1 OF 822! 1963 Dodge 880 Convertible

When was the last time you spied a 1963 Dodge 880 convertible? Maybe never as there were only 822 assembled that year – and the story behind the 880 itself, is an interesting tale. This example is in spectacular condition and seems reasonably priced for what it is. This Annandale, Minnesota resident is being auctioned at Classic.com with a January 30th conclusion but is also available, here on craigslist for $21,000.

So, as many already know, the Dodge 880 was a stop-gap measure to plug Dodge’s full-size lineup after the auto maker’s ’62 full-size models were downsized to something resembling a large intermediate. The downsizing occurred to check, what was believed to be, a similar full-size shrinking at GM, one that never occurred. Being left out in the cold, Dodge “borrowed” the Chrysler Newport and developed their own true full-size model, the 880, using the Newport platform. The 880 continued through the ’65 model year, but by that time, Dodge had returned to building true full-sizers. The ’63 880 was offered in standard and Custom trim levels with total production reaching about 22K units.

The turquoise finish is resplendent in depth and shine in what would seem to have to be a respray but there’s no word on that front. The same can be said for the chrome and trim, it’s all in fabulous condition. There is no indication of damage, panel misalignment, or corrosion – clearly, the 880 has been well stored. Both the white folding top and tonneau cover show like new. Two images of the underside are included, and while not very revealing, no indication of a problem is evident.

Motivational force happens via a 305 gross HP, 383 CI V8 working in tandem with a push-button activated TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The seller offers, “It’s smooth and stable and easy to maneuver“. The engine compartment is clean and original appearing save for the added fuel filter.

The inside is as fine as the outside with its matching turquoise vinyl upholstery. While the upholstery may not be new, it’s in excellent condition with no signs of splits or rips. The carpet has seen some use but is still very presentable. The instrument panel is festooned with chrome and aluminum trim in a way that was a trademark Mopar styling cue from the era. There is a minor bit of trim deterioration occurring but it’s negligible. The entire environment is really in spectacular shape considering the amount of weather-induced abuse that sometimes befalls convertibles in top-down mode.

Like it? You bet, what’s not to like? Need to see more? Check out this video. The bidding at the Clasiq.com auction is up to $10K but even with that continuing, the craigslist BIN price of $21K, seems reasonable for such a car, at least in my estimation. What are your thoughts?


  1. Jim

    Hagerty shows a 1963 880 convertible came with a 265 hp 361 cu in. Excellent shows 26k value. So 21k is about right. The 1964 model came with a 315 hp 383cu in. Maybe an option in 1963??

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      1963 Dodge 880 brochure referencing the optional 383 CI engine.


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  2. charlie Member

    It would be great to own and drive – old enough for most shows, young enough to go 75 mph all day, top down around town, plenty of room for the kids, and all the luggage you could want in that trunk. And not a museum piece so you can drive it and not feel guilty about it. And, yes, I would park it at the far end of the supermarket parking lot to avoid car doors denting the sides, and I would not valet park it, nor leave it at the commuter rail station all day, but otherwise it would be fun.

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    • Tony Primo

      Most classic car insurance policies will not cover you if you drive the car to work or to the shopping mall. The problem with parking at the far end of the lot is that driving schools will have their students practice parking beside you!

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      • Michael Berkemeier

        Baloney, they will cover you. An occasional stop at the store is not grounds for refusing coverage. I don’t know who you have for insurance but, if you even have a collector car and collector car insurance, you should be looking for a new insurance company.

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      • Rustytech Member

        My classic car policy does not restrict where I can go, only how many miles I can travel in a year. That is how most policies function.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Beautiful convertible and great color! When I see a 880 model. The front looks like a AMC and the back a Pontiac. Under the hood all Mopar!! Anyone see this also? 🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Steve

    Even in convertible form, the Dodge 880 was a boring car.

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  5. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    When I initially saw the lead photo, I thought it might have been my Dodge 880 Convertible, as it was the same color. However on checking it further I realized it was a 63 and my car was a 64, and my convertible had factory A/C. As for a ’63 having a 383, I’ve seen a couple of ’63 880 Dodges that had a 383, so I am pretty sure the 383 was an option, as it was on the Newport.

    I bought my 880 convertible from the original owners, and in all the years I owned it, I never saw another one. They were rare when new, and because they didn’t have the panache of similar cars like the 300 convertibles, they didn’t have a great collectability rate, so very few survive today. Anyone who wants a MoPaR convertible that will be the only one at a car show, this is your chance, at a good price.

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  6. Keith D.

    Rare, Beautiful, Very well cared for unmolested automobile. I never heard of the 880 and whoever owned and took excellent care of this vehicle deserves every dollar valued for this Dodge.

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  7. Emel

    Pushbutton tranny must have be made to get more women into cars as drivers, as it is very similar to pushing a button on a Kitchen Blender.

    Oh what they wrought ! lol

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  8. Bunky

    My sister bought a ‘64 Dodge ex California Highway Patrol car. 426 Wedge/ push button auto- and manual steering. 😬 It was crazy fast!

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  9. Gary

    My friend had one, a great car

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    The standard engine on the Custom 880 in ’64 was 361ci/265hp. My father had a four door sedan and I learned to drive and got my license on that car.

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