heard anything about it, it was being returned to NCRS Top Flight status.

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  24. Avatar photo george mattar

    Ike Onick is correct. These extremely rare cars were $100,000 plus in the 80s and even in the 70s hardly were seen or for sale. This example is beautiful beyond description and while I drive my 50 year old Corvette, and believe cars were made to be driven and not pulled in a trailer, this car is far too valuable to drive on today’s roads full of deranged drivers in giant SUVs who can’t get to Starbucks fast enough with a phone glued to their fat face. Very sad. Worth every penny the seller is asking. But for my tastes, I would take the Marina Blue 67 in one of the photos.

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  25. Avatar photo t-bone BOB

    Location: Montgomery, TX

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